Undefeatable – Ch339

Chapter 339 – It’s Time For Me To Make An Appearance

All the warriors were on top of the city walls.

Looking at the swath of enemies outside the eastern gate, everyone’s gaze was trembling.

Those sounds of slaughter felt like they were coming from the depths of hell, making everyone’s fear increase multiple times. The ones present with lower cultivations immediately started trembling.


Incomparable fear!

The sky looked like it was being suppressed by devilish flames.

The devilish flames that covered the sky looked like it was trying to devour everything in heaven and earth. And it was getting closer and closer to Heavenly Sword City!

Luo Tian leaped into the air and descended onto the top of the city wall. He watched how the devil fiend army was getting closer and some lonely figures fighting desperately to resist their advancement.


Someone cried out.

“It’s his majesty!”

“It’s the Imperial Palace Guards!”

“It’s General Heilong Wang!”

“They… out of 200,000 elite troops, they’re the only ones left? These devil fiends are too powerful! We… we… are we even their opponents?”


Everyone was in fear.

Everyone was trembling, and that included Luo Tian as well.

He too was trembling in fear.

But what he was clear on was that someone needed to stand out at this moment. No matter how strong the opponent was, once you started getting scared, you wouldn’t be able to display your strength however powerful it may be. Luo Tian’s voice turned heavy as he shouted: “Fellow brothers!”

“I know everyone is scared right now because I am scared as well!”

“But everyone needs to think about your own family and your fellow brothers and sisters. If we become scared and our final line of defense collapses, what would happen to them? They will die by the hands of these devil fiends in the most miserable way!”

“For our family and for our country, what do you think we should do?!”

For a moment…

Luo Tian’s question caused a brief silence.

A soft sounding voice was then heard. It wasn’t very loud but it was extremely crisp and clear so that everyone could hear it.

“Kill them all!”

Once that was said, Luo Tian roared out in excitement: “Spoken correctly! We shall kill them all!”


Luo Tian’s word was similar to a fuse that instantly ignited the entire city.

Everyone was clenching their fists as the fear in their hearts was forced out. They all shouted in unison: “Kill them all! Kill them all! Kill them all!”

Their voices were louder than the next.

Feng Lei flew up to the top and said: “Boss, the bow and arrows have been delivered and have all been issued. The bow and arrows are all normal items, so are they really going to be of use?”

“Of course they’re going to be useful!”

Luo Tian faintly smiled in thought. If a single arrow can cause 1 point of health point loss, then 100,000 arrows can cause 100,000 points of damage. It’s basically the ideal weapon for ranged health depletion.

Also at this time…

Xuan Yuanyi also came over and said: “Boss, the catapults are ready.”

“All the forgers in Heavenly Sword City are all concentrated here.”

“All the alchemists in Heavenly Sword City have come.”


“Good, good, good!”

“Everyone is united in fighting against the devil fiends. This daddy refuses to believe that we won’t succeed!” The blood in Luo Tian was boiling as he immediately gave a command: “Legion of forgers – use all your effort to forge xuan arrows and xuan metal rocks!”

“Alchemists – as long as they are medicinal pills with curing effects, it doesn’t matter what grade they are, just concoct as much as you can!”

After making these arrangements, Luo Tian’s expression changed as he shouted: “Listen up all personnel in the army! The Sky Ranking competition will be starting right now! Whoever kills the most devil fiends will have the highest rankings! The top ranker shall receive ten improved Profound Burst Pills and one earth grade xuan weapon!”

“The top ten Sky rankers will also have rewards!”

As his voice faded…

People were glancing at each other before excited expressions were revealed on their faces.

Just by being in the Sky Rankings gave a person a certain identity. It was also considered a springboard for that person to enter a high ranking Sect or large force. As long as one appeared in the Sky Rankings, then there was an opportunity for them to succeed in life!

And with the addition of ten special Profound Burst Pills, this made everyone even more excited.



“I can’t wait anymore!”

“My large blade is already thirsty for sustenance!”

“Quickly come, you damn devil fiends! This daddy needs to rise up in the Sky Ranking competition!”


Xuan Yuanyi flicked his sword with an extremely calm look on his face. The Great Fault Sword was releasing an extremely strong sword intent as his aura merged together with it. In just a brief moment, they had already achieved the strongest realm of man and sword as one.




The devil fiend army approached closer and closer.

They continuously gave off sounds of thunderous explosions, but this time no one on the city walls was afraid.

Their faces were filled with excitement.

Also at this time…

Two figures flew over and heavily smashed into the city walls.

“It’s General Li and General Heilong!”


“They’re dead!”

For a brief moment, everyone’s expression drastically changed.

Those two Generals were Profound Venerate experts! They have made countless contributions to the Great Tang and showcased their outstanding battle accomplishments. But now they have both died, and died in an extremely miserable fashion. Their entire bodies were smashed to pulp, and the devilish flames latched onto them were still devouring their blood essence.

In just a short moment…

Their flesh had disappeared leaving only a blackened skeleton. Even their souls weren’t spared!

“This is too cruel.”

“This daddy can’t hold back anymore! I’m going to rush out and rip them into pieces!”

“Prince Consort! We should just fight with them head on!”

“Count me in! General Li and General Heilong are like two guardian gods to our Great Tang. If it weren’t for their deterrence, I’m afraid the Great Tang would have been lost in the flame of wars already. We cannot let them sacrifice their lives in vain!”


Incomparable rage!

At this moment, no one here felt fear from the deaths of the two Generals but had their rage ignited.

Luo Tian’s mind tightened. Even though those two had looked down on him previously, they had still lost their lives for their country. Just this point alone deserved Luo Tian’s full admiration. He made a thought and immediately activated the War Leader System.


A bright light that only Luo Tian could see shot out.

The light had enshrouded every single martial artist on top of the city walls.

At this moment, a golden ring of light floated above their heads. The light was increasing their mental energy and their fighting will!

They didn’t sense the light and only felt their will to fight had become even firmer.

Also at this moment…

Luo Tian sent a voice transmission over to Blindman Liu and asked: “How’s the preparation going?”

Blindman Liu was incomparably excited as he replied: “Dragon head, you are simply too awesome! My blood started boiling when I heard the song. It’s just too powerful! I just finished playing it once and felt like killing my way out of the city gates. I had a feeling that I was capable of ripping Devil Monarch Skysoul into tiny little pieces!”

Luo Tian really liked the song Never Give Up.

Especially when one was in the midst of a siege warfare, the song was capable of elevating your will to fight and increase your combat power.

The most important point was the cohesiveness of the group!

It will become very strong!

Everyone’s heart will be tied together.

Luo Tian looked off into the distance and noticed the remaining light being devoured by the devilish flames. His mind turned grim as he clenched his fists. He then said to himself: “It’s time for me to make an appearance!”

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