Undefeatable – Ch326

Chapter 326 – The Incredibly Powerful Old Ancestor

Long Wang’s finger faintly moved…

And a glow of saintly might appeared.

While pointing at Luo Tian, his eyes truly looked like they were staring at an ant in contempt.

In the eyes of Long Wang, Luo Tian was even more insignificant than an ant.

At this moment…

Luo Tian wasn’t moving and was just staring at Long Wang. He couldn’t react nor had the power to react when going up against saintly might. Whatever actions he decides to take was completely useless.

“You are not allowed to harm my big brother Luo Tian.”

An Chunchun stood in front of Luo Tian’s body with her arms outstretched like she was going to block Long Wang.

Luo Tian gently pushed An Chunchun aside and said softly: “Chunchun needs to be good a girl and obedient in the future. You need to live a happy life. What big brother Luo Tian likes the most is seeing you smile. You must forever continue smiling here on out.”

“Leaving your last words?”


“Don’t worry; I will take the powers from her after your death and then send her down to meet you as well. And there’s also her mother. I feel that it’s just too burdensome for the demon fox clan to continue existing in this world. Dying is a good thing since they can stop becoming playthings for the human race” said Long Wang coldly.

Luo Tian’s piercing gaze became more gentle as he said: “Can you spare them two?”

“Beg me.”

“Kneel down on the ground and beg me.”

“Who knows that I might just fulfill your wish if you make me happy enough.” Long Wang stared at Luo Tian with a playful expression before starting to laugh out loud.

He felt like this was a lot of fun.

He had never had this much fun before.

Luo Tian’s face looked calm but he was feeling extreme pain inside him. The weak were usually unwilling. Long Wang enjoyed watching this kind of pain and once again smiled arrogantly: “Kneel down on the ground and beg me with kowtows. I might even start feeling merciful and actually let them two go.”

Luo Tian looked at Long Wang and asked: “Will you really let them go if I kneel down and beg you with kowtows?”

Even though he didn’t believe Long Wang, Luo Tian really had no other choice.



The gap between them two was simply too large!

Once his transformation into a devil ended, Luo Tian knew that he no longer had any hope.


He was hoping that An Chunchun could continue living happily, or at least just continue living. For this lolita of the demon fox clan, for her innocent and cute smile, and for the promise that he couldn’t fulfill, he had to pay the price for it.

He was going to use his own life to exchange for it.


He realized that in front of Long Wang, his life wasn’t even worth a cent.

He was unwilling in his heart.

Flames of rage were blazing within his heart.

There were too many repressed feelings inside him. The son of a true dragon, Murong Wanjian; Purple Soul Temple’s Li Xue’er; the Sea Cloud Sect; the Southern Mountain Sect; Heavenly Plume City; all those mentioned had become an invisible pressure for Luo Tian.

He was a transmigrator.

After arriving at this world for the past year, he had created countless miracles. His name was destined to go down in the annals of history. Even though he was going to be soon forgotten, the time he spent here was the happiest times of his two lives.

He had brothers who have gone through thick and thin accompanying him.

He had a soulmate, he had women he liked, and he had women that liked him. All of these things were something his previous life didn’t have.

If he could use his life in exchange for the lives of An Chunchun, Feng Lei and the others…

Luo Tian would not hesitate the slightest.

He understood that Long Wang would not let An Chunchun off, but his heart still held a trace of hope. This was hope in the face of despair, hoping that Long Wang would spare their lives.

Long Wang started laughing wildly and said: “Kneel down and beg me. Go ahead and kneel. If you make me happy enough, I will naturally fulfill your wishes. I will use the words that you have used before: Weren’t you very arrogant just then? Now you’ve turned into a dead dog? Hahaha…”

Luo Tian’s expression was calm. He looked over at Long Wang and his knees started bending.

An Chunchun grabbed onto Luo Tian and shouted: “Big brother Luo Tian, don’t do it! Don’t kneel down!”

The demon fox clan woman inside the glass box started smashing herself against the glass and screaming something.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and fixed An Chunchun’s scattered hair. He tucked the hair behind her ear and said: “Even if I have to die for you guys, I will not even show the slightest frown.”

After saying that…

Luo Tian looked at Long Wang and said: “I hope that you will uphold your promise.”

He then began to kneel down…



“How come I feel so happy? How come I am so excited? Hahaha…” The moment before Luo Tian had fully kneeled down, Long Wang started laughing madly with incomparable excitement.

“That’s enough, Long Wang!”


A certain force held up Luo Tian’s bent knees.

A white figure descended and landed directly next to Luo Tian. The voice then said: “Child, it’s been hard on you.”

The white haired elder from the national treasury?

Tang Qingtian!

Right outside the shattered main doors of the auction house, Tang Jiu was wiping away the sweat on his forehead. He then exhaled and said: “I finally made it.”

Behind him and stretching outside of the venue…

Were ten thousand troops from the Imperial Palace Guards.

There were also ten thousand troops from the Black Dragon Legion.

They had formed an incomparably huge slaughtering formation!

Luo Tian turned to the side to look at Tang Qingtian with a faint smile. “Senior…”

Tang Qingtian interrupted Luo Tian and angrily said: “Long Wang, you’re really treating Heavenly Sword City as your backyard huh? You dare to act presumptuously in my territory? Even if your President Wu Tongtian was here, he still has to give me some face.”

Long Wang’s gaze sank and his countenance hiddenly changed. He then coldly shouted: “Tang Qingtian! All this for a martial cultivator at the Profound King realm? You best reconsider! Without my Dao Shang Alliance, your ten thousand year old dynasty will erupt into wars within a decade! You need to think things through carefully!”

“I will think about your granny’s chest!”

“If you don’t leave Heavenly Sword City today, then you can forget about leaving ever again.” Tang Qingtian’s voice was soft, but it exploded into the sky with a violent aura.

What is arrogance?

This was true arrogance!

Tang Qingtian was acting overbearingly arrogant!

He was not putting Long Wang in his eyes.

Long Wang’s expression drastically changed and the muscles on the corner of his eye started twitching. He then said in annoyance: “Tang Qingtian, you’re acting way too overbearing here.”

“Your granny…”

“This daddy has always been this arrogant! You going to bite me?”

“You going to bite or not?”

“If you aren’t biting, then you better scram back to your Outer Heaven Palace. If you dare to come back to Heavenly Sword City, this daddy will break your third leg!” shouted Tang Qingtian in an overbearing manner. He really wasn’t putting Long Wang in his eyes and just stared fiercely at Long Wang waiting for a response.

Long Wang clenched his fists and saintly might was surging out like crazy from his body.

Tang Qingtian coldly scoffed, “Oh? You still dare to act presumptuously in front of me? Back then, your father could only bow and scrape before me. A little hairless child like you dares to release saintly might before me? Hasn’t your father ever taught you how to be a proper person?”

As his voice faded…

Tang Qingtian’s right palm started moving. Incomparably overbearing imperial qi surged out as he threw a slap out.


An extremely heavy slap.

Long Wang actually couldn’t dodge it. His cheek had turned red and a trace of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth. His facial expression was even uglier looking now.

He was glaring at Tang Qingtian like his eyes were capable of spouting flames.

“You still dare to glare at me?”

After saying that, Tang Qingtian threw another slap.


The right side of Long Wang’s face had turned red and swollen as well.

Long Wang didn’t have the slightest power to resist. He couldn’t even throw a temper tantrum when he was completely crushed!

Tang Qingtian was powerful to a complete mess!

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