Undefeatable – Ch332

Chapter 332 – Monsters Besieging The City

Golden lights!

The entire sky was covered in a golden glow!

It was like the blazing sun had suddenly released an all-encompassing blinding light!

At this moment…

Luo Tian was very excited.

He had never seen so many bosses bunched up together like that. They practically covered the entire sky and each of them with a blinding golden glow to denote how powerful they were. How could Luo Tian not be excited about this?

He was basically excited to the max!

He was getting a headache this past month on trying to figure out where to go kill monsters to level up. Wasn’t this delivering experience points right to his doorsteps?


“This daddy’s good days have come.” Luo Tian was laughing wildly and was just about to rush towards it when…

Blindman Liu rushed over and exclaimed: “Dragon head, something bad has happened! Outside Heavenly Sword City, a large group of powerful and unknown creatures have appeared. They are killing any people they see and will be arriving at Heavenly Sword City soon!”


“Dragon head, why do you seem very excited?” Blindman Liu asked in confusion.

Luo Tian grinned and said: “Round up our brothers and let’s kill our way over!”


“No wonder you are so excited. Now I’m kind of excited too from your words. Fatty and the others are already outside the palace waiting.” said Blindman Liu with excitement rising.

Luo Tian then said: “It looks like you guys can’t hold back either. That’s good; accompany me out there and we’ll kill to our satisfaction!”

Just when Luo Tian planned to leave…

Tang Zhanlong rushed out and shouted: “Luo Tian, hold on!”

Tang Zhanlong had an anxious look and a belly full of fire. He then said in seriousness: “I have no idea which asshole with nothing better to do decided to open up the Devil Sealing Array. This has caused Heavenly Sword City to fall into precarious times.”

“Your Majesty…”

“What are your plans?” Luo Tian directly asked.

Tang Zhanlong frowned in thought briefly before saying: “Close up Heavenly Sword City, guard the gates with our lives and wait for support!”

“Wait for support?”

Luo Tian was surprised by this since he couldn’t understand the decision. Based on Tang Zhanlong’s domineering personality, it was impossible for him to say such words as waiting for the support of reinforcements. He should be saying “open the city gates and lead the palace guards to kill their way out!” But he didn’t actually say this.

He didn’t have this intention at all.

He had called out to stop Luo Tian because he didn’t want him to go out.

There was a faint trembling to Tang Zhanlong’s voice as he said: “It’s not enough if it’s just based on my Heavenly Sword City’s strength. You don’t understand what kind of monsters these devil fiends are that have been sealed within the Devil Sealing Array. Even though they aren’t of the devil race, they each possess some special heaven defying abilities that makes them incomparably tough. The Devil Sealing Array has existed over ten thousand years ago and even the strongest devil race back then didn’t dare to open it. I thought that after ten thousand years, no one would be capable of opening the Devil Seal Array yet didn’t imagine…”

“I never imagined someone could break the array!”

“Who knows if it was intentional or not? If this was intentional, then this person wants my Heavenly Sword City to perish and have my Great Tang destroyed.”


“Your Majesty, 120,000 Imperial Palace Guards have assembled!”


“Your Majesty, 200,000 Black Dragon Legion soldiers have assembled!”

“Your Majesty; we are all ready and awaiting your orders!”


A loud sound was heard inside the depths of the imperial palace.

A beam of heavenly light shot into the sky before curving down to the ground in a powerful manner. Sounds of explosions were heard in the surrounding air as a 30 something year old man descended into Harmony Palace. The man then calmly asked: “What’s going on?”

Tang Zhanlong had a respectful expression as he said: “Daoist Virtuous; someone broke the Devil Sealing Array and devil fiends have rushed into the skies. I’m afraid Heavenly Sword City…”

“Devil Sealing Array?”

The middle-aged man’s countenance faintly turned gloomy. There was a hint of trembling to his voice as he said with a frown: “No matter what, your Great Tang has allowed me to cultivate imperial qi for several centuries. I will not leave you guys hanging but…”

The tone of his voice faintly changed.

Daoist Virtuous continued: “But I will only be responsible for the imperial palace’s safety. Anything outside the city or even if they break into the city, I will not participate in it. Everything else will depend on you.”


“Why don’t you just directly say you’re f*cking scared?! Speaking a bunch of crap at a time like this.”

“From the way I see it, you will immediately run away the moment the city gates are broken through! Yet you still dare to spout of crap about protecting the imperial palace?!” shouted Luo Tian with disdain. He completely looked down on this so called Daoist Virtuous.

Daoist Virtuous widened his eyes and shouted: “Where did this dog thing come from?! You dare to act presumptuously in front of this seat? ¹ Scram outside!”

A powerful force surged out…

Kicking up a large amount of wind.

Blindman Liu was directly forced to retreat outside.

Luo Tian roared internally: “Level 5 Berserk!”


His powers sank down.

Tang Zhanlong’s expression turned to shock as he quickly blocked in front of Luo Tian. He then respectfully said: “Please cease your anger Daoist. He is my son-in-law so please don’t get angry.”

Daoist Virtuous widened his eyes and finally retrieved his powers. He then said in irritation: “If you dare to act presumptuously in front of me next time, I will directly shatter you into powder!”

Luo Tian was annoyed as well.

The Great Tang had provided this guy with imperial qi for several centuries. Now that the Great Tang was in trouble, he showed a “this has nothing to do with this daddy” expression and said he would only protect the imperial palace. Once Heavenly Sword City has been broken through, he will definitely be the first one to run away.

Luo Tian was especially annoyed with these types of people!

As they were conversing…

Another loud noise was heard coming from the depths of the imperial palace.

A beam of light shot into the air before disappearing off into the horizon.

Tang Zhanlong’s expression sank as he unconsciously clenched his fists.

There was a slight change to Daoist Virtuous’s face as he revealed a happy smile. “Humph! I originally planned on returning a favor to the Great Tang after coming out of closed-door seclusion. Who would’ve imagined that I would instead be ridiculed by a dog? Whatever, we’ll just consider this a sign to the end of our relationship.”

“F*cking shameless!”

Luo Tian once again started scolding: “What kind of dog’s fart Daoist are you?! From the way I see it, you’re just nothing more than a timid mouse afraid of death! Just a Devil Sealing Array and you’re scared to this degree? Are you still even an expert at the Profound Saint realm? You’re a f*cking shame to all experts!”

They eyes of Daoist Virtuous glared in anger as a powerful force surged out of his palms.



At this moment, sounds of explosions rocked the skies from the southeastern direction. An exceptionally powerful stream of energy shot out and enshrouded the entire Heavenly Sword City.

Daoist Virtuous’s expression changed. He retrieved the power condensing in his palm and coldly said: “Damn dog thing, there’s no need for me to make a move since you won’t live past today anyway.”

After saying that…

It was like his mother gave birth to him with extra legs as he disappeared without a trace.

The higher the cultivation of those people, the more they feared death.

They had cultivated from a few centuries to over a thousand years. The longer they cultivated, the more they feared death because they all understood one single thing – dying meant everything would be over.

When facing the unparalleled devil fiends inside the Devil Sealing Array, Daoist Virtuous became incomparably scared and immediately escaped without a trace.

He wasn’t the only one.

From the depths of the imperial palace, several beams of light shot into the air and disappeared into the horizon as well. Those so called enshrined experts for several centuries had all left without a single one staying behind.

Tang Zhanlong started smiling.

It was a very bitter smile. “Who would’ve imagined that the enshrined experts of my Great Tang would have this kind of virtue. Could the Great Tang really be destroyed in my hands? A ten thousand year dynasty is going to be destroyed in my hands – how am I going to face my ancestors like this?”

Profound Saint experts had run away, so one can easily imagine how powerful the devils and demons that were inside the Devil Sealing Array.

Luo Tian’s heart sank but then shouted: “Let me command all the troops! Your granny, isn’t it just monsters besieging the city? This daddy has countless tactics to deal with them!”

He was getting excited internally.

The potential for experience points would be huge if the monsters were really going to attack the city.

I’m rich! I’m rich!

This time, leveling up will be as fast as flying…


¹ – If you guys forgot, “this seat” is what a supreme expert calls themselves which is similar to someone saying “this deity” or “this esteemed self”. This term is used in other novels but I can change it if someone has a better suggestion.

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