Undefeatable – Ch306

Chapter 306 – A Fierce Smack To The Face

Face smacking!

One needs to smack as fiercely as possible!

There are many ways to do it and physical force is not always necessary.

Just like now.

Luo Tian’s 10 million gold smacked the man to the point of distorting his face and causing him to be enraged. A thick killing intent was coming from his body as he walked one step at a time towards Luo Tian. His eyes were fiercely glaring at Luo Tian like he wanted to swallow Luo Tian whole.

Luo Tian was a face full of smiles as he stood there unmoving.

The two bodyguards behind that man quickly walked up and whispered to him: “Young lord, don’t act recklessly.”

“This place is Dao Shang Alliance’s auction house.”

“When the auction is over, I will personally kill him so please endure it for now.”


This was the Dao Shang Alliance’s auction house and no one can arbitrarily cause trouble here.

Those who dare make a move against others here means they aren’t putting the Dao Shang Alliance in their eyes. You may think these staff workers you can see have low cultivation levels, but there are also many strong experts hidden around the place. After all, they have to ensure the auction will maintain their smooth operations.

The man then said: “I know where I am right now and I know what I’m doing, so my two Elders need not to worry about it. I won’t be causing any trouble.”

After saying that…

The man coldly scoffed while staring at Luo Tian. His gaze towards Luo Tian was similar to someone staring at a dead person. “I would really like to see how you’re going to bring out 10 million. And no matter if you can bring it out or not, you will still be dying today.”

Southern Mountain Sect’s junior sect leader!

Wu Lieyang!

When the others found out this man’s identity, they all started coldly smiling towards Luo Tian.

“This kid is going to meet his end.”

“Wu Lieyang is the Southern Mountain Sect’s most favored disciple. He became the junior sect leader at only thirty something years old, so one can already tell how strong he is. This kid thinks he can act like top shit just because he has some money. He deserves it for provoking the Southern Mountain Sect.”

The crowd started discussing this in low voices.

Luo Tian coldly grinned and said: “Whether I can take out 10 million or not doesn’t have anything to do with you. Seeing how your face looks like you had just eaten shit, I will give you an opportunity. If I can’t take out 10 million…”

Without waiting for Luo Tian to finish, Wu Lieyang fiercely said: “If you can’t take out 10 million, you will die immediately!”

Luo Tian merely smiled and continued: “If I can take out 10 million, are you going to crawl under my legs? Do you dare to take this bet? If you don’t, then stop acting smug in front of this daddy. You damn poor bastard, raise the price if you have the guts. If you don’t dare to raise it, then scram aside for this daddy!”


Luo Tian’s words were deliberately provoking him!

Wu Lieyang had an irritated look on his face. Luo Tian was also feeling irritated inside his heart.

Luo Tian originally didn’t care too much about it yet this guy actually walked on over with a look like he wanted a beating. Since that was the case, not giving the guy a few slaps was basically going against his own personality!

The corner of Wu Lieyang’s eye was twitching while his gaze looked like they could spew flames of rage. He then shouted lowly: “We can bet on it! Does it look like I’m afraid of a damn dog thing like you?!”


“Everyone heard it.”

“You will crawl under my legs like a dog in a bit.” Anger was rising inside Luo Tian’s heart as he shouted: “Mr. Host, have someone bring over the stuff! I’ll hand over the money when the items are handed to me. Hurry it up; it seems like someone can’t wait to become a dog and crawl under my legs!”


Wu Lieyang had an incomparably ugly look on his face as he tried to suppress his flames of rage.

The host ordered someone to bring over the four Seven-star gems while he too went over to Luo Tian. He had to ensure everything went smoothly in the auction house and nothing could go wrong.

“Take out the money.”

“This daddy wants to see how you’re going to take out 10 million.”

“If you can’t take it out, you can die right here for me!” Wu Lieyang shouted ferociously.

The two Elders behind him looked like they were prepared to make a move.

Luo Tian smiled coldly. When the host came up to him smiling, Luo Tian then said: “Umm… so, can I write an IOU? I can go home and get the money; I have lots and lots of money at home. What do you think?”


“Kid, you are going to die.”

Wu Lieyang’s face was glowing red with excitement, and the thick killing intent from his body was surging out without a care.

The face of the host faintly changed as he felt like Luo Tian was messing with him. His voice contained a trace of anger as he said: “This auction only facilitates face-to-face transactions.”

“This kid indeed doesn’t have money.”

“Damn, I thought he really had money and didn’t expect he was playing with us.”

“Putting on a face when you’re actually penniless. You dare to act arrogant in front of Southern Mountain Sect’s junior sect leader? You’re practically courting your own death!”

Wu Lieyang became excited as he shouted: “Kid, go to hell now!”

As his voice faded…

A fist containing powerful energy struck towards Luo Tian.

Luo Tian was searching through his body and suddenly smiled. “Oh yeah! I believe I do have some money on me. Can you take a look and see if this is enough money?”

As he was saying this…

Luo Tian brought out ten attributed demon cores and handed it over to the host.

Also at this instant…

An incomparably ugly look appeared on Wu Lieyang’s face. He was given several fierce hot formless slaps yet again. He was completely pissed off because Luo Tian had played with him again!


Wu Lieyang didn’t pull back his punch and actually increased its power! He was roaring internally: “Die!!!”

In a split second…

Luo Tian coldly grinned and said playfully: “You’ve lost, now go crawl under my legs.”

Before his voice faded, Luo Tian roared internally: “Nine Dragons and Elephants, level 4 Berserk, activate for me!”


The strength of a dragon and an elephant was applied to his body. Then, the power of level 4 Berserk’s sixteen times his attributes exploded forth instantly changing Luo Tian’s aura. Before Wu Lieyang’s fist was able to land, Luo Tian’s fist already torpedoed out as he roared: “Lie down for me!”



Wu Lieyang was smashed onto the ground like a dead dog. His body was twitching and didn’t even have the strength to wail in pain.

Luo Tian sneered and spat on his body. He then scolded: “Motherf*cker, acting like an asshole in front of this daddy? Courting your own death!”

While saying that…

Luo Tian widened his legs and walked over Wu Lieyang’s body. He then started smiling: “One must honor their bet when they lose. I will consider this you crawling under my legs, hahaha! Southern Mountain Sect is nothing but a dog’s fart!”

Arrogant to a complete mess!

The entire crowd was shocked by Luo Tian’s actions.

Wu Lieyang, the Southern Mountain Sect’s junior sect leader was instantly smashed sprawling into the ground?


Who the hell is this person?

The mouth of the host was opened large and wide as he couldn’t believe what Luo Tian had just done. Looking at the ten attributed demon cores in his hands, he finally swallowed a few times before saying to himself: “What… what background does this kid have?”

Luo Tian swept his eyes past the entire audience and said with disdain: “Don’t think you have a bit of money and you’re all high and mighty. You should never look down on people like f*cking snobs.”

Another two formless slaps were given to the crowd.

It was stinging hot and extremely hard to endure!

The two Southern Mountain Sect Elders were about to go berserk as powerful auras exploded from the both of them.

Luo Tian pretended to show a fearful expression. He quickly took the four Seven-star gems from the staff worker and then said in a cheap manner to the host: “Those guys want to attack me so isn’t the Dao Shang Alliance going to something about it?”

What a cheap and despicable looking face!

After saying that, Luo Tian already started moving far away while excitedly saying to himself: “I have the Seven-star gems now so should I raise the grade of the Seven Star Sword or the Seven Star Armor?”

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