Undefeatable – Ch324

Chapter 324 – Explode, Explode, Explode For Me!

He once again stacked all his powers.

Except this was a bit different than his previous attempt.

Devil Sovereign Xingtian’s fleshly body can easily bear the powers stacked together so there wasn’t the slightest feeling of pain.


The Blood God’s Ring and Armor were releasing some type of demigod powers, so Luo Tian injected it all into the Blood God’s Heaven Region Sword as well.

Strangely enough, Xingtian’s body seems to be not quite suited in using the Heaven Region Sword.

Luo Tian felt like the body preferred to use more brutal weapons like an axe!

With both hands holding the sword’s hilt, Luo Tian stepped off. The devilish flames surrounding his body exploded out like a storming sea! His blood red pupils stared at Long Tian before grinning arrogantly, “Die for me!”

At this moment…

Long Tian’s nine palms fused into one and the might of a Dragon God seemed to appear! An earthen yellow flame surged out from him and shot into the sky. Watching Luo Tian’s sword smashing towards him, his gaze turned serious as he shouted: “The person dying will be you! Nine Dragons Divine Palm, exterminate for me!”

“Decapitation Strike!”

“All must die!”

“Chop it off for me!”

A sword slashed down and a palm strike smashed out.

At this moment…

The earthen yellow power and the devilish flames collided together.

This was like the fictional antimatter bomb exploding. The light from the surrounding area began to dim like it was being sucked into a vortex before it suddenly exploded outwards. The powerful shockwave was like a tsunami rising to unprecedented heights before sweep out.

A series of explosions was then heard ten meters around those two.

It sounded like the earth collapsing and the world was about to be destroyed!

The entire Heavenly Sword City was violently shaking. The tremors seem to reach down into the netherworld and then all the way up to the nine heavens and beyond! This alerted countless experts of the nation and even reached the devil race’s hidden territory where they started cheering!

Previously, it was Bloodfiend’s aura that had dispersed through the world.

Now it was Devil Sovereign Xingtian!

Could the devil race be making a comeback and once again start slaughtering the world?

These were the thoughts of some of the experts.

Luo Tian’s transformation into a Devil Sovereign was simply too strong and powerful, that’s why they couldn’t help start having those thoughts.


The power of the Nine Dragons Divine Palm was collapsing.

The power of the Decapitation Strike was scattering.

Luo Tian’s body hadn’t moved this time, not even a slight tremble was felt by him.

Long Tian’s face was pale as he staggered back continuously. Extreme fear appeared in his eyes while the blood in his chest was in turmoil. He couldn’t endure anymore and sprayed out a mouthful of black blood. The current him slightly looked up towards private room number one.

“He hasn’t died yet?”

“Damn, this guy’s powers seem kind of weak now.” Luo Tian said with disdain while shrugging his shoulders. Even though he couldn’t chop Long Tian to death, his heart was blooming with flowers. Decapitation Strike was Devil Sovereign Xingtian’s divine skill and the powers proved to be quite strong.

Luo Tian’s personal strength couldn’t match up.

His current cultivation was at the Profound King realm so it was unable to fully release the divine might of Decapitation Strike.

If it was the real Devil Sovereign Xingtian…

Not to mention Long Tian at the Profound Venerate realm, most likely even peak Profound God Sovereigns would be smashed into pieces by this strike.

How powerful was divine might?!

Seeing Long Tian’s fearful expression, Luo Tian started laughing with arrogance. “Weren’t you just very arrogant? Didn’t you want to kill me? Come then, come at me! Why are you suddenly scared stiff now?”

Long Tian’s expression turned fierce as his anger flared up. He then shouted: “Kid, don’t act so smug!”


“I like being smug. So what?”

“You going to bite me?”

“You motherf*cker! Where did that super arrogance go to?!” Luo Tian was extremely smug as he looked at Long Tian with disdain. He walked forward one step at a time and said coldly: “This daddy likes being smug. Come and bite me, come!”

Completely overbearing.

And not leaving any face for anyone.

This was the kind of person Luo Tian was.

Might as well be wildly overbearing to the extreme!

What’s so great about a peak Profound Venerate realm expert?

They still have to kneel before this daddy!

Seeing how every one of his brothers lying in a pool of blood, seeing how An Chunchun was crying her eyes out, and seeing how An Chunchun’s mother wailing in grief yet no one could hear her, everything was pressing against his mind to the point that he could barely breathe.

The rage of flames inside him never diminished.

That’s why he was in a wildly unrestrained manner so that he could release the pent up rage inside his heart.

As he walked one step at a time, the raging devilish flames around him looked like they were shooting up thousands of feet into the air. The Blood God’s Heaven Region Sword, the Blood God’s Armor, and the Blood God’s Ring were all ringing in unison. Even the devil heart’s seed hidden inside Xingtian’s body was ringing together.

At this time…

Luo Tian took one heavy step forward while gripping the sword’s handle with both hands. He then smiled in a crazy manner and said: “You’re still not coming at me?”

“If you aren’t coming, then I will come!”


The energy aura around Luo Tian’s body started getting turbulent again.

The devilish flames around him started turning dark red before looking like it was swallowing everything in the vicinity.

He pointed the sword at Long Tian and then said in a gloomy manner: “Die for me!”

“That’s enough!”


A loud sound was heard and the devilish flames around Luo Tian were instantly suppressed.

Luo Tian looked up and stared at the average looking man in private room number one while maintaining the overbearing aura that only a Devil Sovereign would possess. He then coldly shouted in a manner like he looked down on everything: “Enough? I happen to feel like this is only the beginning.”


“Take your people and leave this place and I will pretend nothing has happened today.” The man said this calmly while his eyes looked like he was treating Luo Tian as a charity case.

Ke Lei frowned and immediately advised: “Brother, you should leave.”

He continuously gave Luo Tian eye signals while saying that.

It was very clear…

That this average looking man was a terrifying existence!

Luo Tian didn’t retreat and said with a smile: “It was you who caused this situation and now you suddenly say it’s enough, and we’re all supposed to stop just because of that? Who the f*ck do you think you are? Kneel down and give me ten thousand kowtows and we’ll forget the whole thing.”

“Presumptuous!” shouted the middle-aged man.

Luo Tian showed no fear and scolded: “Presumptuous your mother!”

The eyes of the middle-aged man narrowed in seriousness and an incomparably powerful oppressive pressure smashed towards Luo Tian.

Luo Tian didn’t bother with it and glanced over at Long Tian. “Your master is very unhappy while I’m very happy. This daddy is so happy that I want to kill someone, therefore you will have to go to hell for me.”

“Level 5 Berserk!”


“Nine Dragons and Elephants!”


Just like before, Luo Tian took a Profound Burst Pill and shouted: “Explode for me!”

“Boom~, boom~, boom~!”

Luo Tian once again released the strongest powers he could muster.

The devilish flames once again flared up. He looked over at the man up top and gave a ferocious smile before shouting: “Die for me!”

A sword slashed down.

Long Tian didn’t have the strength to resist. He was feeling incomparable fear in his heart and eventually screamed: “Elder brother, save me!”


“You’re courting your own death!”

The man was enraged. He released a majestic aura that condensed into a ferocious ancient wolf that pounced straight towards Luo Tian.

Luo Tian started smiling.

The more angry others became, the more excited and arrogant he would become.

This was the definition of a devil!

Seeing how enraged the middle-aged man was, Luo Tian showed no hesitation as he chopped down with his sword. Long Tian’s body was then directly cut into two halves as Luo Tian roared into the air: “Explode, explode, explode for me!”

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