Undefeatable – Ch323

Chapter 323 – Decapitation Strike

Devil Sovereign Xingtian!

An intense amount of the devil race’s aura!

Cruel, merciless, and a bloody scent that contained an endless amount of slaughtering intent.

Luo Tian’s entire body was transforming.

His height neared 3 meters and the muscles on his body all bulged out turning dark blood red. His hair turned to the color of blood and his eyes had a faint red glow. The muscles on his upper bare torso were like they had been chiseled from water as it contained an endless amount of power.

Every inch of his skin and every pore was exuding power.

Feeling this powerful energy coursing through him, Luo Tian became excited and started laughing madly. “Hahaha…!”

His laughter shook the venue.

Explosive banging noises were heard in the area around Luo Tian. The ground started rumbling as if an underground geyser was about to erupt. His powers were terrifying to a complete mess!

Also at this moment…

Luo Tian’s right hand started moving and the Blood God’s Heaven Region Sword appeared.

A purple like red glow; the symbol for a divine grade item!

A piece of divine equipment that exploded out for a bloodline, containing powerful energy specific to that bloodline. It also had the powers of an immortal stone from the heaven’s region. Luo Tian gave a gentle squeeze and the power within his body quickly fused with the powers of the Heaven Region’s Sword that created a resonance. The sword’s blade gave off an ear-piercing ringing sound just like a howling sword hymn. The glow on the sword’s blade exploded forth with a red light which made the contrasting purple light even more brilliant.

“Divine item?!”

“A divine item from the devil race?!”

“Is that the Blood God’s Heaven Region Sword that has disappeared ten thousand years ago? How come it’s under his possession?”

“This kid is indeed not an ordinary person. He’s actually one of the ten great ancient devil sovereigns, ranked number two – God of War Xingtian. This is too overbearing!”

There were several people inside the auction venue with incomparably shocked expressions.

Just as these people were discussing the Blood God’s Heaven Region Sword, Luo Tian began to equip the Blood God’s Armor and the Blood God’s Ring. The scarlet bloody glow on his body was even more enchanting where a mere glance could almost make a person be invaded by the devil and losing their original bearings.


Luo Tian started laughing madly into the air. His sword was then viciously pointed at Qi Fu who had been scared to the point of almost losing his mind. He then coldly harrumphed: “I already said that you will die!”

Luo Tian’s laughter was very powerful…

That came with a heavy pressure. His words contained a domineering tone that made normal people feel like they couldn’t defy. This was a domineering aura that only a Devil Sovereign could give off!

Qi Fu’s face was pale white. He looked over in the direction of private room number one and tried shouting with a stutter: “Vice, Vice, Vice President! S, S, Save me! Quickly come s, s, save me…”

Luo Tian followed Qi Fu’s eyesight and saw a man standing at the viewing platform of private room number one. It was a man that looked no different than any average man on the streets. Luo Tian then smiled arrogantly: “So he’s the dog that you’ve raised, right?”

“It was you that wanted to obtain An Chunchun, right?”

Luo Tian frowned as he turned around. His eyes glared at Qi Fu while his right leg faintly shifted from the turn. He then shouted: “Die for me!”



An energy wave had instantly shot through Qi Fu’s body.

His body then turned into powder.

Just a mere thought was capable of killing him! There was no resistance and no time to resist! When that stream of spiritual sense entered Qi Fu’s body, his eyes turned to lead and his body instantly exploded. Not even a trace of blood exploded from his body.

Everything was transformed into powder.


Way too terrifying! Even Long Tian wasn’t capable of performing such a move.

Ke Lei started becoming excited.

Staring at the devilized Luo Tian, he started laughing and said: “Kid, you are quite fierce. I like it, hahaha…”

The elven woman had a faint frown on her face but didn’t say anything. She was just staring at Luo Tian cautiously.

There was a huge enmity between the elf race and the devil race.

Seeing how Luo Tian became a devil, her heart turned gloomy. But her mind was still feeling a bit excited for Luo Tian because this youngster was truly extraordinary.

Whether he was of the devil race or not, Luo Tian was indeed an outstanding individual.


The system gave off an alert tone.

Luo Tian didn’t bother with it and once again looked towards private room number one. He coldly smiled and said: “He’s also a dog you’ve raised, right?”


Long Tian had a serious expression as he dropped An Chunchun to the ground. He wasn’t like Qi Fu who was crying out for the Vice President to save him and instead stepped forth. He had completely released all his peak Profound Venerate realm powers. He still maintained a disdainful smirk as he said: “Transforming into a devil huh? I already knew a kid like you wasn’t something good. So you’re actually a member of the devil race. Do you really think you can beat me just by transforming into a Devil Sovereign? Your original body’s cultivation is still there. Even if you transform into a devil, it is still a devil with the strength of a Profound King ranker!”


Luo Tian had transformed into a devil but his cultivation was still at the Profound King realm.

Even though he had become Devil Sovereign Xingtian, Luo Tian’s cultivation level couldn’t be changed.

It was still at the Profound King realm.

He was also subject to many restraints.

Luo Tian can only become a devil once per day, and he cannot maintain that form for more than ten minutes. Otherwise, the devil’s heart will grow exponentially inside him. The devil’s heart will take over his body and he will never be able to change back to his human appearance. He can then forget about ever being himself again and can only become a puppet for the devil’s heart.

The cultivation level of the devil’s body had matched Luo Tian’s original human race’s body and didn’t increase.

This was something that couldn’t be changed.

But Luo Tian was already quite happy with this fact. The reason being was that video games with dual occupations usually made the player level their new occupation up starting from level 1. If this was to happen to Luo Tian, then they might as well take his life while they were at it.

A Devil Sovereign Xingtian at the Profound King realm – how can other Profound King experts compare their strengths to the former?


Being the most important point…

Luo Tian’s human body couldn’t use any of Xingtian’s or the devil race’s abilities. But his devil race body could use all the skills that he had learned previously from his human body. This gave Luo Tian a big surprise.


When Long Tian rushed towards him, Luo Tian started smiling.

His smile was so arrogant and smug that it made Long Tian extremely annoyed.

Long Tian stopped about ten steps away from Luo Tian and said with disdain: “Smiling? Keep smiling as much as you can because you won’t be smiling here in a bit. You can only smile in hell from then on.”

His tone of voice was gloomy sounding.

His peak Profound Venerate realm powers were surging out endlessly.

His robes were fluttering and wind started billowing out from him. Explosive sounds were heard in the immediate atmosphere and the surrounding space started distorting.

The powers of a peak Profound Venerate ranker was truly terrifying!

His palms clapped together and nine palm prints landed on nine different locations of his body. Long Tian’s hair started flying about and his gaze was like a God. Waves of energy fluctuated out from his dantian before settling onto those nine palm prints.

“This is the Nine Dragons Divine Palms?”

“But it looks a bit different this time.”

“It’s at least three times stronger than before.”

“Was this old fogey hiding his strength back then? It looks like even if the kid transformed into a devil, he won’t be able to handle the next palm strike. Their difference in strength was simply too huge and transforming into a devil cannot change that fact.”

“Kid, you have to be careful!” Ke Lei’s mind had tightened as he shifted backward dozens of steps before stopping.

He didn’t dare to be close!

Because the power Long Tian was releasing was too terrifying.

There was a faint curve to Luo Tian’s mouth as he started smiling. This was his grim reaper’s smile as he said: “You’re still using these outdated martial skills? This daddy will show you what a divine grade martial skill is like!”

“Level 5 Berserk!’

“Nine Dragons and Elephants!”

“Profound Burst Pill!”

“Devil Sovereign Xingtian, Decapitation Strike! Chop it off for me!”

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