Undefeatable – Ch302

Chapter 302 – Just A Bit Away From Becoming A Devil

Early morning.

The eastern sky seems to be slower in revealing the white light of dawn.

The sunshine was rather mild bringing a hint of cold air.

There were already a lot of people moving about on the main streets as they hurried towards the eastern city for the Dao Shang Auction House.

To many people, today was a big day.

At least it was for Cheng Danian.

It was also true for Qi Fu.

Same with Li Wenzong.

It was also a big day for Luo Tian.


Main gates of the imperial city.

Qin Yue’er and Blindman Liu had brought An Chunchun with them as they waited anxiously.

Around this time…

Tang Jiu and Tang Tang had hurried out. They didn’t listen to Luo Tian’s advice to stay inside the imperial palace.

Throwing away his identity, Luo Tian was his brother, his friend, and his brother-in-law. No matter what happens, he will forever stand at the side of Luo Tian. If he can’t even help Luo Tian within Heavenly Sword City, then what place can he help him out at?


Tang Jiu wanted to bring Luo Tian to the Sea Cloud Sect to give him a large stage to rise up in. But now it seems like Sea Cloud Sect is too small and cannot support Luo Tian’s future accomplishments.

Ever since Luo Tian came to Heavenly Sword City, Tang Jiu never thought about this matter again. Especially with the matter with Nangong Hao, it was absolutely impossible for Luo Tian to go check out Sea Cloud Sect anymore.

Tang Tang had the same thoughts.

She couldn’t just stand on the side as she watches her man enter dangerous grounds. Even if death was the outcome, she would still choose to die together with him.


Those two didn’t listen to Luo Tian words at all and had snuck out early in the morning. Surprisingly, Tang Zhanlong didn’t intervene in this which meant he had silently acquiesced to their actions. Perhaps he may have even made some preparations regarding Luo Tian and company.

“How come that smelly scoundrel still hasn’t returned yet?”

“What were they up to last night?”

“Since they aren’t back by now, could it be that they have forgotten today is the day of the auction?” said Tang Tang as she looked off into the distance.

Qin Yue’er couldn’t figure it out either as she said: “Who knows what the bastard is doing? He still hasn’t shown himself at this point…”

An Chunchun’s head was tilted as she muttered: “Didn’t big brother Luo Tian tell us last night that if he doesn’t return by the morning, for us to open up the pouches?”

“That’s right!”

“How could I have forgotten about this?” Qin Yue’er quickly opened up the little pouch that Luo Tian had given her. There was a letter, some medicinal pills, and an exquisitely crafted small dagger. The dagger was made from the bones of some sort of demonic beast.

Blindman Liu and An Chunchun also followed suit.

After opening the pouches…

An Chunchun started crying: “Mother! Mother! It should be mother… wuuu~…”

No one told her any information about a demon fox clan woman being auctioned off. Luo Tian had deliberately done this because he didn’t want An Chunchun to worry or be unhappy over it.

“Don’t worry Chunchun, I will definitely rescue your mother.”

“We pinky swore on it.”

“You are all grown up now so don’t cry. You need to learn to be strong. Inside are several things I’ve specifically prepared for you in case of danger. You don’t need to do anything and only need to eat these medicinal pills. They can make you near invisible and cause the aura from your body to disappear.”


“Yue’er, this dagger is something I personally forged for you. I used the Jiao Dragon’s strongest skeletal area, the skull, in order to create this. I have also infused the peak rank 8 Jiao Dragon’s demon core powers into it. If you encounter any danger that you cannot solve, just use your spiritual intent to make it move. Remember that this power is extremely strong so you need to be extra careful the moment you use it. There are also several Profound Burst Pills inside and you can consume it without worry because they don’t have any side effects.”


“Brother Blindman, your talent in playing the erhu is really mediocre so please do it further away in the future.”

“Inside are several Profound Burst Pills and a bone sword. There’s also two pouches that I hope you can give to Tang Tang and Ninth brother. Tell them that I, Luo Tian wish to thank them for being viewed so highly by them, and to thank them for their care all this time.”

“Brother Blindman, I left you here because there is something I need your help with.”

“No matter how you do it, you must block Yue’er, An Chunchun, and the Tang siblings on my behalf. You cannot let them enter the auction house. If I am successful in my endeavors, I will return very soon. If I’m not successful… I hope that you will take good care of them all. Thanks for taking care of my request.”


What’s going on?!

Is this considered leaving a will?

Qin Yue’er’s eyes turned blurry with tears.

It was the same for An Chunchun as the “plopping” sounds of tears landing on the ground was heard.

Tang Tang and Tang Jiu received the pouches. Inside were several medicinal pills and weapons made from the bones of the Jiao Dragon. They were all spirit grade or higher. Each weapon contained great powers of the Jiao Dragon who had cultivated for about ten thousand years.

“Smelly scoundrel, what on earth are you doing?” said Tang Tang as she angrily stomped her feet.

Tang Jiu frowned as he said: “Brother Luo wants to enter the auction house by himself.”

“No way!”

“We can let him go alone!”

“I want to go too! I want my mother; I want big brother Luo Tian!”

Everyone wanted to leave but Blindman Liu blocked in front of them.

A very strong power in his body surged out. This was Blindman Liu’s first time demonstrating his strength! He then said: “I’m sorry but I cannot allow you guys to go there. Even though I want to go as well, dragon head left instructions for me to stop you all from entering the auction house.”

Luo Tian predicted this auction session will be fraught with grim outcomes.

He didn’t want An Chunchun and the others to be involved in the dangers so he planned this move way in the beginning.

No matter what, they cannot go there!

He clearly knew it would be dangerous so if he allowed them to go, wouldn’t Luo Tian be a retard?

Blindman Liu’s strength was sufficient to block them all.

This was the reason Luo Tian left Blindman Liu behind. He had the calmest personality out of all these people. He usually acts like the joker of the group but when things reach their critical moments, he’s the most calm and decisive of them all. If it was Xuan Yuanyi or Feng Lei, most likely either one of them would’ve brought the whole group to rush into the auction house already.

“Blindman Liu! You…!”

“Move aside!”

“Quickly move aside! We can’t let that smelly scoundrel brave the dangers alone!”

Blindman Liu was blocking in front of the group without moving. His gaze was still very firm and resolute!

Inside Blindman Liu’s pouch was still another smaller pouch. It was for him to open up when he couldn’t block Qin Yue’er and the others anymore…


Dao Shang Alliance Auction House.

There was a huge crowd of people and the four entrances were filled with troops.

Qi Fu was standing in an elevated place as he softly asked: “Have those people appeared yet?”

“They still haven’t appeared yet.”

“Tell me the moment they show up.”

“This subordinate understands.”


Li Wenzong had sent people to observe the auction house’s entrance. He faintly frowned as he said: “Kid, as long as you show up today, you will definitely meet your death.”

Spectral Forbidden Grounds.




The five of them were exhausted as they crazily fought with the specters. When the specters were beaten half dead, they would then be passed over to Luo Tian.

Luo Tian looked at how many deceased souls of the devil race he had and said internally: “Quickly, quickly, only a little bit more to go!”

The auction this time will not be normal.

Ever since Luo Tian left the national treasury, he could feel those quiet days before the auction was filled with a thick sense of murderous intent!

In regards to this…

He had to get more souls of the deceased devil race to complete his quest. He had to become a devil in order to equip the Blood God set…

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