Undefeatable – Ch320

Chapter 320 – The Strongest Showdown

A terrifying atmosphere!

The power exuding from Luo Tian’s body had made the people in the auction venue enter a state of panic.

Wu Lieyang didn’t dare to stay any longer. His legs were shaking in fear and needed the two Elders to support him to leave this place.

As for Noble Tianyu who had been floating in midair all this time had already disappeared at an unknown time.

Luo Tian!

Noble Tianyu wasn’t his opponent.

When Luo Tian’s aura exploded out, his cheeks were burning hot and in pain from the formless slap that was given to him.


“You have the guts and the strength. Kid, I’m beginning to like you more and more.”

“Long Tian, he is merely a martial cultivator at the Profound King realm. You’re not really going to make a move, right? If you sealed your strength to the peak of the Profound King realm… wait no… the peak of the Profound Ancestor realm, I bet you still won’t be his opponent. Do you want to give it a try?”

Said Ke Lei with an anxious frown.

He was anxious on behalf of Luo Tian!

The elven woman was the same. The power Luo Tian exploded forth with was too shocking so she felt that this human shouldn’t be dying here.

There were some hidden changes to the elven woman as a rainbow colored holy light appeared in her palm.

Also at this time…

Ke Lei was clenching a huge battle hammer in his right hand.

Qi Fu was scared to the point of pissing his pants.

His face was ashen white and the crotch area of his pants had become damp. Seeing how Luo Tian’s whole body had turned red and the power he exploded forth with, even his mind was shaking from the effects. This was the second time in his whole life that true fear started rising from within his heart.

The second time ever since he has become the Dao Shang Alliance’s General Manager.

The first time was when he met the President!

This was an abnormal atmospherical suppression. Based on his own cultivation level, it had surpassed Luo Tian’s by a few levels. But right now, he had no way of resisting the oppressive pressure that Luo Tian was currently giving off!

Qi Fu’s whole body was shaking at this point so he hurriedly urged: “Kill him. Quickly kill him, Protector Long. Kill him…”


Incomparable fear!

Extreme fear had entered his heart as he was hoping Long Tian could immediately rip Luo Tian into shreds right now.

Long Tian’s brows faintly scrunched up as he said: “You are strong; very strong. If you were given more time, you might be able to touch upon the highest Profound Saint realm. Unfortunate… it’s truly unfortunate that you must die today.”

“I don’t want to kill you.”

“But you must die!”

A trace of regret was mixed with his icy cold expression.

Luo Tian coldly smiled and said: “There’s no need to pretend to be all high and mighty since you’re not something good yourself. Do you think by saying those few words, I will be grateful to you? In my eyes, you’re the one that’s going to die my last boss!”

The moment Long Tian appeared…

A flash of light was seen in Luo Tian’s eyes.


This guy was without a doubt, a boss!

A peak Profound Venerate expert that was able to see through the Stealth Pill’s effects. His powers were infinitely close to the Profound Saint realm!

Long Tian’s cultivation to Luo Tian was heaven defyingly large!

This fully fulfilled the criteria of it being an S-rank quest. If the quest didn’t have such a difficulty level, then it wasn’t qualified to be called an S-rank quest to begin with.

Long Tian’s expression turned colder as he harrumphed: “Do you really think you’re my opponent based on your current strength? In my eyes, you are merely an ant. Even if you can release such a strong power, you are still nothing more than an ant. It’s very easy for me to pinch you to death!”

Luo Tian didn’t bother to spout any further nonsense with him and directly scolded: “Then f*cking come at me!”

“Courting death!”

Long Tian’s eyes widened as flames of anger rose in his heart. His figure suddenly disappeared and reappeared. The strongest powers at the Profound Venerate realm was released as a palm strike smashed towards Luo Tian’s chest.


“Is this all the power you’ve got?”

Luo Tian didn’t move and allowed Long Tian’s palm strike to land. The Seven Star Armor still had remnants of the Seven Star Sovereign’s aura. How powerful was the Seven Star Sovereign? And Luo Tian’s defensive properties had been boosted by 32 times. At this time, the palm strike only made his body tremble a bit!

Long Tian’s expression became shocked!

Also at this moment…

Luo Tian’s right arm moved and the Blood Devouring Wild Blade appeared. He then slashed out horizontally.

The blade’s aura was like an inferno!

The blade had slashed the space in front of Luo Tian apart, breaking through the void and directly slashing at Long Tian’s body.

Long Tian’s right hand started moving and an earthen yellow power exploded out as he shouted: “Shatter for me!”


The incomparably powerful blade qi was then instantly shattered.

Luo Tian used this chance to rush forward. His large blade was dragging on the floor creating a harsh and ear-piercing screech of metal being cut.

Long Tian faintly stepped back as his countenance turned a bit serious. His mind felt astonishment, “What kind of background does this kid have? The martial skills he cultivates are all incomparably powerful. Even I haven’t cultivated so many different martial skills this powerful in my entire life. Where did he learn all this from?”

Seeing Luo Tian rush towards him, his brows formed a faint frown. His body stood firm as he clasped his palms together. His eyes started to close before he shouted: “Of the barren wastelands and the powers of the nine serenities, a dragon soars through the world! Come out for me!”

“Nine Dragon Divine Palms!”

“Break for me!”

The elven woman’s expression drastically changed as she shouted: “Quickly back off! You’re not his opponent!”

Ke Lei directly flew down while his battle hammer smashed into the ground. He then scolded: “Long Tian! Can you get anymore f*cking shameless?! You’re actually using a sky grade martial skill against a kid at the Profound King realm?! You have completely lost all face for those in the Profound Venerate realm!”

As the battle hammer smashed down, an intense booming noise sounded off in the entire venue.

Ke Lei didn’t actually interfere with the fight because he cannot interfere. He represented the people of the orc race. Once a bad relationship is formed with the Dao Shang Alliance, the orc race will immediately lose a powerful support. This would make living in the Wildlands even more difficult than it already was.

But this large intense sound had secretly advised Luo Tian that the move was dangerous and that he couldn’t continue rushing forward!

Long Tian coldly scoffed before threatening: “You should be clear on the number of forces my Dao Shang Alliance has, so you two better not interfere.”

As his voice faded…

The earthen yellow energy condensed around Long Tian’s palms, containing a terrifying amount of force. It was strong to the point of being a complete mess!

At this moment…

Luo Tian had no way out anymore. His hands clenched onto the hilt while leaping up. He then poured all his power into the Blood Devouring Wild Blade while roaring in his mind: “Let me experience the power of the world’s most domineering blade!”

“Domineering Slash!”

“Explode for me!”

The blade chopped down…

A blade that contained endless domineering arrogance was slashing down!

Long Tian’s face became ferocious looking as his right palm pushed out. “Nine Dragons Divine Palm! Kid, just go straight to hell for me!”

A trail of afterimages was seen on his right palm.

Nine palms prints appeared in the air before stacking on top of each other. As the nine palms fused together, a shocking image of a divine dragon appeared! A dragon’s roar was then heard at the center of Long Tian’s palm before the strike containing powers of a divine dragon smashed against Luo Tian’s Domineering Slash.

“Big brother Luo Tian…”



“Dragon head!”

At this moment, the three of them struggled to climb out of the rubble. Their bodies were covered in blood and their limbs almost crippled. Their emotions turned gloomy as they watched Luo Tian meet head-on with Long Tian.


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