Undefeatable – Ch317

Chapter 317 – Explode For me!

The four of them attacked at the same time!

The most powerful four forms of attack! No matter how strong the Skynet assassin was, his Profound Venerate realm powers couldn’t block them all at the same time.


It was too sudden, and the attack struck only after such a long time. His defense was relaxed momentarily since his mission target Luo Tian, should hold the most hatred for Qi Fu and not him. He never imagined the four of them would attack him at the same time.


Four heavy attacks smashed out!

The Skynet assassin was smashed flying. Also at this moment, Luo Tian shouted: “When they’re ill, go for the kill! Don’t give him any chance to make a comeback!”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian didn’t chase after him but had suddenly arrived next to An Chunchun. His figure slid over and blocked Qi Fu’s action. With a ferocious smile, Luo Tian struck a heavy punch straight towards Qi Fu’s large belly. He then shouted: “Touching my people? You’re courting death!”

Everything happened too quickly.

Qi Fu’s gaze turned serious as he sent his palms outwards.

His palm strike was meant to block Luo Tian’s fist.

Just when Qi Fu wanted to show his smugness, a cold flash appeared in Luo Tian’s eyes as he shouted: “Level 4 Berserk!”


The force within his fist instantly multiplied by 16 times!

A powerful energy wave directly passed through Qi Fu’s palms causing them to become numb. He couldn’t block the punch at all as it smashed right into his stomach.


He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Right after…

His body was sent tumbling and he only came to a stop after smashing into a pillar. His hair became scattered, his face pale, and his entire image was embarrassing to the point of looking like a stray dog. His eyes turned bloodshot as he shouted: “The Stealth Pill has lost its effect! Quickly kill them for me! Kill them!”

His teeth almost broke from clenching so hard.

The raging flames Qi Fu was feeling almost looked like they were going to spray out of his eyes.

Luo Tian’s single punch had sent Qi Fu flying. He didn’t stop and shouted: “Shadewind Steps, level 4!”


There wasn’t even an afterimage as he instantly appeared beside the Skynet assassin. Luo Tian directly sat his butt on that person and scolded: “It was you motherf*cker that wanted to kill this daddy right? Go head! Kill! Stand up and show this daddy how you go about killing!”

His punches rained down like a storm.

It was smashing down like crazy and didn’t give that Skynet assassin any chance to counterattack. Each punch landing contained the tempestuous might of the Nine Dragons and Elephant enhancement along with level 4 Berserk. Several hundred punches were sent out in under second! This kind of speed was something that the naked eye could not perceive.

This was extremely fierce!



The loud dull sounds of continuous impact rang out in the venue, causing shock to ripple through the hearts of people that hadn’t left yet.

A trace of fear appeared in Wu Lieyang’s eyes.

The previously smug expression on Noble Tianyu was gone and was replaced by a look of embarrassment.

Profound Venerate ranker!

Was beaten to this point! This…

They understood that they wouldn’t be able to accomplish this. If the same people were given to them along with the same medicinal pills, they felt that they still wouldn’t be able to achieve this current outcome. Luo Tian’s moves lacked any sense of propriety and were similar to hoodlum fighting on the streets. Luo Tian only had one point in his mind: When you’re ill, I’m going for the kill!

The Profound Venerate expert was still a human being.

He too would fall prey to being deceived.

The moment the four of them attacked him at the same time, he had fallen prey.


Luo Tian didn’t give the assassin any chance of recovering. The power of his fists coupled with the killing intent from his sea of consciousness continuously smashed out. This assassin’s face had become a bloody pulp and no longer looked human, but Luo Tian didn’t dare to stop!

Because the assassin wasn’t dead yet!

If his hands paused and the assassin counterattacks, the person dying will be Luo Tian!

No matter how strong a Profound King ranker was, there’s no way they are an opponent of an expert at the Profound Venerate realm.

This was an irrefutable fact.

Luo Tian was very clear on this so he didn’t dare to stop or take a breather. The strength within his punches maintained their peak powers. The Nine Dragons and Elephant skill along with level 4 Berserk were continuously being activated, and his profound energy was depleting at a crazy rate.

“You want to kill this daddy huh?!”

“Go ahead and kill!”

“Your employer must be here, right? Don’t let me find out who they are or else I will definitely f*ck all eighteen generations of theirs!”




Li Wenzong had an incomparably ugly look on his face.

Seeing how Luo Tian was crazily attacking the assassin, every punch seemed to be landing on his mind causing an uncomfortable feeling.

At this time…

Li Wenzong realized he had provoked a person that he shouldn’t have provoked. His heart was sincerely hoping that Qi Fu could kill Luo Tian as he started praying in his mind.

The assassin’s head had almost been smashed open but he still hadn’t died yet.

Whether it be attack power or defensive power, an expert at the Profound Venerate realm was especially strong in both properties.

They were all existences that have cultivated for over a hundred years and for some, even several centuries.

In the eyes of Luo Tian, those experts at the Profound Venerate realm had a health bar of over 8 million points. And each punch of his could only do about a few hundred points of damage. Seeing how the guy’s health bar was getting close to the end, Luo Tian started becoming ecstatic.

Also around this time…

Those so called Dao Shang Four Killers started to attack Luo Tian.

Xuan Yuanyi was the first to strike with his sword. He was aiming for the person with the 3 meter long sword as he stabbed out.

“You’re just a defeated opponent!”

“Courting your own death!”

They eyes of Ju Sha, the one holding that 3 meter long sword had turned gloomy. His long sword created an illusory crescent moon clearly visible to the naked eye. The huge sword qi shot out and Ju Sha followed right behind that crescent moon with a cold sneer on his face. He then shouted: “Die for me!”


Xuan Yuanyi suddenly closed his eyes as he breathed out.

The Great Fault Sword started vibrating.

The rust on the blade started flaking off and drifting to the ground, revealing the mysterious runes engraved beneath it. The entire blade of the sword was actually covered in runes. A fluorescent light then started lighting up the runes and an incomparably strong energy started surging out of the Great Fault Divine Sword.

Sword spirit!

This was the power of a sword spirit!

This energy was entering Xuan Yuanyi through the chains. At this moment, Xuan Yuanyi suddenly opened his eyes. A sword light flashed inside his pupils and his entire persona seemed to have become a sword itself as he instantly shot forth.

The Great Fault Divine Sword started moving.

“Break for me!”


The sword swept out horizontally, bringing with it an inexhaustible amount of force!



Cracks appeared on the 3 meter long sword before it shattered into pieces. It couldn’t withstand the power of the sword spirit and Xuan Yuanyi when they entered the state of man and sword as one. At this moment, Ju Sha seemed to have seen an unimaginable power as his pupils dilated from extreme fear.

His entire person had been smashed flying as well.

Also at this time…

Feng Lei looked like he was covered in blood. The blood red scales had covered his whole body and even his head was covered as well. The red tattoo behind his head had disappeared and entered inside of his body. Feng Lei’s body was now giving off an overbearing aura – the power of an ancestral demon!

He reached out to grab a person before leaping into the air. Holding that person as if holding a battle axe, he then dropped down from above.

The other twin was in the process of disappearing underground but his head and half his body was still showing. Feng Lei then gave a hoarse shout: “Die!”

Also at this moment…

Blindman Liu had sent that dwarf-like person flying. On his back was a pair of wings – the miniature version wings of the ancient huge devil to be precise. With a faint trace of the ancient powers, that dwarf was smashed flying out as well.


Completely shocking!

Also at the same time…

Luo Tian suddenly jumped up into the air. His pair of fists was like a raging storm as he smashed down, “Explode for me!”

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