Undefeatable – Ch325

Chapter 325 – On The Verge Of Death

It was unstoppable!

No one could stop Luo Tian’s determination in killing Long Tian!

No one can block his urge!

Because Long Tian was a boss!

He could be the only boss existence in the auction house because the middle-aged man in private room number one didn’t have the golden glow. This meant the middle-aged man wasn’t a boss at the present or a boss in the near future.

One played video games to enjoy the excitement it gave.

They played to enjoy that adrenaline rush!

What reason would one have to not kill a dying boss?

Even if your uncle can resist, your aunty wouldn’t be able to! Luo Tian had the urge to jump right at the boss and cover it with hugs and kisses!

Therefore Luo Tian paid no attention to the ancient wolf oppression that the middle-aged man released. He didn’t give a crap and just chopped down with his sword and directly cut Long Tian into two halves.

Instant kill!

Also at this moment…

The middle-aged man threw a palm strike out.

The surging devilish flames around Luo Tian was instantly extinguished and the force sent him flying several hunter meters into the air before smashing down into a deep hole.



Several thunderous like sounds was heard.

Ke Lei’s expression drastically changed. His body was bent over and his face pale as he couldn’t handle the pressure. He was only affected by a tiny bit of this pressure wave yet couldn’t handle it. His sea of consciousness felt like everything had been completely drained.

The rainbow colored holy light around the elven woman was snuffed out, causing her body to visibly tremble.

“Dao Shang Alliance’s Vice President – Long Wang!”

“At the pinnacle of this area, the Profound Saint realm!”

“The moment he makes a move is equivalent to the kid dying. No one can block a strike by an expert at the Profound Saint realm!”

“Such a pity. This kid… sigh!”

Very strong!

Those below the Profound Saint realm were nothing more than floating clouds to him. Even if Luo Tian transformed into a devil, there was no way for him to resist the attack. The gap in strength between Luo Tian and Long Wang was simply too large. One was the sky while the other the earth and couldn’t be compared at all.

Long Wang was enraged so his attack contained saintly might!

Looking at his little brother’s corpse on the ground, his expression turned even more enraged.

Buried under the rubble…

Was dead silence.

An Chunchun stood up without a sound and stared at Long Wang. Her voice sounded immature but was filled with anger as she said: “You’ve killed my big brother Luo Tian, so now you must die. No one is allowed to my harm by big brother Luo Tian; no one.”

An Chunchun’s body started transforming.

The number of tails behind her started increasing.

The demon fox clan woman inside the glass box started screaming: “Chunchun! Don’t! Don’t do it Chunchun! Don’t let it come out! Don’t!”

An Chunchun’s body started giving off a faint pink light. Her ears turned pointy and three faint lines appeared on her cheeks. These slight changes had made her look very similar to a fox!

The divine might in her started surging out like crazy.

This was extremely powerful and unrivaled divine might!

Long Wang looked at An Chunchun and started smiling in an excited manner. He then fiercely shouted: “Release it! Release it to your heart’s content! Just release all that mysterious and powerful energy from inside you, hahaha…”

An Chunchun’s powers were making him very excited.

At this time…

Covered in rubble.

Luo Tian was unmoving while staring up and waiting.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Long Tian. You have gained 5,000,000 experience points, 500,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Nine Dragons Divine Palm. Will you be cultivating this?”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Revelation’s Key.” ¹



“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. Your current level is Profound King 6th rank!”

Five million experience points and five hundred thousand profound energy!

A boss is truly a boss; just the experience points alone was huge to a complete mess!

After leveling up…

Luo Tian started smiling.

All the wounds on Luo Tian had recovered and he no longer had any injuries. His sea of consciousness, mind, internal organs and the pain racking every inch of his body had disappeared. His profound energy points and his health bar were completely filled up once again!

All because he had leveled up!

“Bang~, clank~, crash~…”

Luo Tian stood up as all the dust and stones fell off him. He then started crawling out of the deep hole.

He had once again stood up with an incomparably arrogant expression!

A face with an excited smile plastered all over!

“He didn’t die?!”

“The kid didn’t die?”

“My heavens, what kind of fleshly body does he have? Even a Profound King Devil Sovereign shouldn’t be able to take on an attack by a Profound Saint. What kind of background does this kid have?”

“Not only did he not die, but his body also doesn’t appear to have any injuries on them. Could it be that Long Wang’s previous attack was useless against him? What the hell is going on?”

Long Wang’s expression sank as he frowned. He then coldly grunted: “You’re still alive?”

Also at this time…

The mysterious divine might on An Chunchun’s body pulled back. She broke into a smile but her tears still streamed down her face as she yelled: “Big brother Luo Tian! You scared Chunchun to death! Chunchun was really worried about you…”

Luo Tian smiled in response and said: “Don’t worry; even if he dies, I will still be alive and kicking!”

Long Wang glared at him and coldly said with a smile: “Arrogance? From the way I see it, you’re just trying to court your own death!”

Luo Tian walked up and responded: “Courting death? There will be one day that I will have you lying beneath my foot. Don’t act all high and mighty just because you’ve cultivated a few years more than me. Give me ten years if you have the guts. I guarantee that in ten years time, you will be kneeling before me!”

Completely reckless.

Without any fear.

No matter who it was before Devil Sovereign Xingtian, he would never show fear.

Even if the heavens were in front of him, he would still be wildly arrogant and look down on everything.

Long Wang started smiling like this was completely ridiculous. “You wish to provoke me with this little trick? Why would I give you ten years time? Who the hell do you think you are? And what qualifications do you have for me to give you ten more years? “

He didn’t fall for the provocation.

Luo Tian didn’t care and said: “A strike from a Profound Saint couldn’t kill me so what face do you have left to stay here? If I was at the Profound Saint realm as well, who knows how many tens of thousands of times you would’ve died already? And you still have the nerve to hang around here? If it were me, I would’ve dug a hole and crawled into it already.”

Long Wang was getting angry.

He was rather annoyed that a single strike of his wasn’t able to instantly kill Luo Tian.

A Profound Saint ranker couldn’t kill a Profound King martial cultivator in one strike. This was considered a humiliation to any Profound Saint expert.

Also at this time…

Luo Tian’s expression sank as his body felt like it was being distorted. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling as if the devil’s heart was struggling to break free.

Luo Tian’s face turned ferocious looking.

In less than ten seconds, Luo Tian’s body had returned to his human appearance.

Long Wang started laughing!

He then loudly mocked: “It looks like your transformation into a devil has a time limit! And it looks like the divine items on you cannot be used by your human body, hahaha! An ant… wait, you’re even less than an ant, hahaha…”

Ten minutes was up.

The time Luo Tian could become a devil had ended.

The overbearing Devil Sovereign’s aura had disappeared. At this moment, Luo Tian’s mind had turned grim but the arrogant expression on his face didn’t lessen. In fact, it was even stronger!


“You can now go to hell for me!” Long Wang shouted while pointing out a single finger.

The powers of a Profound Saint surged out.

Luo Tian was on the verge of death, his life just hanging by a mere thread…


¹ – The item Revelation’s Key might be changed to Key to Revelation in the future, or I’ll just switch back and forth.

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