Undefeatable – Ch318

Chapter 318 – A Terrifying Opponent

In terms of value, it may not reach as high as the Profound Burst Pill. But its effects were definitely better than the Profound Burst Pill.

Sneak attack! This was the ideal medicinal pill for taking one’s life!

Luo Tian and them were very lucky to win.

This was a bit unfair for that Skynet assassin.


In a world for where people walked down the martial path, survival of the fittest was the law and fairness did not exist!

Moreover, the Skynet assassin was in the Profound Venerate realm. If they had fought under a fair environment, even ten more Luo Tian’s would not be the assassin’s opponent.

Luo Tian leaped high into the air.

His right fist was wrapped in a thick flame as he heavily smashed down.



The entire auction venue shook as the sound of explosion rocked the hearts of those still in the area. That assassin’s head had been directly smashed open into pulp. His body convulsed a few more times before it stopped moving. At this moment, the system gave Luo Tian an alert tone.

Luo Tian frowned but showed an arrogant smile. He then said: “He’s finally dead. If he didn’t die soon, this daddy would have died from exhaustion.”

In that brief several minutes…

Luo Tian’s fist had punched out at least several tens of thousands of times. This speed had over drafted his energy and caused his arms to become numb and the skin on his fists to split open. If he really hadn’t killed the assassin at this point, most likely there would be no way for Luo Tian to kill him with his remaining strength.

Moreover, he had consumed a huge amount of profound energy.

The continuous use of Nine Dragons and Elephants under level 4 Berserk wasn’t your average large consumption. His profound energy bar was almost bottoming out!

It was also fortunate for Luo Tian…

If he weren’t at the Profound King 5th rank, it would be impossible for him to have such a high number of profound energy.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Skynet’s Number 18 Assassin. You have gained 1,000,000 experience points, 200,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining 1000 top grade xuan stones.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Eight Nether Blades. Will you be cultivating this?”

A series of alert tones came one after another.

Luo Tian didn’t pay attention to the rest because just the 1000 top grade xuan stones had already made him shocked beyond words. He then muttered: “Motherf*cking hell, this guy actually carried so many top grade xuan stones on his person? What a rich guy!”

This was the deposit her received from Li Wenzong.

Who would’ve expected that the assassin hadn’t even gotten a chance to spend it yet and they were given to Luo Tian from the loot explosion.

This was something the assassin would have never imagined even in death.

Luo Tian was internally ecstatic as he said to himself: “This is the perfect timing since I’ve depleted too much profound energy. The absorption rate of xuan stones were much faster than demon cores so let me first use up 100 for now.”

Xuan stones…

Were a special type of ore that absorbed the energy from heaven and earth.

These ores have been absorbing that energy for several tens of thousands of years.

Once released, there would be a strong and steady supply of profound energy that demon cores couldn’t compare with. The rate that demon cores released profound energy was slower while xuan stones could supply the user at a very quick rate.

One hundred top grade xuan stones were thus consumed by Luo Tian and his profound energy points quickly soared.

Luo Tian grinned as he turned to face Qi Fu. He then said with a smile: “Now who’s going to die here?”


“What a great performance!”

“Little brother, I am rooting for you! This fatty has captured so many different races to auction off so I’m pretty unhappy with him. It gives me such a good feeling that you’re beating them all up, hahaha…” Ke Lei started laughing like crazy.

His laughter contained an explosive power. The auction venue was shaking and seemed like it was even more powerful that Luo Tian’s previous fatal punch. One could see how strong this guy’s cultivation level was since a simple laughter by him could create such a large shock.

The veiled woman was faintly smiling, “I believe this is the first time in history that a Profound King 5th ranker using the Profound Burst Pill can kill an expert at the Profound Venerate realm. You are truly not ordinary. If you have any free time, my Southern Elven Forest welcomes you for a visit.”

Her voice was melodious to one’s ear and made them wish to hear it more.

Southern Elven Forest?!

Then this woman is from the elf race?

Those people that hadn’t left yet showed shocked expressions once again. It finally dawned on them how she was able to bring out so much money to buy those Profound Burst Pills. Apart from the dragon race and gnome race ten thousand years ago, the elves would be the race with the next strongest financial resources.

After developing for so many years, the elf race should have prospered to the point of being greater than they were ten thousand years ago. In the southern territories, their position was an unshakeable existence.


A Profound King 5th ranker had killed an expert at the Profound Venerate realm.

This was practically a fairy tale!

If people hadn’t seen this for themselves, most likely no one would believe this would be possible.

Wu Lieyang had an incomparable ugly look on his face, and it was the same for the two Elders behind him. At this moment, they had no desire to stay at the auction venue and wanted to immediately return to their Sect.

Luo Tian was someone they couldn’t afford to provoke.

Noble Tianyu had the same thought.

It was like someone had given an invisible slap to the face. Recalling how Luo Tian had suddenly veered off course and didn’t attack him directly, he then muttered to himself: “If he came directly at me, would I have been able to block his attack?”

He had always believed that he was number one below Murong Wanjian, but it looks like that position wasn’t his.

Luo Tian politely smiled at Ke Lei and the elven woman. He then walked over to Qi Fu who was still wailing below a pillar. Luo Tian lowered himself and said with a smile: “You can give me the controlling mechanism now, right?”

In order to open the glass box, one must possess the controlling mechanism that Qi Fu had. It was very similar to a remote control.

This was created by a Mechanical Master.

One cannot open the glass box without the controller. If someone forcefully opened it, the runed chains around An Chunchun’s mother might activate and may result in an explosion. Luo Tian didn’t dare to take any chances since a person’s life was on the line.

This was also related to his S-rank quest.

If she dies, then the quest would naturally be considered a failure!

The painful wail of Qi Fu paused as he smiled ferociously at Luo Tian. His expression turned arrogant as he said smugly: “Do you think you guys can leave this place? I’ve already said that all of you shall die here. Did you really think that our Dao Shang Alliance only has these four incompetent killers?”

“Let me tell you: Our Dao Shang Alliance is so strong that it’s beyond your imagination! Hahaha…”

Qi Fu’s expression turned fierce as he shouted: “Protector Long, it’s time for you to make an appearance!”


The curtains of private room number one fluttered and a figure landed on the stage.

Cheng Danian’s countenance turned grim as he calmly said: “Long Tian… Left Protector Long, why are you here? That means Vice President…”

Before he could finish his words…

Long Tian extended his right finger and a bright light flashed, directly shooting something straight for Cheng Danian’s head. He then said calmly: “So meddlesome.”


Cheng Danian didn’t have time to react before a type of energy caused his head to explode. His body wavered for a few seconds before crumpling to the ground.

How powerful was this?!

Luo Tian’s expression hiddenly changed. Fear rose from his heart as he looked over at this elderly person whom he couldn’t sense any hints of aura from. He then shouted: “Fatty, Xuan Yuanyi, Blindman Liu, don’t make any reckless moves!”

Luo Tian hadn’t finished the rest of his sentence yet…

Feng Lei immediately consumed a Stealth Pill.

His figure disappeared.

At the same time, Xuan Yuanyi and Blindman Liu disappeared right after.

Luo Tian’s expression turned to shock as he shouted: “Don’t take any reckless actions!”

Long Tian’s hazy looking eyes faintly looked up before he coldly said: “Die…”

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