Undefeatable – Ch307

Chapter 307 – Take Action

Rage that reached the sky!

The two Southern Mountain Sect Elders wanted to rip Luo Tian apart and cut his flesh off one piece at a time!


Eventually, they supported Wu Lieyang up and back to their seats. They turned to stare at Luo Tian fiercely as if they wanted to say with their eyes: “Kid, you will definitely die once the auction is over.”

They wanted to show their rage.

They wanted to kill Luo Tian immediately, but their brains were working better than Wu Lieyang’s.

This place was the Dao Shang auction house.

Making a move here could mean none of them would be leaving this place without suffering the consequences.

No one stopped Luo Tian from striking because Wu Lieyang was the first to make a move. Luo Tian was technically defending himself so no one from the Dao Shang Alliance would go after him.

Luo Tian returned to his seats and didn’t even give them another look. His eyes were closed like he was taking a nap.

At this moment…

Luo Tian didn’t care about the something something Southern Mountain Sect or some dog’s fart junior sect leader.

He was only thinking of one thing: Should he raise the grade of his Seven Star Sword or the Seven Star Armor?

As he was contemplating this question…

The auction house continued on with their auctions.

Luo Tian no longer called out bids.

But whenever someone called out a bid, they would unconsciously glance to the rear towards Luo Tian as if they were in fear. No one knew what background or from where this kid came from, but he was definitely not simple if he could easily pull out over ten plus attributed demon cores.

When they saw that he looked like he was taking a nap, their minds couldn’t help turn serious.

There was still some faint shock when they recalled how Luo Tian was able to smash Wu Lieyang sprawling with a single punch. With that lingering fear, no one dared to ridicule anyone else in the crowd when bids were being called out.


“Seven Star Sword!”

“Placing all four Seven-star gems onto a single item?”

“Four pieces of gems will allow the Seven Star Sword’s grade to rise to the Sky grade. At the same time, the Seven Star Armor could also have the same upgrade. How should I choose?” Luo Tian was stuck in a dilemma since he didn’t know what enemies or difficulties he would face in the future.


One thing he decided was he would place all four Seven-star gems into a single item. He wasn’t going to change his mind on this.

After contemplating for a long time…

Luo Tian then decided to put all four Seven-star gems into the Seven Star Armor.

He possessed the Blood Devouring Wild Blade so when it came to weapons, he wasn’t in a hurry to change it. Since his cultivation level wasn’t strong enough, it would be difficult for him to protect himself when encountering experts at the Profound Ancestor or Venerate realms. The Seven Star Armor will definitely improve his survival rate!

As long as one had their life…

There would always be chances in the future.

Without a life, you basically had nothing!

Upon this moment of clarity, Luo Tian no longer hesitated and opened up the system interface to start filling the armor up.


“You have successfully inserted the Seven-star gem!”


“You have successfully inserted the Seven-star gem!” The Seven Star Armor has been raised to earth grade.”




“You have successfully inserted the Seven-star gem!” The Seven Star Armor has been raised to sky grade. Will you be equipping it?”

They were all successes!

The success rate was 100%. This made Luo Tian extremely surprised as he said to himself: “Could it be that this daddy’s character is simply too outstanding? It’s already out of this world if two successes in a row appear inside a game. I somehow got four successes in a row, which shows my character is simply too awesome!”

This was really unexpected.

After playing countless online games, Luo Tian understood the success rate of inserting gems should be very low.

Many players would lose money like crazy when they wanted to upgrade the attributes of their equipment. It would be impossible to succeed unless they had over a hundred gems on hand.

Four successes in a row made the Seven Star Armor rise to the sky grade.

The moment he succeeded, Luo Tian could sense the Seven Star Armor had a flow of power from the Seven Star Sovereign. It was so strong that it felt like the entire constellation’s power was inside it. This made the excitement inside Luo Tian surge up!


Luo Tian didn’t immediately equip it.

Putting on such a treasure will automatically make his person give off a holy light glow. One look and anyone can tell he had something good on him. Luo Tian was very clear on the saying that an innocent man can easily get into trouble because of his wealth.

The moment Luo Tian inserted those gems…

A flash of holy light was seen in a certain corner of the auction house.

It was very faint.

So faint that no one noticed it. Only Blindman Liu who was off to the side frowned slightly. Looking at An Chunchun beside him who was dressed up like a doll, his heart faintly skipped a beat but he didn’t dwell on it.

At this time…

The original host was suddenly changed.

Cheng Danian walked up with an excited expression.

When people saw his appearance on stage, their expressions immediately changed as well.

It was like they had been stimulated by something.

“Ancient Jiao Dragon xuan weapons!”

“Profound Burst Pills!”

“I will take those two things no matter what! I must get it!”

“The good stuff is finally making an appearance. No matter what price I have to pay, I must get at least one Profound Burst Pill!”

They were all clear on why Cheng Danian had appeared on stage.

To the martial cultivators participating here today, their only goal was the Profound Burst Pill!

The Southern Mountain Sect had come today for the Profound Burst Pill.

It was the same for the country’s Northern Snow City.

It was the same for the Southern Barbarian Sect.

It was the same for the Heavenly Time Sect.

Many large forces and Sects had come for the Profound Burst Pill!

Cheng Danian went up onto the stage with a light chuckle before saying: “I will be the host as we continue forward from here. I believe that every cultivator on the martial path is pursuing the highest realm possible, but most of us have been stuck at a certain stage and are unable to advance anymore.”

“Today, a mysterious Alchemist Grandmaster has appeared!”

“With his great abilities, he has improved on the 10,000 year old Profound Burst Pill so that it no longer has any side effects. It is also no longer restricted for those below the Profound Saint realm!”

“This is one of the greatest breakthroughs in 10,000 years!”

“This will allow the martial cultivators stuck in the Profound Ancestor or the Profound Venerate realm to experience a higher power. Today…”

“Their day of awakening has come.”

“The improved Profound Burst Pill will bring you a brand new sensation!”


Everyone became excited.

Their blood started boiling up.

At this moment, all those experts at the peak of the Profound Ancestor realm were eagerly anticipating. They understood their own strengths and knew that they would most likely be unable to rise up into the Profound Venerate realm. But with this Profound Burst Pill, it will allow them to experience the strength of someone at the Profound Venerate realm and might even give them an inspiration for a breakthrough!

Apart from this…

The most important thing with having this Profound Burst Pill was that when they met an opponent at the same level as them, consuming it will allow them to completely crush their enemy!

The good things about this medicinal pill were already beyond words to describe.

Everyone’s enthusiasm was rising. When Luo Tian heard the clamor from the crowd, his eyes finally opened a bit. Seeing the excited expressions on everyone’s face, he was somewhat shocked. “My improved Profound Burst Pill can actually cause such a big ruckus?”

Luo Tian wasn’t expecting such magnitude of excitement.

Of course, he was a perverted existence that wasn’t restricted by cultivation barriers. He could surpass them as long as he had experience points, but it wasn’t the same for the other cultivators of this world.

Cheng Danian had successfully riled up the crowd. He then deliberately stopped before the climax and said: “Such good things will naturally be left at the end. But the next items we have for auction are xuan weapons forged by the bones of an ancient Jiao Dragon, still containing the powers of that dragon…”


In a certain private room.

Qi Fu was annoyed by Cheng Danian’s high spirited face. He lips curved into a smile as he shouted: “Take action now!”

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