Undefeatable – Ch346

Chapter 346 – I’m Sorry But I Want You To Explode

“So you’re Luo Tian?”

The voice sounded very calm.

It sounded like a question from a stranger.

The voice didn’t seem to contain any powers and was just a simple question.


The words spoken by Devil Monarch Skysoul were very simple to himself but not for Luo Tian.

Luo Tian’s body sank down while his fists were trembling. The voice actually contained a powerful energy that forced his body into a bent and almost kneeling position!

“Level 5 Berserk!”


Luo Tian couldn’t handle that power and had to immediately activate level 5 Berserk. The power of 32 times his base attribute coursed through his body allowing him to barely resist. His expression turned fierce as he coldly harrumphed: “That’s right! This daddy is called Luo Tian, and what damn thing are you?!”

Once those words were spoken…

Everyone’s expression changed in unison.

Those experts in the void were laughing to the point of being unable to close their mouths!

“What an idiot!”

“Hahaha… he’s truly a retard!”

“He actually dares to say such words to the Devil Monarch? I bet you shit has really entered his brain or he feels like he has lived on this world for too long. Hahaha…”

In the entire Tianxuan Continent, there wasn’t a single person that would dare to use such words with Devil Monarch Skysoul!

Luo Tian was practically an existence wishing to court his own death!

Luo Tian maintained an extremely arrogant and domineering expression on his face.

Since this guy wasn’t giving him face, why should he give the Devil Monarch any face in return? The first thing after appearing was to make Luo Tian kneel before him? Since that’s the case, why would he need to present a good impression towards this Devil Monarch?

F*ck you!

He already saw through life and death so he was going to do live the life he wanted!

One lived their life to be happy. Being oppressed and forced to kneel on the ground to the point of not daring to let out a fart… what’s the point of continue living like that?

This was the thought process of a transmigrator!

Luo Tian had a heart different from the masses; one of uninhibited arrogance. Not to mention facing Devil Monarch Skysoul, even if he was facing Heaven itself, he would still not give the Heavens any face. He would still maintain his disdain and arrogance!

This was Luo Tian’s character!



Devil Monarch Skysoul wasn’t angry and actually started laughing loudly.

His laughter no longer contained any of his powers to oppress Luo Tian.

Once Devil Monarch Skysoul had ceased his laughter, he then said calmly: “No one has ever dared to say such words to me before and it so happens to be someone of the human race. Not bad, not bad at all.”


“I appreciate your character! Come under my command and I guarantee that I can give you ten to a hundred times more benefits than what the human race can give you. I will also bring you out of this continent and allow you to see how truly colorful this world can be!”

What he was implying was the ancient world!

Last time when Luo Tian’s spiritual senses was taken to the ancient world by the ancient huge devil, he was already captivated by it.

It was definitely more colorful than the Tianxuan Continent!

Everyone became dumbstruck.

Not only did he not get angry, but he wanted Luo Tian to join him?


Everyone had shocked expressions on their faces.

The experts hiding in the void all had ugly looks on their faces and had a trace of fear rise up from their hearts. They were afraid that if Luo Tian really joined the devil fiend army, he might start chasing them down one by one. At that time, they would most likely…

They hearts sank.

They didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

It was the same with the people inside Heavenly Sword City.

They were afraid Luo Tian would agree to join Devil Monarch Skysoul’s side. If that was the case, Heavenly Sword City’s last ray of hope will be gone!

No one said a thing while only staring at Luo Tian without moving.

Their eyes were urging him to stay.

So no matter if it were the martial artists of Heavenly Sword City or the experts hiding in the void, all of them were afraid Luo Tian would join the devil fiend army. Devil Monarch Skysoul was just too powerful, and joining him would allow that person to attain whatever they wanted!


It wasn’t hard to tell from Devil Monarch Skysoul’s tone of voice that he really valued Luo Tian!

Luo Tian faintly smiled and replied calmly: “I’m sorry but I don’t appreciate you!”


“Long live Prince Consort!”

“Hahaha… I knew Prince Consort wouldn’t abandon us!”

The people in Heavenly Sword City were so moved that they were about to cry!

Tears were swelling in their eyes!

Those experts in the void had a face full of smiles. They were silently laughing at Luo Tian for being an idiot, and the large rock weighing on their hearts were gradually removed. There was no longer any need to fear the unimaginable.

As a matter of fact…

If they were to know Luo Tian’s internal monologue, they would be even more shocked!

Luo Tian’s original words in his heart were: “I’m sorry but I want you to explode!”

Of course, he didn’t say that out loud.

That’s because Devil Monarch Skysoul didn’t speak to him in a condescending tone.

But now Devil Monarch Skysoul was a bit annoyed.

For the past several tens of thousands of years, he had never spoken such words to a human before. And this was to a martial artist only at the Profound King realm. That kind of strength to him was even lesser than an ant. The reason he appreciated Luo Tian was because he had very strong abilities!

He knew battle strategies.

He knew how to set up arrays.

And he had an unyielding heart. His cultivation wasn’t strong but this was the first time in tens of thousands of years that Devil Monarch Skysoul felt that a human’s potential was so deep that it was bottomless.

The moment he appeared, he wanted to completely see-through Luo Tian.

But he found that no matter what abilities he invoked, he wasn’t unable to see through Luo Tian’s talents and potential.

Using the words of Blindman Liu, Luo Tian was an existence whose fate changed every day. Not to mention see-through, one could not even scratch the surface of obscurity.

Everyone had their own fate!

This was a rule of the heavens that no one can escape from. Many people just lived their life according to what they were fated for. Luo Tian was different since he didn’t believe in fate and only believed in himself. Fate was laying down plans for him each day but he managed to break them every day.

Devil Monarch Skysoul’s gaze faintly changed as the devilish flames around him slightly swelled up. He then said: “You will reach unimaginable heights if you follow me. I am giving you this one chance, which is also the only chance I will be giving you. I consider this as giving you a charity.”

Luo Tian was about to say something when…

For some unknown reason, Devil Monarch Skysoul interrupted him and said: “Don’t be hasty in giving a response. I will give you a full day to think it over. One day later, your response will determine your fate and the fate of over ten million lowly humans of Heavenly Sword City!”

For some strange reason…

He was a bit afraid of Luo Tian’s rejection.

He felt like he saw the shadow of a supreme expert of the ancient world behind Luo Tian!

Was this some sort of hallucination?

Devil Monarch Skysoul wasn’t sure about it. What he was clear on was that youths were usually hot-blooded and vigorous, so their immediate answer would usually be irrational. But when given more time to think about it, they would generally realize what the most sensible choice was.


He gave Luo Tian time to consider.

He believed Luo Tian was an intelligent person and would make the right choice.

After saying that…

Devil Monarch Skysoul disappeared along with all the devilish flames. The bright blue sky appeared once again as if nothing had happened!

Luo Tian stood there frozen in place.

Everyone was staring at him. Their hearts that were feeling relief had once again felt like it was dangling off a cliff.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I won’t leave you guys. Tonight will be our last chance to make preparations because tomorrow will be a huge battle!”

Seeking refuge with Devil Monarch Skysoul?

What a f*cking joke! How is this daddy going to get his loot explosion by jumping to his side?!

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