Undefeatable – Ch311

Chapter 311 – Mother!

The auction continued onwards.

Southern Mountain Sect’s Wu Lieyang was viciously cheated by Luo Tian and suffered a huge loss of vitality. He no longer had the power to bid for the other items being auctioned off.


He didn’t leave and just kept glaring at Luo Tian.

Wu Lieyang’s hatred for Luo Tian was surging about like a stormy sea. Once the auction was over, he would directly send Luo Tian straight to hell.

Luo Tian had a very pleased expression on his face and didn’t even glance over at Wu Lieyang.

Idiot; a super idiot!

With 60 million easily dropping into his hands, the Profound Burst Pill was simply too great!

The auction of a new batch of Profound Burst Pills started.

Because there were five pills in the batch, the competition over it was even more intense.

It was eventually won by a woman wearing a veil inside private room number three, at the price of 90 million. The woman was very tall and the large clothing she wore hid her body very well. But under Luo Tian’s devilish eyes, he could tell her figure was at an unrivaled level!

Right after…

Another batch of Profound Burst Pills was being auctioned off.

This time, there was even more at 10 pills.

Everyone started crazily bidding once again.

Surprisingly, it was won by the mysterious woman inside private room number three again. The final selling price went all the way to 210 million!

Cheng Danian didn’t expose the winner’s name like before and only revealed a respectful look.

This made all the audience start guessing the background of the people inside private room number three. If the Dao Shang Alliance was giving them so much face, then their background would definitely not be simple.

Sixteen Profound Burst Pills had been successfully auctioned off. With one of them being used as a test, the total came to seventeen.

Luo Tian had taken out a total of twenty of them.

There were three pills that Cheng Danian didn’t bring to the auction because he had left them for himself. He was going to purchase them from Luo Tian at the average price of the auction. He didn’t discuss this with Luo Tian yet because the new and improved Profound Burst Pill was too enticing for him to give up.

Adding to the fact that Xie Long made a sudden breakthrough, this made Cheng Danian want to leave even more pills for himself.

As for the issue with the money, he would definitely pay up without a problem.

Luo Tian didn’t bother thinking about this discrepancy because he didn’t have the time to. This was because he had caught a trace of cold killing intent inside the auction house. When he looked over in the direction of Xuan Yuanyi and Feng Lei, Luo Tian noticed several staff workers had silently appeared near them.

Luo Tian’s heart turned grim, “They were discovered!”

Immediately after…

He sent a silent spiritual transmission to Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi: “Fatty, Yuanyi, be careful of the people beside you. They have already discovered you so don’t make any rash movements and pretend you haven’t noticed anything.”

“The next item to be auctioned will definitely be An Chunchun’s mother.”

“Xuan Yuanyi, your main focus is to protect Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er up on the stage. Those two are in danger as well so don’t stray too far. My spiritual voice transmission cannot extend that far so their safety will be handed over to you.”

Xuan Yuanyi didn’t move and merely nodded his head.


“An Chunchun is definitely here as well so you need to figure out a way to find her. Once her mother appears, she will definitely lose control of her emotions. Your mission is to take her away and stay away from this place. Just leave everything else here to me.”

Feng Lei faintly frowned but still nodded.

Luo Tian didn’t dare to use his spiritual senses too openly to look for An Chunchun’s aura. This venue had Profound Ancestor and Venerate experts participating, and Luo Tian wasn’t their opponent. In case his senses were discovered, then it basically meant he had revealed his own location.

Once he was exposed, those people hiding in the background will definitely make their move!

Each step Luo Tian took had to be well thought out.

Looking at Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er’s naive looks, Luo Tian couldn’t help start worrying.


The porcelain looking doll next to Blindman Liu suddenly moved as she whispered: “Uncle Blindman, I can sense big brother Luo Tian’s aura. The person that had purchased the spatial ring and the Seven-star gems previously is big brother Luo Tian.”

Blindman Liu’s mind became faintly serious and didn’t say a word.

He was the first to notice the staff workers near him weren’t the original ones. And the two that were standing closest to them had an aura like they were ready to move at any given moment. One can easily guess that their identities had been discovered.

Blindman Liu secretly grabbed An Chunchun closer as he said to himself: “No matter what, nothing can happen to her.”



“It’s finally my turn to make an appearance.”

Qi Fu left his room with a rosy glow on his face. When he stepped onto the stage, it was just the right moment to come face-to-face with Cheng Danian.

“What a good move, Manager Cheng. A mere little medicinal pill was able to give you so much achievement. But if you want to surpass me with that, I’m afraid it’s impossible.” Qi Fu revealed a crafty-looking smile with disdain in his eyes. He then said internally: “You want to fight with me just by yourself? This daddy can fight you to the point of losing your life!”

Cheng Danian responded with the same expression and said: “Manager Qi, what kind of price do you think your demon fox clan woman can achieve? At most, it will be 200 million. My monetary achievements today have completely suppressed yours. Don’t think that having the backing of the Vice President and you can do whatever you want. And don’t think that no one knows what you have done to the demon fox clan. Heaven is watching over the actions of humans, so be careful of losing your little life. Hahaha…”

Cheng Danian laughed out loud a few times before leaving the stage.

Qi Fu glared at the disappearing back of Cheng Danian. His eyes contained a cold chill as he harrumphed: “We shall see what happens. It’s people like you that don’t understand what this world wants and what the rich people want.”

For this specific auction…

Many rich and powerful people had their eyes closed and hadn’t opened them at all.

They were uninterested in the items that the martial cultivators were excited over.

The people in several private rooms were the same. They didn’t make a move and just waited for the demon fox clan woman to make her appearance.

All these people had prominent statuses with wealth that could rival a nation!

Qi Fu walked across the stage. With his large body and chubby face, the smile he was showing made him similar to a smiling Buddha. “It’s now time for our auction’s finale, which is also the time everyone is anticipating.”

“A demon fox clan woman!”

“Each woman was born with flexible bones and peerless looks. Just like in the legends, spending a night with her will allow you to truly know what being a man is. You will finally know what real climaxing means and what is considered heaven. In this entire world, only the demon fox clan women can give you the feeling that no other women can give.”



Those people that hadn’t opened their eyes all this time slightly opened them now as they cleared their throats.

It was as if their eyes had started glowing.

Inside the private rooms, many people started making noises as they stood up.

Qi Fu faintly smiled and said: “Apart from the demon fox clan woman today, I also have a mysterious gift. This mysterious gift is the actual finale and will definitely broaden everyone’s horizon, hahaha…”

“Down below…”

“Is a demon fox clan woman that’s the definition of charming; more beautiful than a fairy; more seductive than a succubus; and capable of moving the hearts of any man in this world.”

Qi Fu took a step back and went to the side to press a switch.

The middle of the stage slowly opened up and a glass box covered in a black gauze rose up.

Qi Fu stepped forward and swept his gaze past the crowd. He smiled excitedly as his right hand yanked the black gauze away.

At this moment…

An Chunchun’s eyes widened. Tears started streaming down uncontrollably as she shouted: “Mother…!”

Oh crap!

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