Undefeatable – Ch310

Chapter 310 – Being Discovered

A breakthrough out of the blue!


The entire auction venue boiled in excitement since no one imagined Xie Long would make a breakthrough at such a time.

Cheng Danian didn’t expect this either.

Breaking through at such a time would definitely double the price of the Profound Burst Pill or maybe even more! The insides of Cheng Danian were practically blooming flowers from joy! “Qi Fu, this daddy will definitely suppress you this time. Let’s see if you dare act arrogant in front of me from here on out! Don’t think you’re all that just because you have the Vice President as your backer, humph!”

Everyone witnessed Xie Long’s breakthrough.

Breaking through into the Profound Venerate realm from the Profound Ancestor realm wasn’t something people could do whenever they wanted. They needed an opportunity or a sudden enlightenment.

If it weren’t for a sudden opportunity, then it would be the assistance of a medicinal pill.

Cheng Danian immediately said with a smile: “Everyone please quiet down. Let us first ask President Xie his feelings on the pill to see if there’s any side effect.”

“Ask your own fart!”

“Stop wasting time!”

“Immediately start the auction! What side effects? He instantly made a breakthrough already! This daddy will get this medicinal pill at all costs!”

“Hurry up!”


Everyone was extremely agitated! Their faces looked like they were all saying “if you don’t start the auction now, this daddy will take you down! Do you believe that I’ll rob you right now?”

Cheng Danian didn’t panic. When he saw how everyone was acting, he was internally ecstatic! The entire venue had been driven to the point of nearly exploding with anticipation!

Immediately after…

Cheng Danian didn’t continue with any nonsense and directly said: “Fine!”

“We’ll cut right to the chase.”

“We shall now start the bidding – the starting price will be 10 million!”

“Each time someone raises the price cannot be less than 500 thousand.”

After saying that…

Qin Yue’er greeted the audience with a smile as she brought out a small black box. Inside the small black box was the new and improved Profound Burst Pill! She then said to herself: “That bastard is truly powerful. A little medicinal pill of his can make so many strong experts excited out of their minds.”

“12 million!”

“13 million!”

“16 million!”

“18 million!”

“Motherf*ckers, you can forget competing with this daddy! This daddy offers 20 million!”

“Is 20 million very awesome? Don’t you feel shame when a little sect like yours dares to act arrogant here? I bid 25 million.”

“Competing with my Southern Mountain Sect with money? This daddy bids 30 million!” Wu Lieyang had recovered by now. Back then when he was bidding for the Seven-star gem, he did have more money but it was specifically prepared for the Profound Burst Pill. That’s why this time he definitely had to get his hands on the pill.

Cheng Danian’s smile was similar to blooming flowers as he pushed the crowd: “30 million! 30 million! Is there anyone going to bid higher? You need to know that this Profound Burst Pill might allow you to step into the Profound Venerate realm from the Profound Ancestor realm. How can a mere tens of million purchase such a chance? 30 million going once, 30 million going twice… 30 million going…”

“35 million!”


Luo Tian slowly raised his hand and said this in a calm and soft voice.

The audience went into an uproar once again.

A single medicinal pill. Even if it was a sky grade pill, it would be impossible for it to be sold at 30 million. And now someone actually raised the price all the way to 35 million.


Everyone all looked at Luo Tian once again.

This time no one ridiculed him.

Wu Lieyang’s anger almost erupted in flames. He then pointed at Luo Tian and shouted: “Back then I didn’t want to compete with a piece of trash! This time, this daddy will compete with you to the end! I refuse to believe my Southern Mountain Sect cannot beat a country bumpkin on wealth!”

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “Stop blabbing and state your bid.”

Wu Lieyang then said: “38 million!”

Luo Tian pretended to be angry and shouted: “This daddy will compete with you! 50 million! Motherf*cker, compete with me if you have the guts! The little financial resource your Southern Mountain Sect has is beneath the notice of this daddy. Competing with me? You still aren’t qualified!”


Extreme disdain and contempt!

Luo Tian was treating the Southern Mountain Sect like it wasn’t even worth a single cent.

Wu Lieyang was so angry that he started shaking. Seeing Luo Tian’s smug expression, the flames of anger inside him almost burned his brains to a crisp!

One of the two Elders behind him reminded him: “Young lord, 50 million exceeds the amount we can handle. Don’t compete with him any longer.”

“This kid might be a person of the Dao Shang Alliance and deliberately raising the price. Young lord shouldn’t compete with him anymore.”

Luo Tian maintained his smug expression and said: “Who do you think you are? Just stop pretending if you don’t have any money. Since the Southern Mountain Sect can’t even bring out 50 million, don’t you guys think it’s a rather trashy sect? And why are you still called the junior sect leader? You should have the identity of a broom that sweeps the latrine floors!”



Many people started laughing out loud in the auction house.

Wu Lieyang was so angry that he almost shattered his teeth from clenching so hard. He then yelled out: “I bid 60 million!”

Cheng Danian immediately responded: “Young master Wu; you should know that our Dao Shang Alliance doesn’t accept IOU’s. Sixty million is not a small sum so you need to consider this carefully.”

“There’s no need to reconsider!”

“You think this daddy can’t compete with him?”

“I confirm that I bid 60 million!”

Wu Lieyang’s flames of anger were boundless as he glared at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian then started smiling cheaply and said: “Damn, you are way too honest. I was really afraid that you wouldn’t make another bid and didn’t expect you would actually make one. You almost scared me to death! If they really made me bring out 50 million, even selling me wouldn’t be enough to cover it. Southern Mountain Sect is truly powerful, hahaha…”

After saying that…

Luo Tian looked at Cheng Danian and said with a smile: “I’m not making any other bids. Only an idiot would take out 60 million to buy a single medicinal pill.”

The entire venue started clamoring once again.

He was played.

Completely played once again.

Wu Lieyang was turning purple in anger as he said in a gloomy manner: “You, you, you…”

Luo Tian smiled smugly in response and said: “I deliberately raised the price. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to bite me?”

It was very direct.

Luo Tian’s words showed he had no intentions of holding back.

His heart was laughing heartily since 60 million was entering his pocket just like that. Hahaha, earning money like this felt way too good!

Cheng Danian quickly said: “60 million going once, going twice, going the third time, sold!”

He didn’t give Wu Lieyang any chance to deny it and directly smacked his hammer down.

In the end, Cheng Danian said unhurriedly: “Congratulations to the junior sect leader of the Southern Mountain Sect. Congratulations! Young master Wu; please pay the bill all at once.”

After saying that…

Cheng Danian didn’t bother to look at the flabbergasted Wu Lieyang and loudly said to the crowd: “Everyone’s enthusiasm towards the Profound Burst Pill has exceeded my imagination. In order to give back to everyone, I’ve decided to auction off a batch of Profound Burst Pills.”

“One batch will have five pills!”

“The starting price will be 50 million. Each time someone raises cannot be lower than 1 million!”

There’s more?

Just when the crowd thought there wouldn’t be any more Profound Burst Pills, Cheng Danian’s words made them enter a state of frenzy once again.

And at this time…

Xie Long stood up and loudly said: “It doesn’t have any side effects and is of great assistance to one’s cultivation. Manager Cheng, can I ask a question first? I wish to know the name of this Alchemy Grandmaster, so can you tell me it? I wish to have his name etched into the annals of history for us humans.”

Cheng Danian smiled and said: “I’m really sorry, but I cannot divulge his name because this was his request.”

Xie Long gave a long sigh.

At this moment…

Inside Qi Fu’s room.

“Reporting to General Manager, we still haven’t found Luo Tian’s location. But the fatty that’s close to him, Xuan Yuanyi, and the blind guy have all been found…”

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