Undefeatable – Ch305

Chapter 305 – I Enjoy Slapping Your Face

What a typical auction house wanted to see was intense auctions where high bids were continuously made, people vying for an item, and the sound of the wooden hammer sealing the deal.

Now that’s what an auction was.

An item was brought out and Luo Tian directly called out 10 million.

Is this even allowing others to join in?

Can you give them a chance to enjoy themselves as well?


Everyone was dumbstruck. Where did this person crawl out from? Looking at the way he was dressed, he didn’t look like someone wealthy at all. Did this guy rob a bank last night?

What was a Seven-star gem?

If it was back in the days, Luo Tian would have no clue what it was.

But now…

He was very clear on their use and needed it badly. When he heard the words “Seven-star gem,” his heart started pounding like crazy. “Wasn’t this the precious gems he precisely needed? Both the Seven Star Sword and Seven Star Armor needed to be filled up by those gems. Four gems should be able to raise it to a much higher level, right?”

Immediately after…

He didn’t contemplate any further and directly called out a high bid of 10 million.

As long as it was something he needed, Luo Tian wouldn’t care about a small amount of money like this. Moreover, he was currently on par with a wealthy tycoon so a mere 10 million was nothing in his eyes.

When everyone was looking at him, Luo Tian shook his head and said: “I don’t think the way I’m acting is too good. Fine then, can I go back on my bid? I will offer 2.1 million.”

The host was staring at him.

Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er were staring at him.

Everyone present was staring at him.

They were all staring at him without blinking.

Over ten thousand pair of eyes were staring at him. Luo Tian felt a bit embarrassed and eventually said: “I misspoke earlier; I don’t think I have 10 million. I, I, I only have 3 million so I’ll offer 3 million then.”

“3.5 million!”

Suddenly, a man in the front rows stood up and glanced at Luo Tian with disdain. He then sneered: “If you don’t have money, then you should randomly shout out a price. Damn bumpkin, don’t think by spending a million on a piece of trash and you can start thinking you’re rich. You’re still too young to compete with this daddy on money.”

Finally, someone couldn’t keep watching and did something.

The clothes and accessories the man was wearing looked rather luxurious and would probably cost over 30 thousand on the market. He indeed looked like a wealthy individual.

When the crowd saw someone stand up, they were feeling quite happy.

“That’s right! Stop acting here if you don’t have any money. Do you really think you’re something after spending a million?”

“I’ve seen many nouveau rich before; all they want is attention to raise their status but in reality, they are just a country bumpkin. They don’t know anything and don’t know how to appreciate the finer things in life. From the looks of it, I think he might not even know how to use the ring he just bought.”

“Raise the price if you have the guts.”

“Raise it! Aren’t you very wealthy?”

“Damn bumpkin, I want to see you raise the price!”

The crowd started their ridiculing once again. That previous formless slap to their faces made them very uncomfortable, that’s why that started making fun of Luo Tian as brutally as they could now.

From what they saw…

There was no way Luo Tian could take out 10 million gold.

This was a large sum of money that normal people couldn’t take out. And a typical person would not spend such a large amount of money on four gems that they didn’t know what uses it had.

Many people have never heard of the name Seven-star gem before.

As for the Lunar Star Tribe, they had only read about in ancient records and no one knew where it was located in the Tianxuan Continent.

It was purely out of coincidence that the Dao Shang Alliance got their hands on these four gems. And it was only through high leveled appraisers that they found out these gems came from the Lunar Star Tribe. Very few people knew what uses they had but the gems looked like they could sell well. They were very beautiful looking and when it was dark out, they gave off an illumination like the stars which was capable of lighting up a house.

They looked like a more upscale version of the Luminous Pearl. ¹

A wealthy individual could purchase it as a collectible.

The man looked smug as he saw Luo Tian’s surprised expression. He then coldly said: “A bumpkin likes you wants to compete with this daddy on money? You are still too tender! I have no clue what these four Seven-star gems are for but this daddy is interfering because I can’t stand your attitude.”


“Well spoken!”

“Don’t let this bumpkin ruin the atmosphere of this auction.”

“Good for you!”

Immediately after…

The man continued saying smugly: “Mr. Host, quickly strike your hammer. There’s no way this bumpkin can afford more than 3.5 million.”

The host smiled politely in response. Seeing how there was no reaction from Luo Tian, he also came to the conclusion that Luo Tian couldn’t afford it. The spatial ring he bought was most likely to make himself stand out. Many people would bid on the first item at high prices just for good luck’s sake, and Luo Tian seems to be this type of person.

In an instant…

The host cleared his throat and said: “3.5 million going once, 3.5 million going twice, 3.5 million the third time. Anyone else going to bid a higher price?”

The host swept his eyes through the crowd.

The man’s mouth was curved up as he looked at Luo Tian with a tilted head. He then smiled in an arrogant fashion and said: “Bumpkin, competing money with this daddy? This daddy can compete with you until you die!”

When the host was about to strike his hammer down and say the words “transaction has been successful…”

Luo Tian suddenly said: “Now that I think about it, I will bid 10 million again.”



The crowd erupted into a clamor again.

The man almost fell out of his chair with an ugly look on his face. He stood up fiercely and shouted: “Damn dog thing! Do you know who this daddy is? Contending with this daddy? Do you believe I can smash you to death with my money?!”

Luo Tian didn’t bother with him and loudly said: “Mr. Host, I am bidding 10 million.”

When the man was ignored, his rage erupted sky high. He glared at Luo Tian and scolded: “Damn dog thing! If you can’t take out 10 million today, you can forget about leaving this place!”

Luo Tian looked at the man with a tilted head and said with a smile: “What if I can take out 10 million? Are you going to crawl out of here under my legs?”

“Courting death!”


Two bodyguards behind that man stood up.

They were dressed in a black robe with an emblem sewn on their chest. The emblem depicted a purple mountain peak.

Southern Mountain Sect!

Their strength was on a slightly higher level than the Sea Cloud Sect!

Luo Tian showed no fear and glared at those two before saying: “Touch me if you have the guts. You guys are seeking your own death if you dare to make a move inside the Dao Shang auction house.”

The expression on those three instantly changed.

The Dao Shang Alliance was a force they couldn’t provoke. If anyone dares to use violence during their auction, they were naturally clear on the consequences. And they were here today because of the Profound Burst Pill so if they happened to be kicked out, how were they going to get their hands on the pill?

The host immediately became the middle-man and said with a smile: “We should be more harmonious with each other and not let trifling matters like this ruin it. This brother, didn’t you previously say you only had 3 million? How come you suddenly have 10 million now?”

Luo Tian chuckled and said: “I just wanted to see if anyone was going to raise the price. It’s only fun if people join in to bid a higher price. Didn’t you see that guy participate as well? He was then slapped down by my bid. Now that’s more interesting and cooler. I love smacking people’s faces, hahaha…”


Unrestrained arrogance!

The man was so angry that his face turned purple and cracking sounds could be heard due to him clenching his teeth so hard.

He started walking one step at a time towards Luo Tian…


¹ – Another name for it is Night Pearl. It’s similar to a fluorescent rock but it doesn’t require a UV light to make it glow in the dark.

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