Undefeatable – Ch300

Chapter 300 – Two Pieces Of Divine Equipment

His fist shadow blotted out the sky as he heavily smashed down!


Liu Junfeng was instantly smashed into the ground like a dead dog and no longer gave off any sounds.


This was considered an instant kill!

This guy didn’t even use any of his Profound King energy to set up a defense. The reason being he was extremely afraid, so he forgot to put up his guard. Under a defenseless state, Luo Tian’s powers would naturally instantly kill him. This was very normal due to the circumstances.

At this moment…

Luo Tian wasn’t really anticipating any good loot to explode from Liu Junfeng’s corpse. He was merely a minor boss, so even there was some loot, it couldn’t be anything good.


Luo Tian didn’t pay attention to the alerts. He coldly smiled and said with disdain: “How can anything good explode from a piece of trash like you?”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Liu Junfeng. You have gained 10,000 experience points, 2000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Seven Star Sword.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Seven Star Armor.”

When those two alerts sounded off, Luo Tian’s gaze became stunned as shock struck him.

Two things exploded out?

And it happens to be a set equipment?


Luo Tian immediately opened the system interface to check out the properties of the two items.

Item: Seven Star Sword

Grade: Spirit (???)

Description: The Seven Star Sword was forged by the energy of the Big Dipper constellation. This was the weapon that Sovereign Seven Stars wielded ten thousand years ago. With the power of seven stars, it’s capable of annihilating mountains and parting the seas.

Description 2: The sword has seven grooves in the shape of stars. Filling up two grooves will raise the sword’s grade by one level. When all seven grooves are filled up, the weapon can reach the divine grade and exert a trace of Sovereign Seven Star’s powers – an invincible divine might!


There was nothing special about the sword’s appearance.

It was a very ordinary looking sword except for the seven grooves on its blade. It was very similar to weapons in video games where you can plug in some type of power gem into it. It was very old looking as if it had been left alone for over ten thousand years.

Luo Tian was internally ecstatic, “Motherf*cker! A divine weapon exploded out!”

Once those grooves were filled up with the energy of the Big Dipper, one could release the powers of Sovereign Seven Stars! How awesome was this? Sovereign Seven Stars became famous ten thousand years ago and his powers were beyond terrifying!

Luo Tian was super excited at this time.

He then looked up the Seven Star Armor.

It was the same as the sword. The Seven Star Armor had seven grooves that needed to be filled with the energy of the seven stars before it was raised to the divine grade.

In other words…

These two items were considered divine equipment!

Exploding out with two pieces at the same time? This… Luo Tian didn’t dare to believe this because back then when he killed those super big bosses, theirs corpses never gave him any divine equipment. Even spirit grade items never appeared in the loot explosions. How could he not be excited when two divine equipment exploded out at the same time?

These two items were something Liu Junfeng had confiscated from a family in southern city.

Liu Junfeng had no clue those two items were preliminary divine equipment and only thought they were spirit grade equipment. He didn’t have those items appraised and directly went to the Dao Shang Pavilion in hopes of auctioning it off. He never expected he would encounter Luo Tian.

If he didn’t encounter Luo Tian…

His two items would definitely shock the entire Heavenly Sword City.

It might even attract the attention of those hidden godly experts to come to snatch it!

A weapon used by Sovereign Seven Stars would possess incredible powers. Those powers could definitely change the course of an evenly matched battle with one’s enemy.


Who could’ve imagined that it has now landed in Luo Tian’s hands?

If it wasn’t for the system’s functions, Luo Tian definitely wouldn’t know those two items were preliminary divine equipment. There was no way to tell its uniqueness since the two items looked rather ordinary.

“If both the Seven Star Sword and the Seven Star Armor had their grooves filled up with star power… then that would be incredibly awesome!” Luo Tian started smiling like a villain. But when he thought about filling in the seven grooves with energy from the seven stars, doubt start rising surging up in his mind: “How do I get the energy from the stars of the Big Dipper constellation?”

He then read through the item descriptions again.

The descriptions didn’t mention anything on how to get energy from the seven stars to fill in the grooves.


Luo Tian became depressed, “If you don’t tell me, how am I supposed to know how to fill it up? Do I need to find something like Big Dipper gems? Ever since I’ve arrived at this world, I have never heard of any Big Dipper gems.”

“Little brother, you are indeed extraordinary.”

“Defeating Nangong Hao and not showing any weakness in front of Daoist Huang Yun.”

“Showing no fear when facing the Sea Cloud Sect.”

“In the short duration you’ve lived in the north district, you managed to uproot Du Yuansong who has been entrenched there for many years. You even had the ancient huge devil kneel down before you and call you King. You seem to be even more powerful than the Human Emperor Hong Wanfu back in the days. Admiration; this Cheng has nothing but admiration for you.” Chang Danian said sincerely.

The moment one of the guards from the Black Dragon Legion called Luo Tian “Prince Consort,” Cheng Daninan’s heart was filled with shock.

All the big happenings in Heavenly Sword City this past month was related to Luo Tian, so it would be difficult for Cheng Danian to not know about them!

And those words he said were truly out of admiration.

Of course…

There was also some courtship involved. If a person like Luo Tian could join the Dao Shang Alliance, and them two could establish a good relationship, then Qi Fu and his people can forget about suppressing him. It would still be useless if the Vice President came into the picture.

Cheng Danian was thinking of these things and said to himself: “This person is someone I definitely can’t offend.”

Luo Tian cupped his fists and said with a smile: “Manager Cheng is over praising me. I am merely a person from a small town, one that hasn’t experienced such a big world. I have caused so much trouble here and managed to make myself the butt of the jokes in Heavenly Sword City.”

“It’s too distant sounding when you keep calling me Manager Cheng.”

“I’m older so if you aren’t opposed it, you can just call me Elder Brother Cheng.” Cheng Danian politely said this with sincerity to become friends.

Luo Tian briefly hesitated. He was thinking about how the Dao Shang Alliance sent people over to capture An Chunchun and was wondering if this Cheng Danian was one of the participants. But since he never even gave An Chunchun a single glance all this time, he might not know about her identity. If this person does know about it, then his acting skills are top notch and his schemes are at a terrifying level.

Luo Tian smiled and greeted: “Elder Brother Cheng.”

Cheng Danian smiled happily from his heart.

At this time, many people came forward.

The Commander of the Black Dragon Legion asked: “Prince Consort, what should we do with the hired fighters of the Liu manor?”

Luo Tian glanced over at them and saw their terrified expression. These guys hadn’t done anything to him and his identity was no longer like the past. He couldn’t give the Great Tang Dynasty a bad name so he said: “They didn’t do anything to me so we can just let them go. But from today onwards, they cannot assist tyrants in oppressing the citizens.”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“We will immediately leave Heavenly Sword City and never come back!”

The group of them immediately disappeared into the crowd.

The crowd started praising Luo Tian loudly.

“What a good Prince Consort!”

“Magnanimous and kindhearted!”

“He’s good looking and has a high cultivation. It would be great if I could marry him as well.”

“Killing Liu Junfeng is equal to getting rid of an evil in Heavenly Sword City. What a happy occasion for the people!”

When Luo Tian heard those words, he unconsciously smiled and said to himself: “It’s a rather nice feeling to be a good person.”


Internal Minister Li’s Manor.

Li Wenzong was so pissed off that his face was red with a murderous aura. “It’s that kid again! I will definitely kill you no matter what!”

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