Undefeatable – Ch303

Chapter 303 – That Person Is An Idiot


“We finally made it.”

“Uncle Chen, Uncle Wang, this is a small gesture of my goodwill so you two must accept it.” Luo Tian was standing at the entrance of the auction house. His forehead was covered in sweat and he was gasping for air. They had rushed over like crazy maintaining their top speed so it was very exhausting.

As he was saying this, Luo Tian brought out two small vials.

Inside were his improved Profound Burst Pills and each person got five of them.

When Chen Donglai and Wang Jinke received them, they glanced at it and both became stunned. Four eyeballs stared at Luo Tian and one of them asked: “This is the improved Profound Burst Pills?”

“Kid, didn’t you auction them off already? How come you still have so many left?”

“How can we take this when you’ve given us so many? These five Profound Burst Pills most likely have a value of over a hundred million!”

Those two were truly shocked.

Luo Tian suddenly gave them five Profound Burst Pills each so it was rather hard for them to accept such a large gift.

Luo Tian smiled faintly and said: “I can concoct as many of these pills as I want, so you two can be at ease when accepting them. If it weren’t for your help the entire night, there would be no way for me to breakthrough into the Profound King 5th rank. And I wouldn’t be able to complete…”

Luo Tian didn’t continue saying the rest of the sentence.

He was grateful inside. If it weren’t for those two experts at the Profound Ancestor realm not holding back any strength, it would be impossible to finish collecting the souls of the deceased devil race in a single night. And that naturally meant he wouldn’t be able to get the rewards of Becoming A Devil.

Hearing those words from Luo Tian, Wang Jinke directly stuffed the medicinal pills away. He then grinned: “Since this kid is a perverted existence, we might as well just accept them. Kid, the auction is going to start soon so if you don’t enter now, you’ll be late for it.”

Luo Tian then seriously said: “Uncle Chen, Uncle Wang, thank you for looking after me during this time. I can enter the auction house by myself. You two should return back to Ninth brother since he might have matters for you guys to take care of.”

Luo Tian really didn’t know what would happen inside the auction house.


He really didn’t want the government officials of the Great Tang to participate in it. If any problems arise in a country’s finances, the country itself would fall into a monetary crisis. The Dao Shang Alliance controlled one-third of the continent’s wealth and trade. If they happen to fully commit their financial strength to deal with the Great Tang Dynasty, most likely the country would fall into a crisis in less than a month. That’s why no matter what, Luo Tian didn’t want anyone belonging to the Great Tang’s government to get caught in his plans.

Both Chen and Wang didn’t detect the subterfuge. When they heard Luo Tian’s words, they too felt it was time to return to the side of the Ninth Prince.

Immediately after…

Those two didn’t continue staying and quickly left towards the imperial palace.

Luo Tian turned around to look at the huge structure that was similar to his previous life’s sports stadium. He then took a deep breath and asked: “Are you guys prepared? The moment we step into this place, there’s a 90 percent chance of death and only 10 percent chance of survival.”

“Boss, I’m prepared for this already.”

“Same with me.”


Luo Tian laughed excitedly before saying: “Good. If we encounter danger and the opponent is too strong, you guys quickly escape. There’s no need to fear wasting the Profound Burst Pills if we get into any fights. It’s not an issue if you keep consuming them one after another. If we encounter a hopeless situation, you can escape by consuming the Stealth Pill I gave you.”



Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi nodded heavily. They were both thinking the same thing: “I won’t leave boss behind no matter what. I still won’t do it even if I have to die.”

Luo Tian saw a ticket scalper in the front and faintly smiled. “You two wait for me here, I’ll be back real soon.”

Not long after…

Luo Tian brought three normal tickets and entered the auction house.


“We still haven’t seen them.”

“Could it be that they aren’t going to show up?”

“Impossible. Cheng Danian gave them a gold card for a VIP room so they should show up.” Qi Fu was a bit confused as his brows formed a frown. “Was there a leak in my plans?”


Qi Fu immediately rejected his thoughts.

At this time…

One of the staff members of the auction house came over and respectfully said: “General Manager Qi, some people have entered VIP room number five.”

Qi Fu started smiling in a smug and excited manner. His expression was cold and evil as he said: “They’ve finally come!”

At the same time…

Li Wenzong received the same news. He was worried Luo Tian wouldn’t show up but now that he had appeared, he felt like something heavy had been lifted from his heart. He then ordered: “Tell Number 18 from Skynet to kill everyone inside room number five and leave no survivors!”


Advisor Bai hurriedly withdrew.


There was a sea of people everywhere inside the auction house. Luo Tian had only seen over ten thousand viewers on the television back then but he was now experiencing it personally. He couldn’t help start feeling excited and worry at the same time. He then said to himself: “I hope everything will go smoothly today.”

“I have three tickets; the three of us will sit in separate areas and not expose ourselves unless necessary.”

“Yes, boss!”

Xuan Yuanyi and Feng Lei took their tickets and sat down in inconspicuous spots in the south and west sections.

Luo Tian didn’t sit down immediately and went to the restroom to make some slight changes to his appearance. He made himself unrecognizable at first glance.

Only after finishing his preparations did he head for his seat.

At this time, the host of the auction had just about finished rambling and praising their own organization.


“Let’s start off our Dao Shang Alliance’s annual auction with our first item.”

As the host’s words faded, two women wearing seductive uniforms pushed out a small cart that was covered by a red cloth.

Luo Tian wasn’t paying attention the cart but at the two women in seductive uniforms. He then shouted internally: “Shit! Those two came here which means Blindman Liu wasn’t able to block them!”


“Look at those pretty girls!”

“This Dao Shang Alliance is truly one of the biggest three commercial powerhouses – even their staff workers are so pretty. At the level these beauties are at, just auctioning them off would reach at least a hundred million!”

“Do you guys see the chest on that woman? It’s really big! I’m actually getting excited just from looking at them!

If those two didn’t put on thick makeup, most likely they could charm even more people.

They deliberately put on such thick makeup so that people couldn’t recognize their identity at a glance.

The host was somewhat surprised as he said to himself: “When did we change the staff? But these two women are much more prettier than the previous two. General Manager Qi is truly attentive when it comes to things like this.”

Immediately after…

The host walked up to the small cart and excitedly said: “The first item is a spatial ring found in an ancient tomb. The space inside the spatial ring is a hundred times larger than your typical ring. Whether you are training in the mountain ranges, mining for ores, searching for spiritual herbs, or commercial transportation, it will all be very easy with this spatial ring.”

The host continued rambling on praises for the ring.

“The starting price will be 100,000. Each bid cannot be less than 10,000. And we will start the auction now.”

The host had just finished his words when…

A person in the audience stood up and raised his sign. “One million.”

Almost everyone turned their heads to look at him while thinking inside their heads: “That person must be an idiot!”

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