Undefeatable – Ch308

Chapter 308 – Sky High Prices

Before Qi Fu gave the order…

Li Wenzong ordered his people to have the Skynet Assassin make their move.


Private room number five.

A man in a long black robe with a cold expression was giving off a faintly discernible killing intent. There was a machete in his hand as it still had a trace of warm blood dripping off the body of the blade. “Plop plop” sounds could be heard as the fresh blood landed on the ground. The sound was extraordinary harsh to the ears in this eerily silent private room.

The black robed man slightly frowned.

From the information he was secretly given, the people here shouldn’t be this weak.

There weren’t even signs of a symbolic resistance as they were all practically killed in an instant.

This was unexpected for him.


This sense of unexpectedness didn’t linger for too long because he was the strongest assassin of Skynet. Thinking up to this point, a smug and cold looking sneer appeared on his face. At this moment, he was planning on leaving the room to hand over the completed mission and then get the rest of his xuan stones.


Within an instant, a faint fragrant smell drifted past his nose.

The gaze of the black robed man turned serious. A brief glint of light could be seen in his eyes as he immediately stopped breathing. He sat down cross-legged and his Profound Venerate energy started surging out from his body. He was focusing all his powers in resisting the knock-out fragrance that had already entered his brains.

“I fell into a trap?”

“Was this purposely used to deal with me?”

At this moment…

Countless scenarios played through the mind of the black robed man.

His expression turned gloomier as time went by. Green veins started popping out and every pore on his body was slightly opened. With every inhale and exhale, he would force out a portion of the fragrance with the ability to disrupt one’s mind. This was actually a very tough process.

This type of knockout fragrance was simply too powerful.

If he was a few seconds slower in detecting it, most likely he would have already toppled to the ground by now.


He was an expert at the Profound Venerate realm and he had luckily realized this early on. Strength was extremely important to an assassin but a quick reaction speed was even more so. A slight sense of abnormality and they can immediately react to meet the challenge.

“Fuuu~… fuuu~…”

Several minutes passed by.

Sounds of people outside the room could be heard.

“It should be about time now, right?”

“I heard General Manager Qi say that this knockout fragrance can even make a person at the Profound Venerate realm faint. There’s not even a Profound Ancestor within this group so I think they should be all unconscious in less than ten seconds. Most likely they are all lying on the ground right now.”

“What you’ve said makes sense since General Manager Qi is very reliable when he does things.”

“Enough chatting. Let’s quickly find that child that the General Manager wants so we don’t waste any more time.”

While saying this…

Two staff workers of the Dao Shang auction house went into the room.

The lights had been damaged inside the room so the dim lighting made one unable to see things clearly.

“Why aren’t there any lights?”

“It’s fine, I brought a match with me.”

After striking it, a small light illuminated the area. In front of the workers was a pair of eyes glaring back at them like it was going to eat them alive…

Back to the auction.

“The starting price will be 2 million and the minimum increase is 200 thousand. We shall now begin the auction!”

This was a completely black long sword without a handle that was giving off a strong amount of energy. The energy of a demonic beast to be exact.

From time to time, one seemed to hear the roar of a Jiao Dragon.

“Since the ancient times, this Jiao has been cultivating to the point of reaching dragonhood. This Jiao Dragon has almost reached the point of becoming a true dragon! This xuan weapon even has traces of dragon might, so I believe all the guests here can imagine the value of this weapon” said Cheng Danian with a smile. If it weren’t for the fact that he wasn’t a sword user, he would’ve bought this blade for himself already.

“3 million!”

“3.5 million!”

“5 million!”

“5.2 million!”

Good things would naturally have many people vying for.

This xuan weapon was really not bad. With its peak spirit grade powers, combined with the powers of the Jiao Dragon, an oppressive suppression would automatically be activated during a fight. This was considered a xuan weapon that was truly not bad.


This xuan weapon was perfectly suited for the orc race of the Wilderness and those of the demon races. They understood this better than the humans and knew how to utilize the sword’s power to its highest potential.

“I bid 8 million!”


A person stood up from private room number seven. To be precise, it was an orc.

He was wearing beast fur armor, muscles bulging out, and covered in an unstoppable power. His voice alone made the auction hall faintly shake.

An orc from the Wilderness had come?!

And his status wasn’t low either. Just by the look of the jewelry worn around his neck, he was most likely a Prince or a character at the Prince status level.

Cheng Danian smiled excitedly and said: “Good! Prince Ke Lei of the orc race is offering 8 million! Is there anyone that wishes to bid higher?”

“8 million going once!”

“8 million going twice!”

“8 million…”


With a “clank” sound, Cheng Danian smacked down the hammer and said with a smile: “Congratulations to Prince Ke Lei for winning the first xuan weapon. It is definitely an excellent value for the money.”

Cheng Danian had the staff workers take the long sword away.

It wasn’t like before where someone had to hand over the money immediately before getting the goods in return. There was no mention of money at all this time.

This was the disparity of one’s identity!

Cheng Danian cleared his throat before continuing: “The next xuan weapon is also forged by the bones of a Jiao Dragon. It is a pair of battle axes and it still doesn’t have a name. The winner of the item can personally give it a name.”

“The starting bid price is 3.8 million!”

It was another round of intense bidding.

This too was won by Prince Ke Lei, and this time at the price of 10 million.

The third item was a large warsword.

It was won by another member of the orc race at 14 million.

The fourth item was a long spear and won by Prince Ke Lei once again – the final price at 16 million.

The xuan weapons Luo Tian had forged from the Jiao Dragon bones had pretty much been mostly bought by Prince Ke Lei. It was a powerful number of 48 million gold in total!

Flowers were blooming inside Luo Tian’s heart. “I’m rich… I’m rich… I am truly freaking rich this time!”

This had completely exceeded his expectations.

Luo Tian’s original thoughts were that if all four xuan weapons could be sold for 10 – 20 million gold, it would already be heaven defying for him. He never imagined the total price would almost reach 50 million! After taking out the auctions fees of 2 million, he would still get to keep 46 million gold. This gave Luo Tian a boost of confidence when the auction will reach An Chunchun’s mother.

He possessed a colossal sum of money!

This kind of feeling was just too cool!

Inside private room number seven.

Ke Lei’s expression was excited to the max. Looking at the four pieces of xuan weapons before him, he muttered: “Lord of the Wilderness, I pray to you with my most sincere heart. I pray that our orc race of the Wilderness will become stronger from here on out and rule the entire Wilderness territory. I also pray for the Grandmaster that forged these four xuan weapons. I sincerely thank him for bringing us these powerful battle weapons made from demonic beast bones.”

He had a devoted expression on his face.

Inside the private room, several other orcs had the same look.

They were all extremely grateful towards Luo Tian because the appearance of his four xuan weapon will allow the orc race to gradually rise up in the Wilderness.


“They haven’t made their move yet?”

“Why hasn’t anyone returned to report to me?”

Qi Fu was extremely unhappy.

Standing inside private room number two and seeing the rosy glow of Cheng Danian’s face, he was quite unhappy. He was even more annoyed and when he watched the four xuan weapons being auctioned off at shockingly sky high prices.


The door to the private room opened.

A staff worker stumbled in with a pale white face. He then stuttered: “General Manager, not, not, not…”

Before he could finish his words, a cold blade penetrated through his chest. As the body toppled over, a pair of chilly looking eyes behind the worker was revealed. A ferocious smile then appeared at the entrance of the room…

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