Undefeatable – Ch315

Chapter 315 – One Big Fight


Complete chaos!

The more chaotic the better!

According to Luo Tian, this was the effect he had desired.

He could now accurately determine that the ultimate goal of this time’s auction was An Chunchun. Luo Tian could not allow her safety to be jeopardized once again.

Luo Tian felt somewhat concerned as he watched Feng Lei mingle into the panicking crowd while holding An Chunchun. But when he looked at Qi Fu who didn’t show any signs of being flustered and even had a smug smile on his face, Luo Tian knew something bad was going to happen.

Luo Tian’s figure moved and instantly landed next to Qi Fu. He then smiled and asked: “General Manager Qi, can you hand the person over to me now?”

As he was saying this…

Luo Tian glanced at An Chunchun’s mother inside the glass box with the corner of his eyes. His heart started palpitating like it wanted to jump out of his chest. This kind of feeling really felt like his soul was about to be stolen by her because she was simply too beautiful and charming!

Qi Fu faintly smiled and responded: “The rule of the auction house is the highest bidder gets the item. Since you have offered the highest price, the item would naturally be yours. But… there’s an exception to it today because you, Luo Tian have broken a rule of our Dao Shang Alliance!”

Luo Tian’s expression hiddenly changed as he said: “It looks like General Manager Qi has found out my real identity. That’s fine too since I’m too lazy to keep pretending. I don’t care who you are and what you’ve done to the demon fox clan in the past. Today, I have purchased the woman and will hand over the money. But if you dare to make any moves against An Chunchun, I will turn a fat pig like you into a dead pig!”

His tone of voice at the end turned extremely gloomy.

Luo Tian’s grim reaper killing intent was surging out so his words had a greater impact on people. His voice was similar to sounds coming from the depths of hell.

Qi Fu hiddenly shivered as a sense of fear inexplicably appeared. This made him irritated as he countenance turned cold and a sneer appeared on his lips. “It was I that sent people to annihilate the demon fox clan. It was also me that sent people to capture this woman. That little girl doesn’t belong to you. Today, none of you shall dream of escaping this place.”

When he finished his words…

The sound of a heavy strike was suddenly heard amidst the panicking crowd.

Feng Lei was dearly holding onto An Chunchun and using his body to protect her’s. His large body had been struck flying by a powerful force as it landed right back onto the stage. An Chunchun, who was in his embrace had directly fainted by the shocking force.

“You’re courting death!”

Rage of flames exploded from Luo Tian’s heart! His right hand started moving towards Qi Fu in the form of a punch while the Nine Dragons and Elephant powers surged out.

Qi Fu’s brows quivered as he gently took half a step back. He was coldly sneering: “Just based on you? A piece of trash like you wants to show off in front of me? I’m not the trash like Nangong Hao. Even the Great Tang’s Emperor won’t be able to save you if you offended me.”

As his figure gently retreated, a curved blade appeared to block Luo Tian’s attack.

A dark figure filled with killing intent had descended!

His frosty looking eyes, his cold countenance, and a faint cold sneer on his face. He then said: “You’ve finally appeared!”

Skynet assassin!

One of the strongest cultivators at the Profound Venerate 1st rank!

A simple move of his had completely blocked Luo Tian’s strike.

It was a very relaxed block!

The difference between them two was simply too huge!

Li Wenzong was standing at the balcony of his private room. He then said with an excited smile: “A good show is about to start.”

Luo Tian retreated heavily. He could sense the assassin’s thick killing intent and see his expression, so he unconsciously blurted out: “An assassin? The Dao Shang Alliance is really awesome! To think they had actually invited an assassin at the Profound Venerate realm here, hahaha…”

The assassin in black clothing smiled, “My employer isn’t the Dao Shang Alliance. He has paid 3000 top quality xuan stones to have me cut off your head.”

Qi Fu then said with a smile: “An enemy of my enemy is a friend. It can’t get better than having a powerful Profound Venerate expert deal with you. Luo Tian, I would really like to thank you for sending the little girl directly to me. Hahaha…”

Qi Fu’s expression then changed as he said: “Quickly send her over to private room number one!”

“We obey!”

Two staff workers then rushed over to the stage.

Feng Lei suddenly stood up and shouted: “You guys can try touching her!”



A huge sword flew over and stabbed into the stage while Xuan Yuanyi’s figure followed right behind. There was blood on the corner of his mouth, several wounds on his chest and his expression somewhat pale. He then looked over at Luo Tian with a faint smile and said: “Boss, this looks a bit tricky to deal with.”

Also at this time…

Amidst the panicking crowd, two middle-aged men in the Dao Shang Alliance uniform stepped out. The two of them almost looked identical to each other and they both had a cold sneer on the faces as they stared at Feng Lei.

In another area.

A person with a 3 meter long sword sticking past his shoulder was seen. One hand was holding onto Tang Tang while his other hand was holding Qin Yue’er. He then threw them both onto the stage and coldly sneered: “They couldn’t even fight back!”

“Here’s another one!”


Blindman Liu had been thrown over as well.

Immediately after…

A dwarf-like figure that was only about 1 meter tall appeared. He was agile like a monkey while holding onto a staff that dharma monks usually used.

Qi Fu started smiling in a smug manner before saying: “I already said that none of you can escape, hahaha… Your every move was under my surveillance all along. There’s no such thing as not getting what my Dao Shang Alliance wants.”



“Dragon head, we…”

The three of them had slightly pale faces and had suffered from different types of injuries. They were feeling quite bad when they saw the look of Luo Tian’s expression.

They weren’t able to accomplish what they were told!

This made them very uncomfortable.

But what those three didn’t know was that the people who blocked them had the strength that surpassed them by a huge gap. It was to the point that it was impossible for those three to beat them.

Luo Tian narrowed his eyes at Qi Fu and asked: “So, you really have to do this?”

It was a rather calm question.

Qi Fu’s pudgy face smiled brilliantly before saying haughtily: “Why can’t I do this? Do you really think someone can save you today? Even if Tang Zhanlong comes, no one can change the outcome.”

“You all will die right here!”

On the viewing platform of the private rooms…

Li Wenzong shouted: “Kill him!”

Noble Tianyu was coldly smiling at everything while waving his fan. He then said while looking at the stage: “Manager Qi, I am the second highest bidder so does that mean once he dies, she will be purchased by me?”

Qi Fu replied with a smile: “That’s of course!”

The people inside several private rooms hadn’t left yet. The orc Prince Ke Lei had an angry expression on his face right now.

Their orc race members would often be captured by humans to become slaves. Seeing how the demon fox clan member was being auctioned off, rage naturally flared up inside his heart.

In addition…

The woman that bought the batch of fifteen Profound Burst Pills didn’t leave either. Her face was covered by a veil and one couldn’t tell what expression she was making. But her body was currently releasing an aura that was out of the ordinary.

An aura completely different from a human’s.

Luo Tian’s mouth curved up as he coldly smiled.

At the same time…

Feng Lei stood up while wiping the blood from his mouth.

Xuan Yuanyi raised his right hand and the huge Great Fault Divine Sword not too far away flew back into his grasp.

The half-dead Blindman Liu climbed to his feet by using his erhu as support. Below the surface of his skin was the ancient huge devil that was eager to take action.

The four of them looked at each other and started smiling.

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