Undefeatable – Ch299

Chapter 299 – Becoming A Dead Dog In A Second

“What did you just say?”

“You’re going to die.”


“Who in Heavenly Sword City would dare to touch this daddy? You two cheap sluts have pissed me off now. Today, you two and that little thing beside you can forget about leaving. This daddy shall teach you girls how powerful I am tonight!” Liu Junfeng became angry and started smiling pervertedly. His smile was vulgar to the max!

At this time…

Luo Tian’s gaze turned gloomy. He then walked forward and said: “I’ve already told you – if you point that fan at me one more time, you will die a horrible death.”


“You damn country bumpkin, who the hell do you think you are?! So what if I point it at you?! This daddy will point as much as he likes! Acting arrogant in front of this daddy? You need to take a good look at where this place is and take a good look at who this daddy is!” said Liu Junfeng with unrestrained arrogance. As he was saying this, he kept his fan pointed at Luo Tian and kept poking it forward. He then started smiling with disdain as he said: “This daddy shall keep pointing it at you and see what you can do about it!”


Complete and utter arrogance!

Luo Tian felt like he was never this arrogant before.

The surrounding crowd started discussing with each other in whispers.

“A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. Liu Junfeng is Li Wenzong’s brother-in-law and cannot be provoked.”

“That’s right; he should just escape when he can.”

“And what’s up with those two girls? They are practically adding oil to the fire right now. Don’t they know this matter involves a human life?”

“Little brother, quickly run away!”

Liu Junfeng was the tyrant of this area and can be described as someone that has committed all manners of evil. Everyone was afraid of him and no one dared to provoke him.

Who would dare to mess with Li Wenzong’s brother-in-law?

Li Wenzong also had a daughter who was a Consort inside the imperial palace. This made Liu Junfeng practically connected to the imperial family! With this additional layer of relationship, no one dared to provoke him and would normally run away from the sight of him.

Hearing those voices from the crowd…

Liu Junfeng became even more smug. His expression became even more arrogant than before as he said with disdain: “Those in Heavenly Sword City that dares to provoke me hasn’t appeared yet, while a bumpkin from the countryside…”

Before he could finish his words…

Luo Tian’s figure had already disappeared.

The next second, he appeared in front of Liu Junfeng and punched out while shouting: “F*ck! Your whole family are bumpkins!”

He directly cussed out loud.

Luo Tian was no saint and felt the entire range of human emotions.

When he was unhappy and angry, he would naturally start cursing people out. He was merely an otaku who transmigrated from Earth to here. When he got irritated, he would start cursing out swear words one right after another. Now he was precisely feeling extremely irritated.


Liu Junfeng didn’t have time to react and was smashed onto the ground by Luo Tian’s single punch.

Two teeth fell off and blood kept spraying out from his mouth.

A Profound King ranker couldn’t even handle being struck?

At this moment…

Cheng Danian actually started doubting Liu Junfeng had a Profound King cultivation since there’s no way a ranker of that level would be such a pushover. Too weak; weak to the point of being unexplainable. Or is it because Luo Tian is too strong? What background does this kid have?

He couldn’t see.

He couldn’t see clearly at all.

Cheng Danian wanted to see through Luo Tian but the longer he was around him, the more he couldn’t figure out Luo Tian.

Liu Junfeng had a pale face and was twitching on the ground. He looked like he was going to die any moment yet his eyes still glared at Luo Tian unblinkingly.

There was not a single sound coming from the surrounding crowd.

Their mouths were opened so wide that an egg could fit inside of it. Their eyes stared at Luo Tian dumbstruck while their brains were all thinking: “What the hell just happened?”


“Kill… kill for me… kill him for me.”

Liu Junfeng said with difficulty. He was incomparably angry and still tried maintaining his arrogant expression.

He then struggled to stand back up.

His eyes looked like they were spraying out fire as he said: “You damn dog thing, you dare to hit this daddy? This daddy will kill your entire family. Attack, kill him! Quickly kill him for me!”

Luo Tian shook his head and smiled coldly. “Still acting so recklessly.”

Just when he was about to make his move again…

A huge sword shot down and a large burly guy descended from the sky. Blocking in front of Luo Tian, he swept his huge sword out and coldly harrumphed: “Try touching my boss…”

Xuan Yuanyi was standing in front of Luo Tian like a warrior attendant.

“Those that touch my boss shall die!”

A loud angry shout was heard.

A large fat man with devastating momentum rushed out of the crowd and stood on the other side of Luo Tian. He then said fiercely: “Who actually has the guts to dare provoke my boss?! This daddy will play you to death!”

“There’s also me.”

Blindman Liu was wearing flip flops as he strode on up with a “thwack thwack” noise. He then put his erhu in front of him.

Two fierce Generals had suddenly appeared!

And one… it looks like a funny looking blind guy.

For a short moment…

Liu Junfeng frowned and the muscles on the corner of his eyes started twitching. He then coldly shouted: “You want to compete with me on more people huh? Fine! This daddy will show you what the true meaning of having a lot of people is!”

Also at this time…

Two rows of Black Dragon Legion guards rushed over in formation.

Liu Junfeng’s expression turned to joy as he coldly said: “You guys are dead now.”

After saying that…

Liu Junfeng revealed a fawning expression as he said: “Guards of the Black Dragon Legion, I know your General Hei Long. I am Minister Li’s brother-in-law. These bumpkins from the countryside are disturbing the peace of Heavenly Sword City so you should capture them all.”

The Black Dragon Legion were all rushing towards them.

Their momentum shook the skies!

Liu Junfeng was incomparably smug and once again pointed his fan at Luo Tian. He then loudly ridiculed: “You damn bumpkin, you want to compete with me on people? The people this daddy can call out will frighten you to death! Hahaha…”

Before the sound of his laughter ended…

Liu Junfeng suddenly felt like something wasn’t quite right.


The Black Dragon Legion had all surrounded him. Their black steel spears were all pointing right at his head which made him incomparably scared. Liu Junfeng’s expression suddenly paled in fear. No matter how arrogant he was, there’s no way he would dare provoke the Black Dragon Legion. He then started stuttering: “My dear military officials of the Black Dragon Legion, you guys have made a mistake. It’s them; they’re the bumpkins.”

The Commander of the group saluted Tang Tang before respectfully asking Luo Tian: “Prince Consort, should we kill him?”

“Prince Consort?”

“This kid is a Prince Consort?”

“Could he be the person a few days ago that smashed Nangong Hao down near the imperial palace?”


The surrounding crowd exploded into a clamor.

Their expressions had all changed.

Liu Junfeng’s heart was deathly still as he didn’t dare to even look at Luo Tian anymore.

For someone to be treated in such deference by the Black Dragon Legion, Luo Tian’s identity would definitely not be fake.

Luo Tian smiled politely and said: “I wish to do it myself.”


The Commander then shouted: “Withdraw!”


The Black Dragon Legion started retreating. Liu Junfeng’s legs were shaking as he directly kneeled down and started kowtowing.

“Spare me!”

“Spare this dog’s life of mine! I won’t dare to do this ever again!”

Luo Tian walked forward one step at a time. Once he reached Liu Junfeng, he crouched down and started smiling in a ferocious manner. “I already told you that if you pointed your fan at me again, you will die a horrible death. But that’s not the main reason you are going to die. The main reason you are going to die is because you are Li Wenzong’s brother-in-law. If it weren’t for me trying to give the Emperor some face, the entire Li family would be f*cked over by me already.”

“There’s also another reason!”

“There’s traces of a golden glow around you, which means you must be a minor boss!”

“Heh heh!”

Luo Tian smashed out his fist and shouted: “Explode for me!”

At this moment, a tiny sacred looking light flew from An Chunchun’s body into Luo Tian’s body. It was very tiny so no one could detect it under the bright sunlight.

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