Undefeatable – Ch321

Chapter 321 – This Daddy Will Become A Devil

The pinnacle of strength!

The strongest showdown!

A Profound King 5th ranker was fighting against a peak Profound Venerate ranker.

How big was the difference in strength?!


The peak Profound Venerate ranker Long Tian had no other choice but to use all his strength – his most powerful martial skill Nine Dragons Divine Palms!

A sky grade martial skill!

This palm skill was capable of instantly killing anyone below the Profound Saint realm. This was a martial skill that Long Tian was most proud of, and it was because of this skill that he could become a Protector in the Dao Shang Alliance and enjoy over ten thousand top grade xuan stones as compensation.

He never imagined that he would be using this skill to deal with a mere kid at the Profound King 5th rank.

Never in his dreams!

However, he had no choice but to do that today.

Luo Tian!

The strength of Nine Dragons and Elephants, level 5 Berserk with 32 times amplification of attributes, and the addition of the Profound Burst Pill. These three types of powers were stacked together and then injected into the Wild Blade, allowing the world’s most domineering blade to completely display its true powers.

If these combined powers were flowing inside a normal martial cultivator, most likely their fleshly body would’ve exploded by now.

Luo Tian!

Was feeling extremely uncomfortable.

It was like every inch of his flesh was being torn, every inch of his bones being shattered, and every inch of his internal organs was being crushed. The pain could no longer be described with words. But for An Chunchun and the promise he made, Luo Tian could only clench his teeth and desperately hold on for as long as he could!

His hands were holding onto the 1800 jin Blood Devouring Wild Blade while pouring all his powers into it.



The blade spirit inside was moaning in ecstasy as the power made it incomparably excited. A blood light bathed the sky as it slashed down.

The domineering energy was like Armageddon crushing down towards Long Tian.

Long Tian’s hair was blown all over the place and his clothes fluttered like mad. The flesh on his face was forced to sink down by the crushing power. As the nine palm prints fused into one and the divine dragon’s power appeared, his palm strike shot upwards while shouting: “Kid, go die for me!”

The two different powers collided together.

Heaven and earth lost its colors.

A fiery burst shot into the sky.

With Luo Tian and Long Tian as the center, the surrounding ten meters around them exploded outwards like crazy. The auction venue started collapsing and the structures instantly becoming powder. The powerful shockwave then rippled out and spread through the entire Heavenly Sword City!

It was similar to a magnitude 10 earthquake!


Too terrifying!

Ke Lei’s face was pale, his hair fluttering all over and his war hammer embedded into the ground in front of him. The shockwave from the collision felt like blades slicing past his face. He too was an expert at the peak of the Profound Venerate realm but this powerful collision gave rise to a sense of dread in his heart.

Too strong.

The elven woman was covered by a rainbow colored holy screen of light. The light barrier only trembled faintly but her face had turned slightly pale. She was completely shocked by the powers displayed here today.

Was he really at the Profound King realm?

He’s a young kid that’s not even 20 years old yet, right?

This was too inconceivable!

At this moment, everyone had a sense of admiration towards Luo Tian. Whether he lives or dies today, his name will definitely cause a huge sensation in the entire continent!


Long Tian’s body sank down as he retreated several steps back. Blood was roiling in his chest before a mouthful of blood spurted out. His face was a bit pale but his lips were still curled up to show a cold sneer.



A person and a blade dropped down from a high altitude.

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade’s usual sheen of blood light had become much fainter. Its usual domineering aura had also lessened quite a bit as if it had suffered a heavy injury.

Luo Tian had fallen into a pile of rubble.

There wasn’t a trace of blood in his face and his breathing was extremely weak. His fists were still desperately clenched as he shouted in his heart: “It didn’t work?! I can’t go on anymore?! Luo Tian, are you really going to admit your loss just like that?!”

Facing a peak Profound Venerate expert and being able to fight to this point of time, he was most likely the first in all of history!

“Big brother Luo Tian…”

“Boss, boss…”

An Chunchun was crying her eyes out as she wailed Luo Tian’s name.

When they saw Luo Tian not moving on the ground, Xuan Yuanyi, Feng Lei, and Blindman Liu struggled over like they didn’t care about their lives anymore. Each one of them was riddled with heavy injuries but they completely disregarded it while rushing over.




Qi Fu started laughing in an incomparably savage and arrogant manner. He was pointing at Luo Tian who was lying in the rubble and started scolding: “Damn dog thing! You wanted to fight with me?! You should look at what kind of identity you have first! What kind of thing do you think you are?! What qualifications do you have to fight with me?! Hahaha…”

He was laughing with madness.

He was releasing all the pent up fear he had previously felt.

He walked one step at a time towards Luo Tian with a cold smile on his face.

Feng Lei tried to block in front of him.


A slap was thrown out.


Feng Lei fell to the ground.

But he crawled back up and used his body to block in front of Luo Tian once again.

Qi Fu then threw another slap.

Feng Lei fell over again but got back up and blocked in front.

Another slap!


Feng Lei’s head was covered in blood as it dripped down from all over. One could no longer tell what kind of facial features he had. His eyes, mouth, nose, and even his hair was covered in blood. His body was still blocking in front of Luo Tian as he grunted out: “Those who touch my boss, dies!”

“Get down for me!”

Qi Fu threw another slap.


Feng Lei’s head happened to slam into a large piece of rubble as he fell. Blood gushed out and this time, he no longer stood back up.

The moment Qi Fu was about to take another step forward, Xuan Yuanyi blocked in front. He was grinning with happiness. He had never smiled this happily in his entire life as he fiercely said: “Those who touch my boss, dies!”

Qi Fu started laughing deeply before ridiculing: “Hahaha… There are still people in this world that aren’t afraid of death, hahaha…”

Once the sound of his laughter stopped…

Qi Fu threw a slap out.

Xuan Yuanyi didn’t fall over because his hands were being supported by his sword.

Qi Fu’s gaze turned fierce and threw another slap.

Xuan Yuanyi held on.

He didn’t move and only looked ahead with a simple gaze while holding on. He was very clear that the injuries he had were nothing compared to what Luo Tian suffered. The injuries caused by someone at the peak of the Profound Venerate realm was certainly unimaginably terrifying!

Qi Fu’s hand was starting to hurt from slapping so much. He was getting tired and started to gasp for air.

At this moment…

Xuan Yuanyi was also covered in blood. The only thing he had left was his energetic looking eyes and the firm sword intent he had cultivated all these years. He continued staring off into the distance.

Qi Fu turned around while breathing heavily as he picked up a broken blade. He then turned to Long Tian and said: “Protector Long, I will be troubling you to bring the little girl to the Vice President. You can hand these pieces of trash to me.”

Immediately after…

Long Tian picked An Chunchun up like he was holding onto a drowning chicken.

An Chunchun almost ran out of tears as she wailed: “Big brother Luo Tian, save me! Mother, save me! Mother…”


The unconscious Luo Tian at the edge of death suddenly opened his eyes. His fists clenched tightly as he roared into the air: “This daddy will become a devil!”

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