Undefeatable – Ch333

Chapter 333 – Heavenly Sword City Is Finished

Within Heavenly Sword City, beams of light were shooting up into the sky before flying off into the distance.

Many of those so called hidden experts were running as fast as they could. They were all very clear on how powerful the devil fiends inside the Devil Sealing Array were, and the only outcome would be death if they waited any longer.

During this time…

The common citizens inside Heavenly Sword City started panicking.

Schools and Sects had shut their doors.

Several major trading organizations were deploying their people to find a chance to escape.

The entire Heavenly Sword City gradually entered a chaotic state.


Those super experts with holier than thou attitudes were hiding in the folded voids of space observing everything without any intention of helping.


Sea Cloud Sect.

Daoist Huang Yun had a smug look as he said: “The Great Tang Dynasty… Heavenly Sword City… No matter how strong you are Tang Zhanlong, your Great Tang Dynasty will still be finished this time. Hahaha…!”

Nangong Jue looked like he was in deep thought as he didn’t show any reactions.

Main halls of the Sea Cloud Sect.

There were many Elders suggesting that they send out reinforcements.

Nangong Jue didn’t give any reactions since his own son had his life root destroyed near the imperial palace. This resentment has been suppressed inside his heart all this time, so for him to send out reinforcements was basically impossible.

Daoist Huang Yun continued saying with a smug smile: “We shouldn’t send even a single person for reinforcement. Isn’t that Tang Zhanlong very awesome? Isn’t their Tang family’s old ancestor a Profound Saint expert? Isn’t their Imperial Palace Guards and Black Dragon Legion invincible? We should just let them deal with those devil fiends because it has nothing to do with us. It’ll be great if everyone died in Heavenly Sword City! The Great Tang Dynasty has been stable for ten thousand years now but it looks like they’ll be collapsing this time.”

“Huang Yun, when one’s lips are gone, the teeth will get cold. Our Sea Cloud Sect will be the next to bear the brunt of the force so do you think our forces are enough to resist those devil fiends?”

“You’re right!”

“Sect Leader, give the command! The junior sect leader was indeed injured inside Heavenly Sword City but we should consider the greater good!”

“Command your mother’s dog fart! You guys weren’t there when Tang Zhanlong scolded our Sea Cloud Sect! He practically didn’t put our Sect in his eyes! Those enshrined experts of theirs have all disappeared meaning no one was willing to stay behind. Why should we send ourselves to death? And we’re sending ourselves to death on behalf of that dog’s fart Tang Zhanlong. Just let them all die and let the Tang family become extinct. Our Sea Cloud Sect can use this opportunity to swallow up the Great Tang’s territories and strengthen ourselves. And you want us to go save them? Did shit somehow enter your brains?!” Daoist Huang Yun was angrily lecturing them. None of the Elders had a higher status than him so he could berate them in such an overbearing manner.

The hatred he had for Tang Zhanlong was especially strong.

His beloved disciple, the future sect leader was ruined just like that.

The disdain that Tang Zhanlong had shown him made him extremely angry and he wasn’t able to show his temper in Heavenly Sword City. Now that he was within the Sea Cloud Sect, he will definitely try to stop anyone advocating in saving the Great Tang Dynasty.

Many of the Elders present showed grim expressions.

A lot of them were people of the Great Tang. They would naturally get anxious when seeing their own nation in trouble and want to have the Sea Cloud Sect send out reinforcements.

Nangong Jue looked up and said coldly: “We shall observe longer before we come to a decision. The Great Tang Dynasty has been sailing too smoothly lately so it’s time for them suffer some setbacks. Don’t ever think that our Sea Cloud Sect is a toothless tiger!”


Nangong Jue heavily harrumphed after saying that.


All the alliance forces of the Great Tang…

Had similar attitude like the Sea Cloud Sect – they only continued to observe and didn’t send out any reinforcements.

The Great Tang had been established for ten thousand years so they were a rather large cake to be sliced up.

Those forces had coveted this for a long time.

If by chance Heavenly Sword City gets broken through, then their opportunity will have arrived.


Soul Hall.

At the edge of the Sun and Moon Altar.

Leng Hanshuang was frowning as she said: “Young miss, I’m afraid Heavenly Sword City will be finished this time and Luo Tian…”

Li Xue’er’s brows were locked together as she walked onto the altar. Her figure transformed into starlight before disappearing. In the time it takes to ignite a spark on a flint, she had landed in the Soul Hall’s star main hall. She had a determined look on her face as she said: “Soul King, can you send out some reinforcements to Heavenly Sword City?”

At the front of the main hall sat a man.

With an appearance of someone around fifty to sixty years old, the man’s brows faintly quivered as he said: “Give me a good reason.”

Li Xue’er didn’t hide anything and said: “The man I love is at Heavenly Sword City. I am hoping that the Soul Hall can send out reinforcements to save Heavenly Sword City because of that.”



There was a cold shout from outside the Star main hall. “You will be marrying Murong Wanjian in two more years! Your current identity is Murong Wanjian’s fiance! How do you think people we look at you if your outlandish words reached Shattered Sky City?!”

An elderly person walked into the main hall.

There was some anger to his expression as he continued saying: “Soul King, the Devil Sealing Array has been opened and those devil fiends that have been trapped inside for ten thousand years have all rushed out. The Great Tang Dynasty and our Soul Hall have no relationship so there’s no need to send out reinforcements.”

Li Xue’er didn’t even look at the elderly person.

Even though…

That elderly person was her biological uncle.

It was without her consent that this uncle of hers went and agreed on the marriage with Shattered Sky City.

If it wasn’t for her mother, Li Xue’er would have never agreed to the arrangement. In the depths of her heart, Li Xue’er absolutely hated this uncle of hers!

Li Xue’er then said: “If Soul King doesn’t agree to it, I will personally head there myself.”

“You damn fool!”

“You’re at the critical point of breaking through the Starlight stage. If you head to Heavenly Sword City now, all the work you’ve done previously will be in vain!” The elderly person said in anger.

Without waiting for him to finish, Li Xue’er continued to ignore his existence and treated his words like air. “Soul King, please agree to it.”

“Not allowed!”

“Xue’er, I am not allowing you to do that.”

A beautiful mature woman hurriedly walked into the main hall.

Li Xue’er’s expression changed before respectfully saying: “Greetings madam mother.”

The beautiful mature woman was called Zi Luolan.

When she saw her daughter acting in such a manner, her heart ached as she said: “You can use any reason you want except for that one. You are now someone with a marriage engagement so I forbid you to have any further relationships with that Jade Mountain City kid from the countryside. Back then when his father saved you, I have already repaid him back. And you have seen him already so don’t forget the matter you promised me.”


“Big brother Luo Tian is really in danger.”

“Please let me go.”

“I promise you that I, I, I, will definitely see the marriage with Murong Wanjian to the end, as long as you let me save big brother Luo Tian.” Li Xue’er was very determined and strong, but traces of tears were appearing in her eyes.


“When I say no, I mean no!” shouted Zi Luolan. She didn’t change her mind even though there were tears in Li Xue’er’s eyes. In her own eyes, she couldn’t allow her daughter to have an unclear relationship with some country bumpkin.

She was completely regretting allowing Li Xue’er to go to Jade Mountain City back then.

Even if Li Xue’er could reason her way through the heavens this time, she still wouldn’t agree to it.

Li Xue’er’s expression changed as starlight started rising from her body. “I really cannot go?”

There was a hint of anger in her voice.

The elderly person’s expression became shocked as he angrily admonished: “What do you think you’re doing?! Hurry up and pull back your powers! You cannot even fully control the starlight powers so are you planning on destroying the Star main hall?!”

Li Xue’er’s gaze turned cold as she said: “So what if I destroy it?”

The so called Soul King who hadn’t spoken much immediately made a move. A powerful might descended and immediately restrained the starlight powers coming from Li Xue’er’s body. Once Li Xue’er was completely restrained, he walked down and said softly: “The Great Tang Dynasty is destined to be destroyed, and Heavenly Sword City is destined to become a dead city. You still won’t be able to change anything if you go there.”

Li Xue’er couldn’t hold back anymore as tears streamed down her face. She was crying completely full of heartache…

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