Undefeatable – Ch342

Chapter 342 – Super Slaughtering Array

So awesome!

Experience points were flying up.

He leveled up in just a few minutes.

This kind of feeling was simply too great!

When the arrows were nocked, all the martial artists pointed their bows into the air.

A cold harrumph was suddenly heard amidst the devil fiend army.

“Oxhead Devils, step forward!”

“Boom~, boom~, boom~!”


Around ten thousand Oxhead Devils rushed forward with utter arrogance. They stood blocking the front and started roaring into the sky. A chilling light was reflecting off their shiny black armor. When dealing with a sky full of arrows, they directly looked down so their backs were exposed. They were planning on resisting just by using their thick skin and flesh.

“Whoosh~, whoosh~, whoosh~!”

The arrows came down like it was raining.

In Luo Tian’s mind, he could only imagine hearing the sounds of arrows fragmenting.

What a miserable sight!

The defensive capability of the Oxhead Devil’s fleshly body was too powerful.

Their fleshly bodies were able to resist the pure powers of a peak Profound Venerable expert, and maybe even an attack by experts at the Profound Saint realm!


One after another, the Oxhead Devils roared into the sky as if they were demonstrating their might. It was similar to them saying: “Keep shooting at this daddy if you have the guts!”

Also at this time…

The devil fiend army had regained their rhythm and became unified once again.

“Oxhead Devils shall open up the path! Charge for me!”

“Destroy this Heavenly Sword City and exterminate all the humans inside!”

“Boom~, boom~, boom~!”

It was like tens of thousands of bulls charging in an unparalleled formation!

Luo Tian sneered before shouting: “Change arrows!”

Immediately after…

Everyone started changing to a different type of arrow in unison. This new type of arrow was clearly different from the previous because each arrowhead showed a glimmer of different colored attributes. There was fire, thunder, electric, water…

Arrows with a variety of different attributes!

Luo Tian already assumed in the beginning that the devil fiend army would have devils with an exceptionally strong defense. And these special arrows were prepared specifically for them.


“I already knew you guys would fail. A mere Profound King 6th rank… huh? Why is he at the 7th rank now? Humph, so what if he’s a Profound King 7th rank? It’s still not much difference to a piece of trash. There’s only one outcome when dealing with such an unparalleled devil fiend army, and that’s having one’s fleshly body devoured and one’s soul stripped away. One shall eternally suffer in the devil prisons and never be able to enter the cycle of reincarnation.”

When they saw the Oxhead Devils block the thousands of arrows sent by Luo Tian’s army…

Many of them started laughing in mockery.

The devil fiend army were clearly enemies of the human race who wanted to kill off every single human. Yet these so called experts were acting like they were relatives to the devil fiends as they kept ridiculing Luo Tian. They kept looking down on him and treating him like a dog.

They wanted to watch Luo Tian make a joke out of himself.

They wanted to see Heavenly Sword City and the Great Tang destroyed.

They never had any thoughts of helping out!

Most likely that thought never even briefly appeared in their minds.

Luo Tian’s heart faintly ached a bit as it felt like it was dead. He looked up into the void and helplessly chuckled once to himself.

Immediately after…

His expression changed as raging flames of anger shot out from him. He no longer bothered with those experts observing in the void of space as he shouted: “Nock your arrows! Draw your bows! Fire at your own will!”



Those attributed arrows came down.

Continuous sounds of explosions were heard as the thick skin on the back of the Oxhead Devils was blown apart. Their physical defense was extremely strong but when dealing with magical properties, their defense was basically zero. This was exactly their weakness.

Of course…

If Luo Tian wasn’t a transmigrator…

If he didn’t have many years of playing video games, he wouldn’t have thought of this idea.

Seeing how the once insufferably arrogant Oxhead Devils start to flee in panic, the martial artists on the city wall only had dumbfounded expressions on their faces. They weren’t actually looking at the Oxhead Devils but were staring at Luo Tian. The degree of worship towards him in their hearts had now reached an unprecedented level!


They absolutely worshipped him!

This guy seemed to have the ability to see through everything and come up with countermeasures beforehand. Even when facing these unrivaled devil fiends, he seems to already have ways to deal with them! How powerful was this?!

Too awesome!

An awesomeness that was beyond describing!

Whether it be Profound Spirit martial artists or Profound Ancestor realm experts, they had all started to worship Luo Tian in their hearts.

Also at this time…

The system gave off an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up the War Leader System. You are currently a level 2 Leader.”

Mental energy has doubled.

Fighting will has doubled.


Luo Tian was somewhat happy, “This thing can level up too?”

This was due to the martial artists starting to admire and worship Luo Tian that triggered the system to level up.

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate to release the powers of a level 2 War Leader System. He then shouted: “We have smashed apart their powerful momentum twice without losing a single soldier! This is something those Sects or even Immortal Sects cannot accomplish! I am proud of you all!”


“You guys must shoot all the arrows in your possession. Once you’re done, my fellow brothers need to immediately get down from the city wall!”

The devil fiend army had been hit hard twice.

This has definitely pissed them off.

The result of them being pissed off means the commanders of the devil fiend army will make an appearance.

The power they possess is something these arrows cannot harm. And because they are so powerful, it would basically be a massacre if they were to rush up to the city walls. There aren’t many people currently here with the ability to resist them.

Luo Tian was very clear about this!

This was a monster siege warfare.

Luo Tian has experienced these types of battles countless times.

They way they sent out their troops basically had the same pattern.

And it will most likely be the same as well this time. Luo Tian had seen through everything.

Most likely in the new several minutes, those golden glowing boss devil fiends will be rushing out. Luo Tian didn’t want anyone here to be injured. If it was possible, he preferred to protect every single person inside Heavenly Sword City so that’s why he gave such a command.

Everyone was puzzled by this.

They were enjoying themselves with the killing yet now they were told to get down from the city walls? What the hell’s going on?

Feng Lei had a confused expression on his face but he didn’t ask. He believed in Luo Tian, a form of complete blind trust. His thoughts are that even though he doesn’t understand the reason for it, all he had to do was just do it!


It was different for other people.

“Prince Consort, why must we withdraw?”

“We were just enjoying the killing and the devil fiend army doesn’t even dare to advance anymore. So why are we withdrawing? We should be pursuing the enemies after the victory instead.”

“Let us continue killing! We still have the strength to continue the slaughter!”

Luo Tian didn’t want to waste time explaining so he shouted: “Everyone, please just believe in me!”

After thinking for half a second…

The crowd then shouted: “We shall listen to Prince Consort! Once everyone finishes shooting their arrows, hurry up and get down from the wall!”

Many people quickly responded.

Everyone started shooting all their arrows towards the devil fiend army. They didn’t do a lot of damage but many devil fiends were still injured.

After a short moment…

There was no one left on top of the city walls except for Luo Tian.


“That was really a stupid move to command everyone to suddenly leave.”

“I’ve seen a lot of trash in my life but I’ve never seen one so trashy before. This is simply too funny! Hahaha…”

“This kid is basically a complete idiot!”

Luo Tian looked up and faintly sneered. He then said: “What a bunch of retards!”

Also at this time…

Within the devil fiend army, over a hundred brightly glowing devil fiends suddenly shot out.

Those so called experts started laughing loudly in disdain. “Heavenly Sword City is finished! That country bumpkin is way too funny! I was thinking Heavenly Sword City would manage to hold on for a bit longer but didn’t expect such a stupid decision to be made. Hahaha…”

Luo Tian leaped into the air and instantly landed at the center of Heavenly Sword City. He then roared out: “Kill them all for me!”

A powerful stream of energy smashed into the ground.

Multiple thick strands of runes shot out at the speed of light and enshrouded Heavenly Sword City in its entirety!

The Super Slaughtering Array has appeared!

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