Undefeatable – Ch313

Chapter 313 – Scram If You Can’t Afford To Play

As Qi Fu’s voice faded…

The venue turned silent momentarily.

But in less than a second…

“60 million!”

“I bid 70 million!”

“80 million! I will fight it out with whoever competes with me!”

“Who the hell do you think you are? 90 million! This beautiful demon fox clan woman is definitely mine!”

“100 million!”

The bid price continuously climbed higher.

Those people that hadn’t made any moves the entire time were now bidding like crazy. The faces of those people in the front row had all turned red in fervor. It was the same for those sitting in the private rooms, and each bid added on would be at least 10 million higher.

The Dao Shang auction house had never seen this type of crazy bidding before.

Qi Fu was very excited.

He then started scorning Cheng Danian internally: “Competing with me? You’re still too immature for it! Wanting to suppress me in contributions is impossible! Cheng Danian, you have no idea what these people want. Martial cultivators have money, but the truly wealthy on this continent are these tycoons here.”

And this time, there were still some people that hadn’t made their moves yet.

They were waiting for the arrival of the mysterious gift.

Within the venue, these people already knew from the beginning what the mysterious gift was. They were looking forward to “her” more than the demon fox clan woman!

“140 million!”

“145 million!”

“Competing with me, Great Tang’s King Skywheel? This daddy bids 150 million! Come on, fight it out with me!”


A chubby person inside a private room dressed in the clothes of a Prince stood out. He had an angry expression as if saying that if you dare compete with this daddy, you won’t be able to leave Heavenly Sword City alive.

The Great Tang’s King Skywheel – Tang Qiuyan!

It was Tang Zhanlong, the current emperor’s biological uncle!

When everyone saw him, they unconsciously gasped.

Rumors say that even if you combine all the women in the imperial palace, it still couldn’t compare with the number of women in his manor. He was someone that collects women of all races over the world. He had once won the auction of a demon fox clan woman but in less than two days, he hadn’t even gotten a chance to touch the hands of that woman yet she had already committed suicide.

There’s no way he was giving up this time!

180 million!

The intense voices of people bidding had lessened quite a bit.

At this time…

On another viewing platform of a private room, a gentlemanly noble appeared while waving his fan. He then said with a faint smile: “King Skywheel has truly spent a large sum of money, but this one also wishes to get close with her. I’m sorry but I bid 200 million!”

Noble Tianyu had appeared!


“Why is he here? Isn’t he in Heavenly Plume City?”

“Rumors say he has the bloodline of the Golden Eagle from the outer territories. The bloodlines powers and the talent he possesses are very close to Murong Wanjian. Who knew he would show up here as well and even offer 200 million for a demon fox clan woman?”

“Heavenly Plume City’s wealth is not any weaker than the Great Tang Dynasty. And since Noble Tianyu is the junior city leader, most likely his financial strength is a step greater than King Skywheel’s.”

Tang Qiuyan frowned. He looked at Noble Tianyu at the corner of his eyes before grunting: “What’s the use of a little thing like you buying her? You should be cultivating like a good little boy. What’s the use of having a woman? A woman like this will only make your cultivation stall without any progress so you might as well let this uncle take her.”

Noble Tianyu gently waved his fan before saying with a smile: “Murong Wanjian has the young phoenix Li Xue’er. Rumors say Li Xue’er’s appearance is as beautiful as a fairy. But no matter how beautiful the young phoenix is, can she be more beautiful than this demon fox clan woman? Murong Wanjian’s eyes look down on everything. In his eyes, no woman in this world can compare to Li Xue’er. But if my woman was more beautiful and charming than his, wouldn’t that be considered as me suppressing Murong Wanjian on one aspect? That’s why I’m really sorry for doing this, King Skywheel.”


Wasting 200 million just so that he could suppress Murong Wanjian on a single aspect.


What kind of suppression was this anyway?

Once Noble Tianyu makes a move, King Skywheel wouldn’t have a chance to win anymore.

In regards to this, Tang Qiuyan’s expression dimmed. He heavily harrumphed before going back into his room in annoyance.

Qi Fu smiled excitedly and said: “Noble Tianyu offered 200 million, so is there anyone that’s going to bid higher? A demon fox clan woman will make you a man amongst men. She will allow you to experience what true happiness is!”

“200 million!”

“It actually reached the auction price of 200 million!”

“What a shocking price!”


An Chunchun watched as her own mother was being auctioned off like a piece of item. Those people bidding had perverted looks on their faces and she knew none of them were good people. Seeing how her mother being locked inside a cage like she was already dead inside, tears started streaming down An Chunchun’s face like crazy.

She was very sad.

Extremely sad.

She kept trying to tell herself: “Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Big brother Luo Tian will definitely save mother. Big brother Luo Tian will definitely accomplish it. Big brother Luo Tian and I made a pinky promise so he will definitely help Chunchun rescue mother…”


Inside the auction house.

Everyone was discussing in low whispers and no one had made another bid for the time being.

The price of 200 million had reached Qi Fu’s expected range. He was in great joy as he started saying: “200 million going once, 200 million twice, 200 million going the third…”

Just when Qi Fu lifted up the wooden mallet about to strike down…

A person off at a distance in the audience suddenly raised his sign out of the blue and shouted: “300 million!”


Everyone’s gaze immediately turned towards that person who raised his sign. This included King Skywheel who had walked back out of his private room.

“It’s him again.”

“It’s that person again.”

“My heavens! He actually offered 300 million! Does he even have that amount of money?”

“Fighting it out with Noble Tianyu? Isn’t that practically courting his own death? Didn’t he see that even King Skywheel had to retreat from the bidding?!”

“300 million! He’s treating this like a game! This daddy would rather die than believe he can take out 300 million!”

Wu Lieyang started laughing out loud in ridicule before shouting: “Hey bumpkin! Do you even know how much money 300 million is? You actually dare to offer that amount. It looks like I don’t even need to make a move against you today and you will still end up dying! Hahaha…”

Noble Tianyu’s countenance sank as he had a rather ugly look on his face.

Everyone knew he was Heavenly Plume City’s Noble Tianyu. Even the Great Tang’s King Skywheel had to give him some face. This completely annoyed him when a country bumpkin didn’t give him any face at all.

Noble Tianyu faintly smiled and said: “300 million isn’t a small amount so can you really take that out? Do you want to think about it again? I really believe you should think about it because it won’t end well for you if you want to compete with me.”

His voice sounded calm.


His word choice clearly showed how aggressive he was!

He was basically saying: I am Heavenly Plume City’s Noble Tianyu. If you dare compete with me, this daddy will guarantee you will get more than what you’ve bargained for!

Luo Tian coldly sneered and didn’t bother to look at Noble Tianyu. He then said coldly: “There’s really no need to think about it. If you’re unhappy about it, raise the price. What this daddy has is money. You bunch of poor wretches acting all annoyed when someone raises the price. You should just all scram if you can’t afford to play! What a boring bunch!”


Noble Tianyu’s expression turned fierce as he shouted: “Fine! 310 million!”

Luo Tian didn’t bother with any nonsense and directly called out a bid: “400 million.”


The entire venue started boiling in excitement.

Even the demon fox clan woman inside the glass box turned to look at Luo Tian.

Qi Fu started smiling. He was smiling so happily that his eyes turned into thin slits as he said internally: “I finally know who you are!”

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