Undefeatable – Ch337

Chapter 337 – Killing A Prince?

“Old Nine, what qualifications do you have to take away the palace guards?”

“Why don’t you take a look at your own identity? The palace guards are an army specifically for the imperial palace. If you take them all away, who’s going to protect the palace? From the way I see it, has shit entered your brain or something?”

“That’s right!”

“Don’t think by attaching yourself to a foreign dog and you’re all that. He’s just a bumpkin from a tiny little place! I really don’t understand what imperial father sees in him and actually betrothed thirteenth sister to him. And thirteenth sister is such a cheap harlot for accepting such a man! Ptui~!”

Inside the imperial palace.

Tang Jiu had a really ugly look on his face. The corner of his eyes was swollen, there was blood at the side of his mouth, and his body was covered in dirt.

It was very clear…

He was just in a fight and was being ganged up on.

Tang Jiu coldly swept his eyes past them. Looking at his own biological brothers, he started coldly sneering in his heart: “Brothers? They’re basically all dogs’ fart!”

Immediately after…

Tang Jiu coldly said: “Elder brother…”


“Is elder brother something for you to call? Call me Crown Prince, you damn unruly thing!” A man dressed in luxurious clothing shouted.

The corner of Tang Jiu’s eye twitched a few times before he said: “Imperial father is outside the city fighting with all his effort. The army of devil fiends from the Devil Sealing Array might invade us at any given moment so we need to be even more united at a time like this. Heavenly Sword City needs those 50,000 palace guards. Luo Tian also needs them, so…”

“Needs your own fart!”

“If you keep mentioning that damn dog thing, do you believe we’ll give you another beating?”

The Crown Prince coldly glared at Tang Jiu. He then held the military seal and said in ridicule: “What qualifications does an outsider like him have to control the Imperial Palace Guards? What if by chance that he uses them to rebel? Imperial father may have given you the military power but it doesn’t mean you can use it however you want. Now that the military seal is in my hands, the 50,000 palace guards need to listen to me. They need to protect the imperial palace with all their effort and they aren’t allowed to take even a single step out!”

“We absolutely support elder brother’s decision.”

“The palace guards are here to protect the imperial palace so we cannot let him bring them out. If that damn mongrel takes them away, there’s a high chance that he’s going to use them to rebel!”

“I am actually suspecting that it was him that destroyed the Devil Sealing Array and let the devil fiends out. He wants to snatch our Great Tang during the chaos! What vicious intentions!”

“If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have offended the Sea Cloud Sect, the Southern Mountain Sect, Heavenly Plume City, and the Dao Shang Alliance. It was all because of him! He is definitely here to create chaos in our Great Tang! Someone like him should be hacked into pieces!”

For a brief moment…

Many of the Princes started scolding.

Tang Jiu’s face was turning uglier and uglier. He was clenching his fists while glaring at the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince then said in ridicule: “What? You’re unhappy about it? Come snatch the military seal from me if you have the guts, hahaha…”

“Without the protection of General Chen and Wang, you are nothing more than a pathetic dog. Hahaha…”


Another round of ridiculing and laughing was heard.

Those Princes didn’t know how stupid they really were.

After enjoying a life of luxury and peace, they had no clue the immensity of the heavens and earth.

Tang Jiu’s eyes started turning bloodshot and killing intent started surging out from his heart. He then shouted: “It doesn’t matter if you ridicule me but you bunch of useless crap aren’t qualified to mock Luo Tian! You guys aren’t even qualified to say his name!”

“Oh oh?”

“Getting angry?”

“Are you turning into a dog and biting people now? Hahaha…”

“After hanging around that dog Luo Tian, you’ve also become a crazy dog too.” The Crown Prince Tang Qin mocked.

Tang Jiu couldn’t endure anymore.

He raised his head and consumed a pill.


The aura on his body drastically changed into one at the Profound King realm. His gaze locked onto Tang Qin before scolding: “I already said that you aren’t qualified to say the name Luo Tian!”

Tang Qin’s expression faintly changed. His body hiddenly shivered but he still said with disdain: “What? You want to make a move?”

“So what if I’m going to make a move?”

Tang Jiu became enraged as his figure rushed forth.

Tang Qin’s mouth revealed a smug and cold sneer. He didn’t move but said: “Bodyguard Jin, kill him for me.”

As his voice faded…

A figure suddenly appeared next to Tang Qin. A pair of fists then struck forth smashing towards Tang Jiu.


A dull impact sound was heard.

Tang Jiu’s original strength was only at the Profound Spirit 8th rank. After consuming the Profound Burst Pill, his cultivation was raised to the early Profound King realm and wasn’t an opponent to Jin Kun who was at the Profound King 7th rank.

Tang Jiu’s body flew off like a kite with its string cut.

He landed heavily onto the ground and sprayed out a mouthful of dark colored blood.

Tang Qin brought the other Princes forward before stepping on Tang Jiu’s head. He then forcefully stepped down before saying in ridicule: “You want to fight with me? You aren’t qualified to! Do you really think you’re all that when imperial father kind of favors you? Do you know who the Crown Prince is? It’s this daddy! An old nine like you wants to piss and shit all over my head? You’re practically courting your own death!”

After saying that…

Tang Qin’s gaze swept out before killing intent was seen in his eyes. His right foot fiercely stepped down onto Tang Jiu’s face before lowering himself and saying: “You can go to hell for me now. It won’t be long before I send that damn mongrel down there to accompany you.”

“Bodyguard Jin, kill him for me!”

Jin Kun’s eyes turned gloomy. He didn’t hesitate and pulled out a sword by his waist before directly stabbing right at Tang Jiu’s heart.

Tang Jiu bitterly chuckled before saying: “I’m sorry idol; once again I cannot accomplish the matter you had me do.”

After saying that, he closed his eyes.

He was unwilling to accept this!

When facing his own biological brothers, he would still be unable to take any fatal actions when moving against them.

But now…

He was at the brink of death.

The sword in Jin Kun’s was about to stab down when a figure suddenly descended. A pair of fists smashed out like hammers, the power creating a dull thunderous roar.


Jin Kun’s body directly flew out for several hundred meters. His chest had become a bloody mess mixed with chunks of flesh and bones. His eyes were bulged out as he didn’t even know how he had died.

Instant kill!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing…”

The system gave off an alert tone.

Luo Tian stretched his hand out towards Tang Jiu as he said with a smile: “Ninth brother, it won’t be fun anymore once you die. There’s still a lot of exciting things in this world, so why are you in such a rush to die?”

Tang Jiu opened his eyes and saw Luo Tian. He started smiling in excitement, and there was even a hint of tears at the corner of his eye. He grabbed onto Luo Tian’s hand and got up while saying: “You’ve saved me once again.”

He was feeling incomparably touched.

“Let’s go.”

“They have all arrived and we’re only waiting for you.” Luo Tian didn’t even give Tang Qin a single glance.

Without waiting for Tang Jiu to say anything…

Tang Qin’s expression greatly changed. Seeing how Jin Kun was deader than a doornail off at a distance, his rage surged into the sky! “You damn dog thing! You dare to kill my bodyguard?! This is considered rebelling and an attempt at killing the Crown Prince! Someone come! Capture him for me and execute him on the spot!”

Luo Tian’s eyes turned icy as he glared at Tang Qin while waves of killing intent were surging from him.

Tang Jiu’s gaze turned to Tang Qin as he said in seriousness: “Elder brother; hand over the military seal. The Imperial Palace Guards is related to the safety of Heavenly Sword City so I hope that you will focus on the bigger picture.”


“Old Nine, you can forget about me handing over the military seal!”

“You and that damn mongrel can go to hell for this daddy!” shouted Tang Qin. He then pulled out the military seal and directly gave out a command: “All Imperial Palace Guards present; kill them for me!”

Power inside Tang Jiu started circulating.

Luo Tian looked at the undefeated value inside the system interface and blocked in front of Tang Jiu. He then coldly smiled and said: “Since he needs to die, then you might as well let me do the killing!”

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