Undefeatable – Ch336

Chapter 336 – Combining All Forces

The figure of three people shuttled off at high speeds!

They instantly arrived at the city gates.

The city gates were closed. Only when Luo Tian brought out a jade plate that Tang Jiu had given him previously was he allowed out.

“There cannot be any mistakes and has to be precisely the positions I’ve mentioned. Drop off all the items I gave you and don’t save any of them on your person. Do you guys understand?” Luo Tian once again advised them.

Xuan Yuanyi and Feng Lei nodded and said: “Understood!”

In fact…

They both had no clue what Luo Tian was trying to do.

They both thought they were exiting the city to slaughter devil fiends to their heart’s content and never imagined they were going out to do labor work.

What made them completely lost was all these good stuff like earth grade and spirit grade xuan weapons had to be all thrown away. This… They both had grown up in poverty so seeing all these good things being thrown out made their hearts ache like crazy.


“We will split up and take action. Once you’ve finished according to my instructions, immediately return to the city and don’t stay out here. And you definitely aren’t allowed to head to the battlefield, do you both understand?” Luo Tian’s tone was very serious since he was worried fatty couldn’t stand being so bored and would rush out there.

Feng Lei faintly smiled and said: “Don’t worry boss. I know what we’re encountering right now so I won’t give you any extra trouble.”

Xuan Yuanyi also faintly smiled and said: “Don’t worry boss, we will keep the big picture in mind above all else.”

Luo Tian then said: “Good! We’ll take action now!”



Two figures darted off from Luo Tian’s left and right sides. Luo Tian then looked into the distance at the dark pressure permeating the southeastern direction, clearly depicting the aura of the devilish flames had surged into the sky. He then said to himself: “You guys need to hold on. Tang Zhanlong, you’re my father-in-law so you cannot die!”

Luo Tian was worried.

Extremely worried.

But he currently had no time to care about the battlefield situation where Tang Zhanlong was at.

The only thing he could do right now was to protect Heavenly Sword City. As long as Heavenly Sword City stands, then the Great Tang will exist. Once Heavenly Sword City is gone, then that will spell the end of the dynasty. And wars would certainly erupt all over the territories of the Great Tang as a result.

By that time, the common citizen will truly be plunged into a life of misery and suffering.

Luo Tian became serious as he too took action.

If he was able to succeed…

Who knows what kind of realm would he level up to?

Luo Tian descended to a certain location and dropped off a bunch of magical artifacts and xuan weapons. Energy started condensing at the palm of his hand before he slammed down onto the ground, smashing all those treasures deep into the earth. After burying those items, he quickly left and arrived at another location.

Feng Lei, Xuan Yuanyi were both doing the same thing.

The three of them got busy doing their task.

Inside the city.

A flurry of actions was undergoing in an orderly manner.

Blindman Liu drummed up support and many people started standing up to join him. When one’s country was in trouble, those experts that originally put on airs had shelved it to help out.

“Count me in!”

“Isn’t it just the Devil Sealing Array? My Great Tang had stood for ten thousand years so what is a mere Devil Sealing Array considered?”

“Count me in! Even though my cultivation is only at the Profound Ancestor 1st rank, I need to play my part when my country is in crisis.”

“There’s also me!”

One joined after another.

Northern city, southern city, eastern city, western city; continuous experts joined up. They were typically figures with inflated egos yet they dropped that facade and followed behind Blindman Liu. Everyone’s expression was especially determined.

When one’s country was in trouble, the citizens share a common responsibility to assist.

Over to those schools set up by Sects.

There was not a single person seen at the Sea Cloud Sect. Qin Yue’er went to drum up support with the other schools and finally persuaded some people.

Gradually, the number of people in those schools joining up started getting larger.

Their Sects weren’t sending reinforcements and they had no ability to change that. They too had a stomach full of anger because they felt that they had been abandoned. Qin Yue’er used this point on them and managed to have those strong instructors join their cause.

An Chunchun, Tang Tang, Da Ji; those three in their only little group were even more successful.

They barely encountered any obstacles.

“Uncle, please just sell it to us.”

“Grandpa, we really need those spiritual herbs.”

“This beautiful elder sister…”

Everyone encountering An Chunchun had their defenses melted by her cute and adorable looks.

Not only were they selling the spiritual herbs at low prices, they were even giving quite a bit of them to the girls for free.

It wasn’t just the herbal stores…

Those xuan weapon stores, big trading partners and various associations were all stepping up in support. Everyone’s hearts were united when facing such a crisis. This was one of the reasons why the Great Tang was able to stand strong for the past ten thousand years.


More and more people gathered in the city’s main square and items were stacked up like a mountain.

The people here were all filled with battle intent.

Their hearts were in unrest as they heard the sounds of slaughtering and dying outside the city.

Everyone was able to successfully finish the task that Luo Tian assigned to them, except for Tang Jiu.

The sky slowly turned dark.

Luo Tian, Feng Lei, and Xuan Yuanyi returned to the city center where over a hundred thousand martial artists congregated. These martial artists were all at or above the Profound Spirit realm and there was also a hundred thousand cultivators below the Profound Spirit realm on standby.

Looking at so many people, Luo Tian felt a huge rush inside his heart.

“We have a chance!”

“There’s definitely a chance!”

Luo Tian’s heart tightened as he unconsciously clenched his fists.

Standing at an elevated place, Luo Tian shouted: “Everyone in Heavenly Sword City doesn’t need to worry. I, Luo Tian, will definitely protect this place and not let those damn devil fiends invade the city. This, I promise with my life!”

Luo Tian’s voice contained the power of the Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar skill so it was transmitted to every corner of Heavenly Sword City.

Everyone heard Luo Tian’s voice.

All the people in the square were staring at him.

Many people recognized Luo Tian and shouted in excitement: “I recognize him! He’s the one that suppressed the Sea Cloud Sect’s junior sect leader Nangong Hao! He is really strong and the power he possesses is simply too fierce!”

“Hahaha… what is suppressing Nangong Hao considered? He’s the man that even the huge ancient devil bowed down to! He was way too cool when he was in northern city!”

“Those things don’t count for shit! When I was in the Dao Shang’s auction house, I personally saw him kill an expert at the peak Profound Venerate realm! It was actually one of the Protectors of the Dao Shang Alliance – Long Tian! How powerful do you think he is if he can even kill an expert at the peak Profound Venerate realm?”

“Those things you have all mentioned are truly not considered much.”

“Princess Lasting Peace, Sea Cloud Sect’s sexy fairy, that lolita cute enough to send people to their deaths, and that demon fox clan woman so beautiful that she could make one suffocate; they are all following him by their own free will! Now that’s what a real man is all about. Prince Consort, from today onwards, this one called Zhu Laosan will start worshipping you.”

Countless voices of discussion was heard.

Luo Tian’s deeds were quickly being spread about. When those people that only knew about the incidents but don’t recognize Luo Tian’s face were all staring at him and seeing a youth that was less than twenty years old, they couldn’t help start feeling a sense of worship towards him as well.

Luo Tian’s ability to summon supporters had upgraded to an unprecedented level!

At this time…

A little eunuch from the imperial palace anxiously rushed over and said: “Prince Consort, you need to quickly respond. Ninth Prince and the other Princes have started to fight amongst themselves.”

Luo Tian swept his gaze about and found that Tang Jiu wasn’t in position and his 50,000 palace guards hadn’t appeared yet. He couldn’t help become anxious since those 50,000 palace guards were the elites he was counting on and were the key to this battle’s victory. Nothing can happen to them!

He instantly rushed out.

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