Undefeatable – Ch33

Chapter 33 – Next One, Luo Tian

As evening came around, the Luo family’s martial training grounds in the Jade Mountain City were brightly lit up with torches.

The Luo family disciples were currently flowing into the martial training grounds. Some looked happy while others looked depressed. There were also those that looked like they were staring off into their hopeful futures.

“Young master Luo Wei is here.”

“The Third Elder’s son; he was one of the hot contenders for this year’s hunting contest first place. For someone at the Profound Pupil 7th rank, most likely he has killed a lot of demonic beasts.”

“Luo Chen is back.”

“The Second Elder’s son Luo Chen is at the peak of the Profound Pupil 7th rank, similar to young master Luo Lin’s.”

“How come young master Luo Lin hasn’t returned yet?”

“Don’t worry, who do you think young master Luo Lin is? He’ll most likely be the last one to show up and the first place of this hunting contest will definitely be his.”

“That’s right. Luo Lin is the strongest here and also the family’s young master. Heavyweights like him will most likely return at the last moment with an exaggerated entrance.”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing young master Luo Lin.”

On the stage of the martial training grounds.

Luo Jianshan had a hint of smile on his face while occasionally revealing an arrogant look.

The hunting contest was the grandest occasion of the year and his son was going to get the first place. This will definitely solidify his position of becoming the Patriarch.


Luo Lin would have gotten rid of Luo Tian, and his death will allow him to firmly sit at the Patriarch’s position.

He couldn’t help but laugh internally with those thoughts because there’ll be good days ahead of him.

Seconds and minutes disappeared as more Luo family disciples appeared one after another.

Luo Jianshan kept his eyes on the entrance to the martial training grounds and they were no longer calm anymore.

How come he still hasn’t appeared?

“Big brother, how come nephew Luo Lin still hasn’t returned?” Luo Xiaoshan couldn’t help asking.

On the side, the Third Elder Luo Zhongshan sneered and said: “There shouldn’t be some accident right? I heard that the Furious Thunder Bull had killed over half of the Luo family disciples. Could Luo Lin be…”

Be your mother’s dog fart!”

Luo Xiaoshan cursed: “Your son hasn’t died yet so how could anything happen to my nephew? He probably wants to make a grand entrance so quit dreaming about your son getting first place!”

Luo Zhongshan’s face changed colors as he glared at Luo Xiaoshan, “You…!”

Luo Jianshan coughed and said: “Xiaoshan, please be a bit more respectful to the Third Elder.”

As Luo Jianshan was saying that, he was also trying to conceal the worry in his eyes. If anything happened to his son, then his plans would become a complete mess.

“There’s no way, nothing should have happened to Luo Lin.” Luo Jianshan started to get worried.


There was a commotion at the entrance.

“Luo… Luo… Luo Tian has returned!”

In an instant…

The martial training grounds were all riled up.

“That piece of trash managed to come back?”

“That kid Luo Tian truly is lucky to return alive, he probably hid in a cave for 3 days and 3 nights. With his trashy cultivation, as if he can kill any demonic beasts.”

“You’re the damn trash! You dare to call young master Luo Tian trash again and this daddy will end you!”

“What the f*ck? Are you sick or something Chen Qi? After participating in the hunting contest, you even forgot your own surname? You want to end me? Did you forget how much you used to bash Luo Tian about being trash as well?”


A punch was thrown before a haughty cold voice said: “You’re courting for a beating!”

There was another commotion in the martial training grounds as a portion of the Luo family disciples that had returned from the Ghostly Mountain Range were now standing up for Luo Tian. This scene caused Luo Jianshan to narrow his eyes as he said to himself: “What on earth is going on?”

As Luo Tian stepped into the martial training grounds, he looked over in the direction of the stage. He saw how Luo Jianshan had a golden shimmer and couldn’t help swallow a few times and saying to himself: “Boss… it’s the last boss!”

He wanted to immediately kill Luo Jianshan.


A Profound Pupil 9th rank wasn’t enough, most likely he wouldn’t be able to even resist a single move by Luo Jianshan.

The only thing Luo Tian could do was endure!

Luo Zhongshan stood up and lightly said: “Brother Jianshan, the sky’s getting dark so how about we start the calculations while we wait for the others?”

Luo Jianshan nodded, “Let’s start then.”

Luo Xiaoshan’s eyes changed as he whispered: “Big brother, how could that dog thing be still alive?”

Luo Jianshan’s face darkened. When he saw Luo Tian’s smiling face, his heart felt extremely uncomfortable. But he had no time to think about the reason because he was more concerned for Luo Lin.

Since Luo Tian was still alive, would something have happened to his son?

No way, there’s no way. Beside Luo Lin was also a Luo Ming who was a Profound Master 3rd rank so there’s no way something could’ve happened. That’s how Luo Jianshan was comforting himself.

“Luo Ping, one head of a 1st rank demonic beast. He has gained 1 point and has the qualifications to become a core disciple of the Luo family.”

“Luo Xing, one head of a 1st rank demonic beast. He has gained 1 point and has the qualifications to become a core disciple of the Luo family.”

“Luo Qin, one head of a 1st rank demonic beast. He has gained 1 point and has the qualifications to become a core disciple of the Luo family.”

As this continued, everyone brought out a demonic beast head and everyone was qualified to become a core disciple. In their hearts, they were all extremely grateful towards Luo Tian.

Some discussions were raised in the martial training grounds.

“How could they all have 1 point? Some of these disciples are only Profound Pupil 3rd rank and it’s impossible for them to kill a 1st rank demonic beast.”

“The hell, isn’t their luck a little too good or something?”

“There can’t be some conspiracy right? A 1st rank demonic beast is very strong so it’s not easy to kill one right?”

“Next one, Luo Wei.”

A handsome looking youth walked up with a smile and full of confidence. He poured out the demonic beast heads from his space plaque which covered a large area.

Luo Zhongshan smiled in a satisfied manner.

The staff members calculating gave Luo Wei a fawning smile before quickly adding the heads up.

A few minutes later…

“Luo Wei, 32 heads of a 1st rank demonic beast. He has gained 32 points and has the qualifications to become a core disciple of the Luo family.”

“Being able to get 32 heads of demonic beasts, that’s way too strong. Young master Luo Wei is no doubt an expert of the Profound Pupil 7th rank.”

There were many who had shocked expressions on their face.

“Next one, Luo Chen!”

The Second Elder Luo Changshan stood up with a smile as everyone stared at a youth stepping forth.

Luo Chen confidently went up and walked to the center of the training grounds. He then brought out 3 space plaques and confidently said: “All 3 of these space plaques are filled to the brim, and each space plaque has 130 demonic beast heads. Included amongst them are three 2nd rank demonic beast heads so I should have 405 points in total.”

As he was saying this, he looked up at the stage and gave his father Luo Changshan a glance.

Luo Changshan’s smile brightened showing his satisfaction with his son’s performance. At the corner of his eyes, he noticed the ugly look Luo Jianshan had before saying to himself: “Your son’s cultivation is indeed a bit higher than my son’s, but can a single person compete with my son and 20 other people? My son will be grabbing the first place for this hunting contest, hahaha…”

Within the Luo family, Luo Changshan’s power is second to Luo Jianshan.

For this hunting contest, Luo Changshan had secretly bribed 20 elite disciples of the Luo family to kill demonic beasts and give all the heads to Luo Chen. His purpose was to get first place for his son and to get the xuan stone. Once Luo Chen gets the xuan stone, he would definitely breakthrough to the Profound Pupil 8th rank within a year and gains the qualifications to participate in the Green Cloud Sect selection. As long as his son gets selected, he will gain the support of the Green Cloud Sect and will no doubt grasp control of the Luo family.

“Luo Jianshan, you want to compete with me? Heehee…” Luo Changshan started laughing in his heart.

Demonic beast heads were quickly pouring out of the 3 space plaques. The 10 staff members responsible for calculating showed shock on their faces before quickly tallying the numbers.

After 10 minutes, the results were out.

“Luo Chen has 398 demonic beast heads from the hunt with 405 points total. He is currently in first place and has broken the historical record.”

“So powerful.”

“Incredible, how did he almost kill 400 demonic beasts?”

“Breaking the Luo family’s records, he’s too awesome.”

There was a commotion in the crowd and everyone revealed their envious looks. There were even some girls in the crowd who started expressing their love for Luo Chen.

Luo Jianshan had a very ugly look on his face.

What he was worried about had finally appeared, and he started cursing internally: “This damn old fox is truly vicious. Luo Lin, how come you still haven’t returned?”

“Next one is Feng Lei.”

“Hahaha, a Luo family’s servant participated in the contest?”

“It’s the Two Man Trash group.”

Feng Lei acted as if he didn’t hear the ridicules. He walked to the center of the training grounds and said in a silly manner: “This one doesn’t have a single one.”


“We already knew this trash wouldn’t get any. How can a piece of trash be capable of killing a demonic beast?”


Luo Jianshan showed eyes of disdain and internally said: “Simply trash, what changes was he expecting for participating in the hunting contest? It looks like Luo Tian’s performance can’t be any better while Luo Chen will be the one hard to deal with. As long as Luo Lin can come back in time, there shouldn’t be any problems beating Luo Chen since there’s Luo Ming’s assistance behind the scenes.

Feng Lei wasn’t angry nor was he in a hurry. Even if more people scolded him, he wouldn’t care as long as they didn’t scold his boss. He just walked back towards Luo Tian with a goofy smile.

Luo Tian helplessly smiled.

It was at this time…

“Next one, Luo Tian!”

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