Undefeatable – Ch301

Chapter 301 – Turbulent Undercurrents

“Extra, extra!”

“A mysterious Alchemist Grandmaster has improved the ten thousand year old Profound Burst Pill! There are no side effects and the cultivation restriction has been increased by a whole realm! All experts below the Profound Saint realm can consume it! Once the pill is ingested, your cultivation will instantly increase by two small realms!”

“Extra, extra!”

“The mysterious Alchemist Grandmaster killed an ancient Jiao Dragon! Its blood essence and its bones have been forged into four xuan weapons possessing the powers of the Jiao Dragon! There are only four of them! Only four of them in the world! This is a rare opportunity for you all! It will be exhibited and auctioned off in tomorrow’s Dao Shang Alliance’s auction!”

“Extra, extra!”

“Surpassing the old and dazzling the new! The number one person of the ages! An Alchemy Grandmaster and a Forging Grandmaster – he is absolutely the first in all history! Things that come from his hands are definitely worth having! They all have a high collection value so don’t you wish to have one too?!”

This was marketing on an overwhelming scale!

All the main streets and small alleyways were filled with advertisements of the Profound Burst Pill and the xuan weapons made of a Jiao Dragon’s bones.

It was even stronger than the advertisement for An Chunchun’s mother.

In order to suppress Qi Fu, Cheng Danian went all out to market this!

He believed…

When the news of the Profound Burst Pill and the Jiao Dragon xuan weapons were spread out, it would definitely cause a sensation. Tomorrow will absolutely be riotous and he can definitely suppress Qi Fu. After all, the only thing he had on his hands was the demon fox clan woman.

“Qi Fu…”

“You just wait and see. Don’t think that just because you have the support of the Vice President, you can mess with me. Competing with me? You aren’t even qualified to carry my shoes! You only know how to plot and scheme in the dark, humph!” Cheng Danian was standing up on a loft with a smile as he looked at the bustling street.


Advertisement that covered the skies and the earth! Not to mention martial cultivators, even 3 year old toddlers to 80 year old elderlies knew about this matter.

At this time…

Practically everyone in the city was discussing this.

“Who is so powerful that can improve the Profound Burst Pill? Most likely only Alchemist Grandmasters from those Immortal Sects are capable of doing this.”

“I believe even those alchemists from the Immortal Sects cannot improve that pill. If they could do it, they would’ve done it already. This mysterious alchemist is out of this world! Even if he or she isn’t of the Immortal Sects, they definitely must be some godly expert!”

“Profound Burst Pill, those below the Profound Saint realm can use it and there are no longer any side effects. Isn’t this too crazy? There will probably be lots of battered and bleeding heads tomorrow when they fight for it. Hurry and go buy a ticket!”

“Buy a ticket? Can you even afford the items they’re auctioning off?”

“F*ck! What do you know?! Even if you spend 10,000 gold, you may not even see such a sensational scene in your life! Spending 10,000 gold to see such a lively scene is absolutely worth it!”

“That’s true… Hey, hey, wait for me!”

“Wait your sister! If I wait for you, the tickets might be all gone by then!”


All the retail outlets in Heavenly Sword City were filled with people.

In less than an hour, the several thousand remaining tickets had been cleaned out.

Those that couldn’t get their hands on them were going everywhere trying to buy them at higher prices.

Entrance tickets were being bid up to 80,000 gold each!


Dao Shang Alliance Headquarters in Heavenly Sword City.

Qi Fu had a fat jiggly face and a somewhat unhappy expression. His gaze turned gloomy as he said: “Cheng Danian, you wish to compete with me? Humph! You don’t have the qualifications to fight it out with me. Do you really think you can rise up again by conjuring up a few improved medicinal pills?”

“Then you are really looking down on me, Qi Fu.”

“Isn’t it just a Profound Burst Pill?”

“I still have with me a medicinal pill from the Immortal Sects. With your puny strength, you should just obediently keep staying below me!”

At this time…

Someone came in from the outside.

He bowed and said: “General Manager, I have done everything you’ve requested of me. Not a single person is missing from the list of thirty. I have given them all the demon fox clan girl’s starting bid price and auctioning time.”

Qi Fu’s mouth curved up as he smiled in satisfaction. “Great!”

The demon fox clan woman can be auctioned off at over 100 million.

The final auctioning price of the demon fox clan girl will be several times that! I want to see what you’re going to bring out to compete with me!

Qi Fu then asked: “Their private rooms have all been set up properly, right?”

That person immediately replied: “Everything has been properly arranged. Even experts at the Profound Venerate realm won’t be able to withstand the Nether Soul Engulfing Smoke. They will immediately drop upon smelling it, so General Manager can rest assured.”

Qi Fu started laughing while his large belly shook. He then said: “The Nether Soul Engulfing Smoke is an earth grade knockout drug. I spent 5 million gold to buy this knockout fragrance just to prepare for today.”


“You did very well. By then, everyone else may withdraw and you will immediately bring the little girl to private room number one. You can then withdraw after leaving her there and don’t bother with anything else. Do you understand?”

“This little one understands!”

He quickly left after saying that.

Qi Fu’s mouth curved up into a smile again. His expression then turned evil as he said internally: “Once the Vice President refines the little girl’s special ability, we can immediately send her off for auction. By that time, my status in the Dao Shang Alliance will be unshakeable! A mere Cheng Danian wants to compete with me? This daddy will fight you to your death!”


Minister Li’s manor.

Inside Li Wenzong’s room.

Advisor Bai bowed as he respectfully said: “Old master, we’ve found out about everything. Tomorrow, that kid will be in private room number five while we will be perfectly located in private room number six. Once you command it, we can immediately have them killed.”

Li Wenzong’s brows quivered as he coldly chuckled: “Luo Tian, let’s see how you’ll escape this time. Let’s see who can save you! Don’t think that your identity has changed and this daddy doesn’t dare to move against you. I’ve wasted 3000 top grade xuan stones this time just to buy your head.”

Advisor Bai smiled excitedly as he said: “Ranked eighteen out of the Skynet Assassins and an expert at the Profound Venerate realm. Even if they possess heaven-defying abilities, they won’t be able to escape their deaths. This time, young master Qiu and young master Liu’s death can be avenged. But the Emperor…


“I am the Internal Supervisory Minister.”

“As long as Luo Tian dies, the Emperor won’t give me any trouble over a dead and useless person. Don’t worry; this matter won’t lead back to my head no matter what. Don’t forget that the Sea Cloud Sect’s junior sect leader had his lifeline destroyed. They hate Luo Tian more than me, so we can just push the crime entirely onto the heads of that trashy Sea Cloud Sect. Then everything will come to a successful conclusion, hahaha…” Li Wenzong started laughing happily.

Luo Tian will definitely die this time!


Imperial Palace.

The location of Luo Tian’s courtyard.

Luo Tian had used up some more spiritual herbs from the national treasury to concoct some rather unique types of medicinal pills.


The night was dark as ink, and the sky had no traces of stars because they were all covered by dark clouds. The atmosphere seemed to have a depressing feeling to it.

At the center of the main hall.

Luo Tian frowned as he said: “If everything goes smoothly tomorrow, then everything will naturally be fine. If it doesn’t go well tomorrow, I’m afraid we’ll be up for a fierce battle. We can only count on ourselves this time. Ninth brother, it’s best if you and Tang Tang don’t make an appearance tomorrow.”

“No way!”

“Like hell I’m going to be left out!”

The two of them immediately rejected.

Luo Tian then said: “You two understand the strength of Dao Shang Alliance more than me. I don’t want the Great Tang swept into the mess so you two aren’t allowed to show up for the auction.”

Without giving them a chance to speak…

Luo Tian brought out a pile of things that were properly separated already. Each person would be getting something different. “I have with me some pouches for you. You can open it up and see what I’ve written once I have entered the auction house. Everyone should have a good rest tonight.”

“Xuan Yuanyi, Fatty.”

“Ninth brother, I need to borrow your Uncle Chen and Uncle Wang for a bit.”

“You four shall follow me,” said Luo Tian.

Qin Yue’er couldn’t help asking: “What are you guys up to?”

Luo Tian smiled mysteriously in response but didn’t say anything.

The five of them then flew off towards the Spectral Forbidden Grounds.

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