Undefeatable – Ch314

Chapter 314 – You Guys Can Forget About Escaping

“400 million!”

Once Luo Tian shouted that number, the entire auction house was in an uproar.

Noble Tianyu’s expression looked like someone gave him a fierce slap.

He only increased the price by 10 million yet Luo Tian directly raised it by 90 million. Luo Tian was practically not putting him in his eyes by bidding such a large difference in money! Just like how Luo Tian put it – scram if you can’t afford to play!

Noble Tianyu’s countenance sank. When he recalled how Wu Lieyang’s single medicinal pill was scammed into paying 60 million, his eyesight landed on Qi Fu standing on the stage. He then said: “Manager Qi, he wouldn’t be some hidden staff your Dao Shang Alliance planted, right?”

He was calling this into question!

Just as his voice faded, everyone started clamoring about it.

“He’s definitely an insider staff.”

“Why would someone with a 400 million fortune sit together with us?”

“Is the Dao Shang Alliance really that shameless?”

“If you don’t want to auction it, then don’t. Why do you have to be so shameless about it? Does your mother even know that you’re doing something like this?”

Qi Fu didn’t get angry by this and nodded towards a darkly lit area. A person’s figure faintly disappeared and Qi Fu started saying with a smile: “Noble Tianyu and all my honored guests, my Dao Shang Alliance would never do something like this. I do not know that person and he is definitely not someone belonging to my Dao Shang Alliance. I can guarantee this with my head.”

While saying this…

Qi Fu’s gaze never left Luo Tian’s figure.

His eyes were narrowed slits as he glared at Luo Tian before saying internally: “Damn kid, you’ll be dead very soon. Hahaha…”

Qi Fu had found everyone he wanted.

He was just waiting for the perfect time to harvest them!

Noble Tianyu’s expression faintly changed. He closed his fan and said with a cold smile: “Fine. I would really like to see how he’s going to take out 400 million.”

Luo Tian turned towards Noble Tianyu and said with a cold smile: “Whether this daddy can take out 400 million or not has nothing to do with you. You damn poor wretch, scram off to the side if you can’t afford to play. Stop being a motherf*cking fly and buzzing around my face. Be careful or my slap might just squash you to death!”

Wild and unrestrained arrogance.

Luo Tian was not putting Noble Tianyu in his eyes at all.

His words instantly made Noble Tianyu furious. His face turned gloomy and his eyes viciously glared at Luo Tian. He then lowly harrumphed: “A mere Profound King 5th ranker dares to act arrogant in front of me? You must be feeling that you’ve lived for too long.”

Luo Tian started chuckling arrogantly. He then pointed at Noble Tianyu’s nose and scolded: “This daddy loves being arrogant! What are you going to do about it? Do you have the ability to come down and bite me? If you don’t dare, just shut your trap and stop acting arrogant in front of this daddy!”

A series of disdainful comments!

This had thoroughly enraged Noble Tianyu!

Qi Fu’s expression hiddenly changed as he said internally: “Not good!”

Just around this time…

A pair of golden wings suddenly materialized behind Noble Tianyu and the screech of an eagle having come from the nine heavens was heard. He then shouted: “Damn kid, hand your life over!”

His rage had reached the skies!

Ever since Noble Tianyu was born, no one has ever dared spoken such words to him before. No one has ever dared to show him contempt, disdain, nor ridicule him. Him, who has always been above others, was extremely irritated like he had just suffered the greatest insult of his life!

Luo Tian was internally ecstatic as he said to himself: “Heh heh, he has finally been angered! You are delusional in wanting to compare yourself to Murong Wanjian if you can be angered so easily. What a laughable joke! Just this level of patience means you are weak to the max!”

After Noble Tianyu was angered, Luo Tian had an extremely smug look on his face.

There was only one thing Luo Tian wanted to do…

And that was to create chaos in this auction venue!

If everything goes well, Feng Lei can bring An Chunchun away during the chaos and he could purchase An Chunchun’s mother at 400 million gold!

Of course…

This was just the first step in Luo Tian’s plan.

It would be great if everything went well. But if things didn’t go well…

“Quickly run!”

“Aren’t the people of Dao Shang Alliance going to deal with this?”

“Looking at the golden wings, anyone can tell it’s indeed true that Noble Tianyu has the Golden Eagle bloodline from the outer territories. That kid is definitely going to die this time.”

Luo Tian exposed a fearful look as he shouted: “Murder! Someone wants to murder me! Didn’t the Dao Shang Alliance say they were going to protect the safety of their guests? He’s planning to kill me so shouldn’t you guys take action to stop it?!”

As he was saying this…

Luo Tian suddenly shouted internally: “Nine Dragons and Elephants!”


An ancient dragon and a demonic elephant’s powers appeared, instantly surging inside Luo Tian’s body. The next instant, Luo Tian shouted: “Level 4 Berserk!”


Under sixteen times the attributes, the powers of Nine Dragons and Elephants became even more fierce!

Luo Tian released his aura and the energy forced the people around him to slide away. Sounds of a dragon roaring and the stomps of an ancient demonic elephant would occasionally be heard coming from him.

For a brief moment…

Luo Tian’s right fist started moving as his foot stomped down to launch himself forward. He also loudly shouted once again: “Murder! Noble dog’s fart wants to kill people! Everyone run! If you don’t run, you might end up dying…!”

His words created even more chaos.

With the tyrannical aura Luo Tian was releasing in addition to the grim reaper’s killing intent, everyone in the area started trembling in fear. In a moment’s notice, some people started escaping frantically from the auction house.

When facing such a powerful force, the crowd felt that staying here would get them inadvertently involved and they might even end up losing their lives.

When Noble Tianyu saw that Luo Tian was rushing towards him, a cold smile appeared on his face as he said: “A Profound King 5th ranker wants to fight with me? Why don’t you take a good look at my strength? I am in the Profound Ancestor realm kid, so you can just go straight to hell for me!”

The Golden Eagle bloodline of the outer territories surged out.

The screech of an eagle enshrouded the entire auction house.


Luo Tian didn’t strike.

The moment Noble Tianyu struck towards him with a palm strike, Luo Tian had instantly veered off course before the strike could get near. Luo Tian was heading towards the back of four Dao Shang Alliance staff that was behind Feng Lei.

While he was still shuttling through the air to his destination, Luo Tian continued shouting: “Murder! Noble dog’s fart is trying to kill people!”

The moment he landed, the energy inside him exploded out as he made four continuous punches.

“Bang~, bang~, bang~, bang~!”

Those four punches were incomparably fast!

The four staff workers toppled over with a cry. Luo Tian then shouted: “Fatty, quickly take them away! Quick!”

Feng Lei didn’t dare to delay. He immediately picked up An Chunchun beside Blindman Liu and shouted: “Let’s go!”

Blindman Liu started moving as he said: “Blood baldy, you leave first. I will bring up the rear.”

The moment Luo Tian landed, he had instantly killed four Dao Shang Alliance staff workers. The surrounding people became panicked and the entire venue became even more chaotic. Screams and shouts were heard now when they saw someone had actually died here.

At this moment…

The entire venue was finally like a big mess of porridge with random crap thrown in.

Noble Tianyu who was in the air was stunned and a bit low-spirited as he said: “Did I accidentally hit them?”

Also at this time…

Xuan Yuanyi’s Great Fault Divine Sword made its move. In a blink of an eye, sword intent became a thick pressure as it shot forth. His figure followed right behind it as he instantly killed the two staff workers near Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er.

Xuan Yuanyi then shouted: “Quickly run!”

Qi Fu watched the chaotic auction house but was neither panicking nor made any attempts to quell it. He just stared coldly at Luo Tian amidst the crowd and loudly said: “You guys can forget about escaping!”

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