Undefeatable – Ch345

Chapter 345 – Summoning The Heavenly Sword

A super boss has appeared!

Devil Monarch Skysoul!

He was a broken soul from ancient times that had cultivated for over 100,000 years.

He had been sealed in the Devil Sealing Array for ten thousand years so the rage inside his heart was unstoppable.

There were many people on this continent that knew about him since countless experts had fallen by his hands. His devilish nature, brutality, and his massacres were similar to your typical tyrant.


Not many people knew how he came to be sealed up in the Devil Sealing Array.

Or why he even went into the Devil Sealing Array, to begin with.

This was already a mystery ten thousand years ago and it still remains a mystery today.

Devilish flames covered the sky.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s huge body directly blocked the entire airspace above Heavenly Sword City. A powerful voice was then heard: “Humph! A mere incomplete grim reaper’s path of slaughter!”

As his voice faded…

A huge palm made of devilish flames descended…

Directly smacking down!


The illusory grim reaper above the array was instantly shattered by the strike! The gloominess of the Immortal Execution Array returned to its original looks and one could no longer find any trace of the energy of the grim reaper’s path of slaughter.

This was just a mere slap!

An array with the power of the grim reaper that Luo Tian had used up over a million profound energy to create was instantly destroyed. The power behind the slap was simply too terrifying! Luo Tian’s mind sank while his expression changed. He clenched his fists while saying to himself: “It looks like we won’t be able to resist…”

A power that can annihilate the illusory grim reaper with a slap and leave nothing left, most likely even Profound Saint experts weren’t capable of doing this. Devil Monarch Skysoul’s strength had exceeded Luo Tian’s expectation, which meant his cultivation level had truly reached a terrifying level.


Even though Luo Tian’s countenance faintly changed, he still didn’t feel the slightest fear.


He felt nothing but pure excitement, similar to eating a few Viagra pills. His heart was burning up and his whole body felt like it contained an inexhaustible power.

Because Devil Monarch Skysoul was a boss… a super big boss!

If Luo Tian could kill him…


Luo Tian’s drool almost spilled out from his mouth. He then said to himself in agitation: “Those commander level bosses had already exploded with such good loot, then what kind of loots would the corpse of this ultimate boss explode forth with? This is too awesome; this daddy almost cannot hold back anymore!”

This was too tempting!

In the eyes of other people, the devilish flames had blotted out the sky and covered the sun.

But for Luo Tian, the sky was covered in a golden glow that blinded him to the point of barely being able to open his eyes. This kind of feeling was simply too great! It was similar to looking at ten thousand beautiful girls without a piece of clothing on them, and they were all winking and sending out electricity at him. There was only one word to describe this situation – AWESOME!

“Devil Monarch Skysoul!”

“It’s really Devil Monarch Skysoul! A broken soul that somehow drifted to Tianxuan Continent, cultivated for 100,000 years, and became an exalted existence after experiencing countless hardships. He was Tianxuan Continent’s number one most brutal devil, and was even more savage than the devil race ten thousand years ago.”

“We’re done for!”

“Heavenly Sword City is really finished this time.”

“F*ck your mom! With Prince Consort around, there’s no way Heavenly Sword City will be finished. He will definitely protect us! If you f*cking keep spouting words like that, then this daddy is gonna end you guys!”

“That’s right!”

“Who can block the devil fiend army you say? No one could resist them ten thousand years ago and we don’t even know how they were sealed. Yet Prince Consort managed to stop them outside the city without losing a single soldier. He is the first to accomplish this in the past ten thousand years so we need to believe in him.”

A bunch of discussions arose in Heavenly Sword City.

Everyone wasn’t as scared as before, and they didn’t get scared to the point of losing their will to fight with the appearance of Devil Monarch Skysoul.

The majority of the people chose to believe in Luo Tian.

Because Luo Tian had just created a miracle.

There were too little miraculous events in this world, and the miracle Luo Tian created had given everyone a sense of hope!



An alert tone sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.

Luo Tian was a bit confused as said to himself: “Could a devil fiend have lost too much blood that led to their death?”

He then focused on the rest of the message.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up the War Leader System. Your current stage is level 3!”

Mental energy has increased by two times, fighting will has increased by two times, the ability to call to arms and cohesion strength has increased by two times!


“System Alert: Once the War Leader System rises to level 5, user may activate the Heavenly Sword once!”


“What what? What’s going on?”

“Heavenly Sword?!”

“What’s this Heavenly Sword? Your sister you damn system, you better speak clearly with this daddy! What Heavenly Sword are you talking about?” Luo Tian was currently filled with shock. For the War Leader System to level up, having the mental energy, fighting will and other stuff increase was very normal.

But once the War Leader System rises to level 5, it can actually summon a Heavenly Sword?

Could it be the Great Tang’s legendary Heavenly Sword?!

A super divine flying sword that’s capable of killing anything on this world?



Luo Tian swallowed his saliva down a few times before talking to himself enthusiastically: “I knew it! I knew it! Hahaha… My cultivation level is only at the Profound King 8th rank, and even if I reach the Profound Saint realm, there’s no way I can be an opponent to Devil Monarch Skysoul. How am I supposed to resist the devil fiend army?”

“Sure enough…”

“As long as I can raise the War Leader System to level 5, I can summon the Heavenly Sword and then slash Devil Monarch Skysoul’s anus until it explodes into the sky! So awesome! This daddy is going to be rich! Hahaha…”


Incomparable excitement!


When Luo Tian tried looking up more details on leveling the War Leader System, he became depressed.

There weren’t any hints.

Not even a little tiny bit of a hint. If he didn’t know the conditions for the system to level up, then how was he going to go about it? How was he going to summon out the Heavenly Sword?

Luo Tian became angry as he started scolding all eighty-one generations of the system in his heart. “Your sister, you damn system! Your whole family are little sisters!”

At this time…

Those experts hiding in the void started mocking once again.

“Devil Monarch Skysoul has appeared! Damn country bumpkin, go ahead and act arrogant! Why aren’t you acting arrogant now?”

“This trash will definitely die now that he has appeared.”

“You really think you’re all that after blocking a few devil fiend commanders? Becoming conceited with your short-lived success? This daddy wants to see how you keep acting arrogant when facing Devil Monarch Skysoul! I want to see how you’re going to protect your precious Heavenly Sword City now! Hahaha…”


Those sounds of ridiculing were once again detected by Luo Tian’s senses.

Luo Tian had become annoyed once again.

He clenched his teeth to the point of making cracking sounds as he remembered each and every one of them. He had those insulting and ridiculing words etched into his heart as he said internally: “You bunch of cowards just wait and see for this daddy. There will surely be one day when I will meet you guys again and by that time, it will be the day of your death!”





A series of explosions were heard in the sky as if it was about to rip apart.

The huge devilish flames had condensed into a ferocious bestial figure. Those eyes that were similar to black holes were now glaring at Luo Tian.

Being stared at by those eyes, Luo Tian felt like he had nowhere to hide and could only stand there completely naked in front of him. This feeling was extremely uncomfortable.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s voice had lowered as he asked: “So you’re Luo Tian?”

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