Undefeatable – Ch335

Chapter 335 – We Shall Head Out Of The City!

The entrance to the national treasury.

Two guards were blocking Luo Tian.

The reason was very simple – without the order of the Emperor, no one was allowed inside. The last time they had received orders so Luo Tian was able to enter without any restrictions.

Just when Luo Tian started getting anxious…

Tang Qingtian’s voice was heard from inside, making the two guards shiver in fear and immediately moving aside.

Luo Tian entered the national treasury. It was just like before, an awe-inspiring sight greeted him but he didn’t have time to be captivated by it. He directly said: “Old Senior Tang, I need all the treasures from the national treasury and all the items that contain profound energy.”

Tang Qingtian didn’t appear and only said: “Granted!”

The Great Tang was in a crisis, so what use was there if they had so many treasures?

Luo Tian didn’t bother with any nonsense and responded: “Thank you. Don’t worry old senior, I will definitely get Heavenly Sword City through this crisis!”

He owed the Great Tang Dynasty a lot.

He owed Tang Zhanlong, Tang Qingtian, and Tang Jiu.

Luo Tian didn’t like owing people favors so he was planning on repaying them all at once.

Luo Tian was cleaning out all the treasures as he didn’t let go of any items containing profound energy. He was similar to those homeless trash collectors and was grabbing everything within reach. The incomparably huge national treasury was thus cleared out in just a few hours.

It was practically bare now!

After wiping out the place, Luo Tian still hadn’t seen a glimpse of Tang Qingtian. He then walked into the most inner parts of the treasury and saw a wall carving of dragons soaring through the clouds. His right hand gently touched the mural as he said: “I will definitely protect the Great Tang.”

On the other side of the wall.

Tang Qingtian had a pale expression.

He had suffered a serious injury after burning his life force, and wouldn’t recuperate for at least several decades.

Otherwise, he would’ve exited his seclusion already.

Hearing Luo Tian’s words, his heart felt a bit relieved. He wasn’t like Tang Zhanlong because he fully believed in Luo Tian. It was the same faith as to how he believes Luo Tian will step into the supreme stage of the Profound Saint realm in ten years time. It was technically an impossible thing but he still believed in it.

He too was unable to understand why he held such a belief that was similar to pure trust.

“Go forth!” Tang Qingtian softly said.

There was no hesitation in Luo Tian as he turned around and left.


Outside Heavenly Sword City.

Sounds of slaughter were everywhere. The devil fiends surging out from the Devil Sealing Array were like an unstoppable force. They killed everyone in sight and not even birds were spared.

Devilish flames reached the skies!

The heaven and the earth had changed, causing upheaval in the entire Tianxuan Continent.

All those high and mighty super experts only watched from the void and didn’t have any intentions of helping.

It was the same with those Sects supposedly in alliance with the Great Tang, and some were even smugly smiling behind closed doors.

Apart from this…

Many forces were lurking in the background with covetous gazes since this was a huge opportunity for them. The Great Tang was a wealthy dynasty, and only when those Sects grab a piece of the pie will their strengths increase greatly. That’s why many people were secretly hoping for the demise of the Great Tang.

They were looking forward to the destruction of Heavenly Sword City!

“His Majesty the Emperor has arrived!”

“Imperial Palace Guards, Black Dragon Legion, kill your way out!”

“There’s no need for any worry!”

“Our Emperor will definitely save Heavenly Sword City from this crisis. Several millenniums ago, the devil race tried to invade us but they were beaten back. General Heilong Wang and General Li Yu are both divine and mighty Generals. They will definitely be able to resist those devil fiends!”

Inside the city, many civil servants were trying to placate the commoners from causing a disturbance.

The situation had somewhat stabilized a bit.

Outside the city, thunderous sounds of explosions were constantly heard. Fiery lights and blood mists surged into the skies. Sounds of slaughter made the listeners feel palpitating fear. Many people hid inside their homes while holding onto each other and praying in their hearts.

Inside the imperial palace.

Luo Tian returned to his residence where everyone was waiting for him in the courtyard.


“Dragon head!”

“Boss, what kind of plans do you have?”

“My father won’t be in danger, right?”

“Bastard, quickly say something. This time, we will definitely all listen to you and not act recklessly.”

“En! Big brother Luo Tian, I can fight as well.”

“This one can too!”

Everyone was staring at Luo Tian.

At this moment…

Luo Tian was their support pillar and their only hope.

Luo Tian heavily exhaled before saying: “I’m afraid that the Imperial Palace Guards and the Black Dragon Legion will be completely annihilated and Heavenly Sword City might fall as a result. Tang Tang, Ninth brother, you two need to be mentally prepared. If the army had been handed over to me, there might be a trace of hope. But now it looks like…”

Luo Tian clenched his fists.

Tears started streaming down Tang Tang’s face.

Tang Jiu’s face immediately changed before saying: “Before my imperial father departed, he left 50,000 palace guards behind and gave me the military power. If these troops aren’t enough, we can recruit more people inside Heavenly Sword City. There aren’t any Profound Saint experts left but I believe we can still recruit some Profound Ancestor experts. After all, they are citizens of the Great Tang so when their country is in trouble, they will definitely extend a helping hand.”

Qin Yue’er then said: “There are still some branch schools of those Sects around. They cannot leave so they might even help us out.”

“You’re right!”

“Eastern city, southern city, western city, and the northern city; we can definitely recruit quite a bit of people. I believe many people are waiting for our call since everyone should have the mentality of contributing to their own country.”


When Luo Tian heard all of this, his heart started beating faster. He then said: “If we can recruit at least 100,000 people, perhaps we will have a chance at surviving this.”

“From the looks of it…”

“My plans only need to have some slight changes.”

Luo Tian made up his mind and said: “Good! Ninth brother, sister Yue’er, Blindman Liu, you three split up and gather those experts. Aren’t we about to do that something Sky ranking competition? Just say whoever kills the most devil fiends, that person will be number one in the Sky rankings and have his name recorded into the historic annals of the Great Tang.”

There must be incentives involved in order to stimulate a human’s enthusiasm.

Many people should have come for the Sky ranking competition so their strength shouldn’t be too bad.

Xuan Yuanyi suddenly clenched his fists.

Tang Jiu immediately said: “I will take care of it right now!”

“Dragon head, I will be off as well.”

“I will go to persuade those Deans of the Sect branch schools.”

Right after…

The three of them quickly left the group.

Tang Tang immediately walked up and said: “What can I do? I can do anything and I promise not to mess it up.”

“Big brother Luo Tian, there’s also me.” An Chunchun quickly added in.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “You three will go to the larger businesses to get spiritual herbs. The more the better and it doesn’t matter what types of herbs they are. Just get as much as you can. Here’s the money, and make sure you be careful while doing this.”

Luo Tian took out ten gold cards containing over a few hundred million gold. This was the money he gained from his auctioned items.

Even though he basically destroyed the auction venue, they still gave Luo Tian all the money he deserved without a cent less.

When Tang Tang received those cards, she brought An Chunchun and Da Ji out of the imperial palace.


“Now there’s only the three of us left.”

“What do you need us to do?”

“I already can’t wait any longer.” grinned Feng Lei. His body had fully recovered after recuperating for a whole month and he felt his strength had improved to another level. The power of the Ten Thousand Beast blood essence inside him could also be released much more easily now as well.

It was the same with Xuan Yuanyi as he looked at Luo Tian with excitement.

Luo Tian grinned before shouting: “We shall head out of the city!”

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