Undefeatable – Ch340

Chapter 340 – Thousands Of Arrows Soaring Through The Sky


“Tang Zhanlong is finished!”

“Damn dog thing, weren’t you very arrogant in Heavenly Sword City? Why don’t you continue being arrogant in front of the devil friend army? Now you’ve ended up dead, hahaha…”

In the Sea Cloud Sect.

Daoist Huang Yun was extremely happy. The anger that had been accumulating for over a month inside him was finally released today, and this feeling was simply too great!

When he saw the last bit of golden light on Tang Zhanlong being devoured, he started laughing. He was laughing loudly and crazily in extreme joy. The expression on his face looked like he wanted to light up some fireworks in celebration.

“The Great Tang’s Emperor has died.”

“Heavenly Sword City will soon be broken through.”

“Sect Leader, our time has come. Now’s the time for us to carve up the territories of the Great Tang. According to my sources, there are already many Sects that are leering at the territories so we should start preparing as well.” Daoist Huang Yun said to Nangong Jue in an excited manner.

Nangong Jue’s mouth also curved into a gloomy smile.

Recalling that his only son’s life root was destroyed near the imperial palace and their Nangong family’s incense-bearing predecessors had been cut off, the rage inside him and erupted like a volcano.

Immediately after…

Nangong Jue’s expression turned serious as he said: “Notify all the disciples of the Battle Hall to assemble. They’ll be setting off immediately!”

Sea Cloud Sect’s Battle Hall was where their strongest and most elite disciples gathered.

Daoist Huang Yun smiled excitedly and said: “Good, I will go make preparations now.”

Nangong Jue flew into the air and looked towards Heavenly Sword City. He then harrumphed in disdain: “A ragtag army like that wishes to resist the devil fiend army? Hahaha… Heavenly Sword City will soon be annihilated. But it is a bit unfortunate that this ten thousand year old ancient city will be gone just like that.”


“Tang Zhanlong has died!”

“Tang Zhanlong has died!”

“Our opportunity has arrived! After being suppressed by the Great Tang for a few thousand years, it’s time for us to vent this frustration.”

“Ready the army! We will be heading to the territories of the Great Tang!”


“Hahaha… Heavenly Sword City is finished! Our opportunity is here! This is the time where warlords will be vying for hegemony, so my Ardent Sun Sect will use this chance to rise up. Hahaha… the heavens have sent me such a great opportunity so I cannot miss out on it.”


Many Sects and thousand year old families were revealing their hidden wild ambitions!

They were planning on rising up during the chaos!

Once Heavenly Sword City is done for, this will be the declaration of the Great Tang’s destruction.

At this time, rivaling warlords will start dividing up the country and vying for dominance. This was precisely the perfect time for those forces that the Great Tang had been bullying for all these years to rise up!


Soul Hall.

Inside the Dark Cage.

Li Xue’er was constantly releasing her powers and smashing against the cage.




She looked like she had gone insane as she disregarded everything while attacking the cage. She bounced off from the powers around the Dark Cage yet continued smashing herself against it. She repeatedly did this and was now pale white from the vibration powers of the Dark Cage. Fresh blood could be clearly seen on the corner of her mouth.

Extremely painful!

But Li Xue’er had no intent to stop.

Her throat had become hoarse from screaming.

She had cried to the point of having no more tears left.

She had begged everyone she could think of and made all the promises she could keep. But everything was useless!

She was like a little girl that had been forced into isolation.

It was like she had been thrown into an endless abyss called the Dark Cage.

The only thing she could do was smash against the cage, using her powers to break through this restraint.

But the Soul King was too powerful.

Powerful to the point that she couldn’t even imagine. No matter how much she attacked it, the Dark Cage’s energy didn’t weaken and actually became stronger.

Li Xue’er’s heart was dead silent. She clearly knew that she wouldn’t be able to break out of the cage yet was desperately striking it. She was silently praying inside her heart: “Big brother Luo Tian, you must stay alive, you have to continue living. Xue’er is still waiting for you to marry her. Xue’er is still waiting to be your bride…”


A voice was transmitted over.

Zi Luolan faintly sighed before saying: “Why do you torture yourself like that? Is it really worth it to do this for him?”

Li Xue’er didn’t reply. When dealing with the people of the Soul Hall, including her mother, she didn’t want to speak a single word to them.



Zi Luolan heavily exhaled and said: “Stop hitting it. Mother promises you that I will have the Hall Master send out reinforcements as long as you stop throwing yourself against the cage. Mother’s heart is in a lot of pain when seeing you like this.”

“Is he really that good?”

“Does he really deserve you treating him so well? You are someone with the Phoenix bloodline… can a poor backwater hick like him be worthy of you?”

Li Xue’er stopped her attacks and softly said: “In this entire world, he is the only person that truly treats me well.”

She somewhat regretted it when she said those words.

After all, these words were said to her own mother.

Her heart felt a bit apologetic but the regret wasn’t too strong.

Zi Luolan’s heart fell as her brows scrunched up. She then said: “I will have the Hall Master send out reinforcements while you just obediently cultivate in the Dark Cage. When you can fully control your starlight powers, the Hall Master will automatically release you.”

After saying that…

Zi Luolan disappeared.

Li Xue’er stopped smashing the cage and smiled happily. Her happiness made her look like a little ordinary woman. She looked up at the dark sky and softly said: “Big brother Luo Tian, you will definitely survive. My mother has promised to send out reinforcements.”


What she didn’t know was that…

The Soul Hall didn’t send out a single person as reinforcement.

Zi Luolan never mentioned this to anyone!

As a mother, she will definitely not allow her daughter to walk the wrong path. Li Xue’er was supposed to form a family with Murong Wanjian and to become the Saintess of the Heaven’s Gate Immortal Sect, and not to hang around with a country bumpkin. She will absolutely not allow this!

At this time…

Zi Luolan was hoping the devil fiend army would quickly destroy Heavenly Sword City and kill everyone there!




Luo Tian sneezed twice as he heart turned cold. He then cursed to himself: “Damn it! Who the f*ck is cursing this daddy?!”

On top of the city walls.

They were watching the devil fiend army approach one step at a time.

Their footsteps were as loud as thunder.

The devilish flames around their bodies were like black raging flames.

Feng Lei was quickly running over with a forehead full of sweat. He then said with excitement: “Boss, I’ve secretly done what you’ve told me to do and distributed those xuan arrows to everyone. Are they really going to be useful?”

This was the doubt in everyone’s mind.

Will the xuan arrows really be of use?

Many people held onto a skeptical attitude. Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “You guys will see in a bit.”

Devil fiend army!

Not all of those in the devil fiend army were powerful and peerless existences. They too had low leveled devils with low cultivations and there wasn’t that much left of their health bars. After the battle with the Imperial Palace Guards and the Black Dragon Legion, the health bars of many devil fiends were already reaching the bottom.

It’s just that Luo Tian was the only one that could see this!


“They have entered the shooting range!”

Luo Tian started grinning in excitement. With his fists clenched, he then roared into the sky: “Archers get ready! Draw your bows at full arch!”



“Shoot those motherf*ckers to death!”

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