Undefeatable – Ch34

Chapter 34 – Eat Shit While It’s Hot

“Next one, Luo Tian!”

With that yell, the martial training grounds suddenly went quiet.

A second later, the sound of laughter started up. Even those Elders on the stage had a look like they were watching a comedy show.

“Previously was the trash servant, now it’s the trash master’s turn. The results will definitely be the same and not a single demonic beast was killed resulting in 0 points.”

“It’s best not to come out and disgrace yourself. Haven’t you lost enough face already?”

“I bet he has become accustomed to losing face all this time and doesn’t even know what shame is anymore.”

All these discussions started up and they were all ridiculing Luo Tian.

But there were some disciples that didn’t say a thing and only stared steadily like soldiers at Luo Tian walking up.

On top of the stage, Luo Xiaoshan narrowed his eyes with a cold intent and muttered: “Damn dog thing, you actually didn’t die!”

In the eyes of Luo Tian, Luo Xiaoshan’s name appeared red to him.

“The Ghostly Mountain Range is filled with many dangers and he hasn’t died yet; this kid’s life is truly lucky. But just coming out alive is no use; did he think he would turn things around like that?” Luo Zhongshan gently laughed.

Luo Jianshan continued looking with a face filled with disdain.

Luo Tian being alive had slightly shocked him, but the threat behind Luo Tian was much less when compared to Luo Changshan.

Within the martial training grounds.

Luo Tian walked up in an unhurried manner.

Luo Chen coldly laughed before blocking Luo Tian’s path. He then said with disdain: “There’s no need for you piece of trash to show up just for fun. Since it’s only going to be 0 points, stop wasting everyone’s time.”

His face oozed out a look of superiority.

His pair of eyes looked like they were saying everyone was beneath him. He had broken the Luo family’s historical record and would absolutely get this year’s hunting contest’s first place.

His reputation and his status would rise up from the Luo family’s influence. Once he gets that xuan stone, his cultivation would increase another step. Next year he will be qualified to participate in the Green Cloud Sect’s selection process and it won’t be too long before he will become an outer disciple with them.

Thinking about this made Luo Chen show even more disdain on his face. If it weren’t for so many people around, he would have already booted Luo Tian out of the martial training grounds.

The corner of Luo Tian’s lips curved into a smile as he weaved around Luo Chen completely ignoring him.

This caused an ugly look to appear on Luo Chen’s face.

Just as he was about to explode, Luo Tian turned around with a smile and said with interest: “What if I manage to accumulate some points?”

Luo Chen then contemptuously replied: “If you manage to accumulate more than ten…”

Not waiting for Luo Chen to finish, Luo Tian interrupted: “What if my accumulated points are higher than yours?”


“Luo Tian, did shit enter your brains?”

“Your accumulated points will be higher than mine? I’m the person that has broken the Luo family’s record in the past century. If you even manage to get 10 points…” Luo Chen said in extreme disdain.

Without allowing him to finish the sentence, Luo Tian once again interrupted: “Enough of the bullshit. What if my accumulated points are higher than yours?”

Luo Chen’s eyes changed before yelling out: “If your accumulated points are higher than mine, you can do whatever you want to me. But… if your points are lower than mine, then you will have to kneel down and kowtow while calling me grandpa.”

“Are you sure you will keep your word?” Luo Tian asked in a serious manner.

Luo Chen immediately replied: “Of course. A piece of trash like you wants to scare me? You think I’ll back off easily?”

Luo Tian waved his hand at Feng Lei.

Feng Lei ran up and smiled foolishly, “Hey boss, what do you need?”

Luo Tian playfully said: “Fatty, do you need to take a dump?”

Feng Lei shook his head, “This one just took one not too long ago and nothing will come out. What do you need shit for boss?”

“For someone to eat.” Luo Tian smiled and said: “Fatty Lei, go and get me some shit. It has to be fresh as in it just came out piping hot. If it’s not fresh, I don’t want it, you understand?”

Feng Lei’s grin revealed his big white teeth, “Okay, I’ll go immediately.”

Luo Chen’s face underwent many different expressions while his fists were clenched. Looking at Luo Tian made him want to crush him to death beneath his foot right now.

Luo Tian didn’t even glance at Luo Chen further and walked towards the center of the training grounds. As he was about to hand over his 3 space plaques, he said to the disciples in charge of tallying: “You guys need to calculate faster because once the shit comes, it’s best when eaten hot.”

Those in charge of calculating all had contemptuous looks on their faces as they slowly grabbed the space plaques to begin tallying the total.

“2nd rank Savage Bear…”

“A 2nd rank demonic beast?”

The staffs in charge of calculating were startled as they crowded around to carefully check. They eventually continued: “2nd rank Savage Bear, 5 points.”

“Long Armed Demonic Ape is also… also 2nd rank.”

“Green Eyed Python, 2nd rank demonic beast…”

Sounds of discussion arose in the martial training grounds.

As this continued, the staff in charge of calculating became even more shocked. The first space plaque all had 2nd rank demonic beasts – there was a full 120 demonic beast heads.


Those Elders on top of the stage all stood up to analyze each and every one of the demonic beast heads they came out of the space plaque.

The calculation of the first space plaque was completed, coming out to 600 points. Just those alone had left Luo Chen in the dust.

Luo Chen’s face had changed into the color of a pig’s liver.

Just when everyone thought it was over, the second space plaque was being added up.

“Scarlet Spirit Fox… 3rd… 3rd… 3rd rank demonic beast?”

“A 3rd rank demonic beast was killed?”

“How is that possible? Even if that trash was able to recover his strength, how can he hunt down a 3rd rank demonic beast?”

“A 3rd rank has the strength equivalent to those in the Profound Master realm so there’s no way he could kill them.”

“He must have encountered some dog shit luck that resulted in him acquiring the head.”

No one believed this impossible outcome could have happened. Luo Chen was off to the side with an ugly look on his face because his record was broken in less than half an hour, especially when his record was broken by a piece of trash.

As everyone were discussing loudly, the staff in charge of calculating continued: “Black Tailed Beast, a 3rd rank demonic beast…”

“Three-tailed Fire Cat, a 3rd rank demonic beast…”

“Iron Rock Wolf, a 3rd rand demonic beast…”

The staffs in charge of calculating were becoming more excited as their blood boiled. They had never seen so many heads of 3rd rank demonic beasts in their entire lives!

The huge martial training ground was in complete silence. Some even forgot to breathe as they stared with mouths agape at the staff pulling out those demonic beast heads.

A few minutes later…

The second space plaque had been tallied up and there were a total of fifty 3rd rank demonic beasts – a total of 500 points!

Complete shock!

Apart from complete shock, there weren’t any other description for the people present.

Just as everyone thought this was over, the staff in charge of calculating cried out. His whole body was shaking and his eyes popped out from his head, “4th… 4th… 4th rank demonic beast…”

The third space plaque was opened up.

The long horns of the Furious Thunder Bull was revealed before the rest of its head that was about the size of an old fashioned table thumped onto the ground.

The entire Luo family went dumb.

A 4th rank demonic beast?!

In the entire history of the hunting contest, something like this had never appeared before. How did Luo Tian kill it?

This wasn’t something you can randomly pick up with your dog shit luck.

Shock, this was complete unparalleled shock!

Those that had previously ridiculed Luo Tian paled at their faces as if they had swallowed a fly.

On top of the stage, Luo Jianshan was surprised but stared greedily at the Furious Thunder Bull. He then said to himself: “Demon core… the kid has the demon core!”

In a moment’s time…

As if struck by lightning, everyone in the martial training grounds was staring at the huge head without a word or the sound of breathing.

The originally lively martial training ground was completely silent where even a pin drop could be heard!

Luo Jianshan’s eyes narrowed as killing intent thickened around him…

Luo Xiaoshan’s pair of eyes stared at Luo Tian and his name started glowing red as if he was about to attack.

Upon seeing the two bosses, Luo Tian was starting to get impatient.

“Their sister…”

“Once this daddy breaks through into the Profound Master realm, I’ll definitely challenge them at least once!”

“It’s so enticing that this daddy almost can’t handle it anymore.” Luo Tian’s eyes glowed as his inner thirst rose up.

It was around this time…

Feng Lei quickly ran over, “Give me some room, fresh shit straight out of the oven has arrived.”

A burst of stench permeated the air.

Luo Tian gave a childish laugh and walked over to Luo Chen who had an ugly look on his face. He then loudly asked the staff in charge of calculating: “Could you please tell me how many points I have in total?”

The staff in charge of calculating exhaled a breath of air before replying: “1200 points!”


The words from that staff member caused the audience to explode since everything was like a dream where one would never imagine would be possible.

Over a hundred 2nd rank demonic beasts, fifty 3rd rank demonic beasts, and the super explosively strong 4th rank demonic beast. Any one of those categories would break the Luo family’s record.

Luo Tian was too extraordinary.

Luo Tian’s image had completely changed in the hearts of many Luo family disciples.

Within the upper ranks of the Luo family, those five elders on top of the stage had the same thought process: “This kid cannot be spared!”

Luo Tian smiled: “Oh great young master Luo Chen; it’s time to eat shit. This is something it’s best when eaten hot. I heard it tastes better when it’s piping hot.”

A burst of steam rose up out of the tub of shit Feng Lei was holding. The stench could really take away one’s life. When the bucket arrived in front of Luo Chen, Luo Tian hiddenly gave Feng Lei a thumbs up. “Fatty Lei, you are really too fierce. You actually managed to find some piping fresh hot shit.”

Little did Luo Tian know that in order to get the fresh shit, Feng Lei almost had to run into the girl’s toilet.

Luo Chen was furious as he glared at Luo Tian and coldly said: “Luo Tian, I was only joking around so you didn’t think it was for real right?”


“You implying you’re not going to keep your word?” Luo Tian’s cursed as his temper rose up.

Luo Chen grinned and coldly said: “This daddy ain’t keeping his words so what are you going to do about it?”

“You motherf*cker.”

Luo Tian directly shoved the tub of shit towards Luo Chen’s face…

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