Undefeatable – Ch334

Chapter 334 – Completely Crazy

When disaster strikes, help shall come from all directions.

These were some of the words of the alliance when the Great Tang signed the agreement.

But now…

It had all become a joke; the world’s biggest joke!


“Sea Cloud Sect sent a voice transmission saying something major has happened to their Sect and they cannot come.”


“Quartet City cannot come!”

“Northern Dipper Sect cannot come!”

A series of voices made their reports.

Those major Sects and organizations that had set up branches inside Heavenly Sword City all made various excuses. None of them were able to come to provide assistance, making the entire Heavenly Sword City feel like it had been isolated.

Tang Zhanlong started laughing.

It was a laughter filled with bitterness and helplessness. “I have now seen the true faces of these Sects. When disaster strikes, help shall come from all directions – those words are basically used to mock me! Hahaha…”

He was laughing into the air while his body started releasing a terrifying aura.


Tang Zhanlong’s countenance turned serious as he shouted: “Send out my commands: Imperial Palace Guards and Black Dragon Legion, assemble and head out of the city for a battle!”


Luo Tian immediately tried stopping him and said: “Your Majesty, the morale of those devil fiends is too strong right now. Each one of them is existences that can fight off 10,000 soldiers by themselves. If you have the soldiers rush out just like that, the only outcome for them will be death. I request that your majesty hand over the military power over to me. I will definitely not let Heavenly Sword City fall!”

Monsters besieging the city?!

Luo Tian was too familiar with these scenarios.

Ten thousand year old devils are so awesome huh?

With ten thousand attacks all concentrated at one point, they will still end up being crippled no matter how strong they were!

When one laid siege to a city, it was all about strategy and tactics. You couldn’t just rush out and blindly attack. This was similar to throwing an egg at a rock, courting your own death.


“Prince Consort, your personal strength is indeed extraordinary and very strong but your knowledge in leading soldiers into battles is still quite far from us. If over a hundred thousand soldiers are handed over to you, I’m afraid they would be all wiped out in less than half a day. We definitely cannot allow this.”

“That’s right; fighting wars is not a game.”

“Your Majesty, you cannot agree to his request.”

The several Generals present all strongly stood out against it.

Luo Tian frowned before anxiously looking at Tang Zhanlong and saying: “Your Majesty, please believe in me. I can do it.”

Tang Zhanlong faintly smiled: “You haven’t disappointed us; the old ancestor and I haven’t misread you. Fighting wars is something I’m proficient at so all you need to do is take good care of Tang Tang and don’t leave the imperial palace.”

After saying that…

Tang Zhanlong’s peak Profound Venerate realm aura surged out. The imperial qi around his body was incomparably majestic as he shouted: “Send out my commands: All armies gather together and prepare for battle outside the city!”


“You need to believe in me!”

Luo Tian was so anxious that even a fire could be started in his heart.


Tang Zhanlong was completely indifferent to it.

He understood that Luo Tian’s personal prowess was very special but this was a war they were talking about. A battle that involved over a hundred thousand soldiers and the lives of over ten million citizens of Heavenly Sword City. He couldn’t be careless with his decisions.

Luo Tian was just a child that hadn’t even reached twenty years of age.

No matter how powerful he was, there’s no way he can do a good job of commanding and guiding an army of over a hundred thousand.

This was impossible!

This was something everyone would agree on. No matter how strong a child not even twenty years old yet was, there’s no way they could have developed an ability to lead a hundred thousand strong army. When facing an army of devil fiends, most likely they would be scared silly before the fight even starts.

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in Luo Tian but because it was basically an impossible matter.

Tang Zhanlong was wearing a golden robe with a golden sword by his side. He then looked at Luo Tian with a tenacious gaze and said: “Take good care of Tang Tang. If I don’t make it back alive, give your support to Tang Jiu because he will be the next monarch.”

Luo Tian was so anxious that he just directly said: “Damn it! Can’t you just believe in me? You guys are practically courting your own deaths by rushing out there. Just consider it as me begging you to believe in me! Do not rush out there; use the strategic advantage of the city walls…”

“What did you just say?!”

“You say our actions are courting our own deaths?”

“The army hasn’t even gathered yet and you’re ruining the morale! If I wasn’t giving you some face because you’re the Prince Consort, this General would have directly killed you already for saying that!”

One of the Generals angrily scolded Luo Tian.

Luo Tian directly glared at him once before pretending he didn’t exist. He then continued: “Your Majesty, our city’s walls are several hundred meters tall and is a natural barrier that can be used to our advantage. If you opened the city gates, most likely the devil army will take advantage of that. By that time, I’m afraid…”

“You dare to continue talking?!”

A surge of Profound Venerate realm powers surged out of that General as it instantly crushed towards Luo Tian.

Luo Tian was already angered as he clenched his fists and activated his level 5 Berserk skill. He then scolded out: “You damn motherf*cker, scram to the side for this daddy! You don’t know shit! You’re just someone with a head full of straws and don’t know how to fight wars!”

“I don’t know how to fight wars?”

“I, Heilong Wang don’t know how to fight wars? Kid, the amount of wars I’ve fought in is more than the time you’ve been alive and you say I don’t know how to fight wars? If the Emperor wasn’t here right now, I would’ve slaughtered you already” said Heilong Wang with a face full of anger.

Tang Zhanlong then shouted: “Enough with the argument! Luo Tian, you will protect the imperial palace.”

“Heilong Wang.”

“Li Yu.”

“You two Generals will accompany me as we fight our way out and demonstrate our Great Tang’s prestige!”

Tang Zhanlong had no other choice.

Absolutely no other choices.

Even if he gave Luo Tian the military power, those insufferably arrogant Generals wouldn’t listen to him at all. And at that time, the consequences would just be even more disastrous. He could only personally lead them out to battle, which will show the commoners of Heavenly Sword City that he was fighting on their behalf.

He could only do this to stabilize the situation in Heavenly Sword City so that it wouldn’t get worse.


Tang Zhanlong didn’t think what would happen to Heavenly Sword City if he lost the battle.

He had no time to consider this issue.

Luo Tian’s heart felt like it had turned to ashes. He didn’t say anything further and turned around to stride out of the audience hall.

Blindman Liu quickly followed along.

Tang Zhanlong watched Luo Tian’s back disappearing into the distance and sighed inside. “Luo Tian, maybe I should have believed in you but I have no other choices. I can only do it this way. The safety of the imperial palace will be handed to you from now on!”

After calming his mind, Tang Zhanlong discarded all the chaos going on inside him. Tang Zhanlong then mounted a large Fire Cloud Unicorn that had flown over. He pulled out his glittering golden sword and shouted: “Open the city gates! Kill them all for me!”


“It’s over.”

“It’s really going to be finished this time.”

Blindman Liu grumbled out loud as he could sense the anger coming from Luo Tian.

Luo Tian felt Tang Zhanlong was too much of a purist that adhered to traditional rules and structures. But in reality, Luo Tian’s two lifetimes could still not be matched up to ten percent of Tang Zhanlong’s experience and knowledge. The number of considerations in play was something Luo Tian wasn’t yet capable of realizing.

“Dragon head!”

“Where are we going?”

“Fatty and the others are waiting outside the imperial palace, so where are you going right now? It looks like you’re going the wrong way.” Blindman Liu anxiously asked while trying to catch up to Luo Tian.

Luo Tian was really angry inside.

Tang Zhanlong was destined to lose this battle yet he couldn’t persuade him.

There’s no other choice.

Since he lost the assistance of the army, then he could only count on himself.

A crazy thought had suddenly appeared in Luo Tian’s mind. It was so crazy that even he was a bit scared of it.

He didn’t leave the imperial palace but was actually going towards the national treasury!

“Blindman Liu, have Feng Lei and the others return and wait here for my commands,” said Luo Tian. He then looked up at the sky, clenching his fists and saying to himself: “Let’s go completely crazy this time!”

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