Undefeatable – Ch298

Chapter 298 – You’re Going To Die

“Damn dog thing, you’ve finally come out.”

“Someone come and beat him to death for me!”

Liu Junfeng was incomparably arrogant.

There weren’t many people he was afraid of inside Heavenly Sword City.

Who was he?

The current Internal Minister Li Wenzong’s brother-in-law!

Who would dare to provoke him?

He was basically a tyrant in Heavenly Sword City and had committed all sorts of evils with Li Wenzong’s backing. He was here because he wanted to auction off two xuan weapons that he had forcefully snatched from someone.

There was a faint frown on Luo Tian’s face as he never imagined Liu Junfeng would really bring people over to oppress him. He unconsciously smiled coldly and said in a low voice: “Someone with a death wish.”

Cheng Danian was unhappy.

He was very unhappy.

Luo Tian was his VIP guest. Oppressing Luo Tian right in front of the Dao Shang Pavilion was practically smacking his face and the face of the Dao Shang Alliance!


Cheng Danian’s gaze turned cold. He looked at Liu Junfeng in a playful manner while saying to Luo Tian: “Little brother, do you need my assistance?”

He was very angry but still had to ask for Luo Tian’s opinion. This was his way of showing respect.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “Thank you for your kind intentions Manager Cheng, but I can still handle these mongrels myself.”


There was a slight change to Cheng Danian’s expression. Not mentioning Liu Junfeng’s cultivation level, just these burly guys were all at the Profound King realm and there were six of them. These people in Luo Tian’s eyes were just mongrel dogs? Moreover, Liu Junfeng’s strength was at the Profound King 6th rank. Even though he didn’t like to cultivate, his talent wasn’t too bad so his powers were quite strong.

Can Luo Tian really deal with these people?

Luo Tian was under twenty years of age. He can concoct pills and forge xuan weapons, so was it possible for him to have a strong cultivation as well?

Is this kid still human?

At this moment…

Cheng Danian and Steward Liu were both filled with doubts; they thought Luo Tian was looking down on his opponents.

At this time…

Luo Tian had already stepped out of the Dao Shang Pavilion’s main doors.

Cheng Danian’s countenance turned grim and said to Steward Liu by his side: “You go out and protect him.”

Steward Liu nodded. His figure instantly disappeared and appeared amidst the crowd, blending in with the large group of people.

Because there was someone causing trouble in front of the Dao Shang Pavilion, and the building was located at a busy location, many people instantly gathered around to watch the fun.

Off at a distance…

“Eh? There’s something lively going on over there.”

“Quick, quick, quick! We should go take a look as well! It should be a lot of fun!”

“Big sister Yue’er, can you hurry up? We’ll miss it if we get there late!”

Also at this time…

Inside the xuan weapon store, the store owner was kicking Xuan Yuanyi out as he scolded: “You damn poor wretch, stop touching my wares if you’re not buying anything! You actually dare to say the xuan weapons in my store aren’t in fashion? You’re the one not in fashion! Looking at that dilapidated weapon above your shoulders, I can already tell you’re a beggar from the countryside! Quickly scram out of here!”

Xuan Yuanyi didn’t argue with him. He walked out and down the street and noticed there was a large group of people gathering so he too unconsciously hurried over as well.

Inside a restaurant.

Those two living wine barrels Blindman Liu and Feng Lei had almost emptied the restaurant of their wine. They were surrounded by wine jars and practically all the guests in the store were staring at the two.

The shopkeeper’s face was pale in fright. He then almost shouted: “My little store is out of wine, completely out of wine. My two lords, the restaurant across the street has a lot of good wine. They have lots and lots of good wine so I will treat you both over there.”

Feng Lei licked the wine residue from the corner of his mouth and started chuckling: “This feels great!”

Blindman Liu’s face was flushed red as he said: “I haven’t felt so great in many years!”

“This store is already out of wine.”

“Let’s go to the next store! Today, we shall drain all the restaurants in Heavenly Sword City! Hahaha…”

Feng Lei dropped a banknote and strode off to down the street. Coincidentally, he saw Xuan Yuanyi hurry towards where a large crowd was gathered. Feng Lei’s gaze tightened as he recalled the mission Luo Tian had given him. He then said in his mind: “Oh crap, I completely forgot the matters boss told me to do.”

“Blindman Liu! You damn alcoholic, can you hurry it up? I think there’s trouble up ahead!”

Blindman Liu was startled by those words and burped. “Today is an auspicious day so there shouldn’t be any trouble.”

But they didn’t dare delay so those two quickly ran over.

In a hidden area…

Tang Jiu’s expression changed as he commanded a person off to the side: “Bring the Black Dragon Legion over. No matter who it is, anyone that dares to provoke Luo Tian or anyone in his group can be directly killed.”

“I obey!”

Tang Jiu also quickly rushed over.


“Move aside! Move aside! Everyone move aside!”

“Hot water! Hot water coming through! Everyone give way please!”

Upon hearing hot water, the surrounding crowd unconsciously opened up a path.

Qin Yue’er and Tang Tang were holding An Chunchun as they managed to reach the front. They immediately saw Luo Tian!

When An Chunchun was about to shout his name…

Liu Junfeng walked forward while waving his fan, putting on a pose he thought was rather suave-looking. He faintly smiled which looked a bit perverted and said: “These two beauties, how are you both doing?”

His eyes were basically ogling at Qin Yue’er’s chest.

Liu Junfeng’s eyeballs almost popped out as he said internally: “Oh damn! This daddy has been hanging out in Heavenly Sword City for so many years and has never seen such a pretty and hot looking girl combination before! One is hot while the other one looks so pure. If I can bring these two to bed with me, it will definitely feel like heaven!”

“How can Heavenly Sword City still have such pretty girls that I don’t know about?”

“These two women are definitely not locals of Heavenly Sword City and are foreigners.”

Thinking up to this point, a sense of superiority grew inside Liu Junfeng as he said: “Is this the first time you two beauties have come to Heavenly Sword City? Do you want me to give you two a tour of the city? I can take you both to wherever you want to go and guarantee you will be satisfied.”

Tang Tang rolled her eyes at him and asked: “We can go to whatever place we want?”

Liu Junfeng smiled and replied: “Of course! Just based on being the brother-in-law of Internal Minister Li Wenzong, I can take you to any place inside Heavenly Sword City.”

Tang Tang coldly smiled and said: “Can you bring us into the imperial palace then?”


Liu Junfeng’s expression changed. It looked like he was forced to a dead end as he couldn’t find any words to reply.

Tang Tang then said with disdain: “A little brother-in-law of a Minister dares to show off in front of us? Didn’t your parents teach you to best act low key within Heavenly Sword City?”

When compared to Tang Tang, Liu Junfeng was less than a fart.

An angry expression appeared on Liu Junfeng’s face as he became annoyed.

Qin Yue’er faintly smiled and said: “Is it your people that’s surrounding him?”

Liu Junfeng became smug again as he said: “Those are all the hired fighters of my family, each one of them are experts at the Profound King realm. This country bumpkin kid dared to provoke me. Within Heavenly Sword City, those that dare to mess with me have not been born yet!”

After saying that…

Liu Junfeng wanted to show off in front of Qin Yue’er and Tang Tang so he closed his fan and pointed it at Luo Tian. His expression was extremely arrogant as he shouted with vigor: “Damn dog thing! You dared to clash with this young master? Today this young master will teach you the consequences of messing with me!”

“Someone come and attack.”

“Break his legs first so that he can kneel before me…”

Qin Yue’er giggled and said: “You’re going to die.”

Liu Junfeng had an incomparably smug look on his face as he said: “He is indeed going to die. The outcome of those that dare to provoke me, Liu Junfeng will only be death.”

Qin Yue’er giggled even more and said: “I said YOU are the one that’s going to die.”

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