Undefeatable – Ch348

Chapter 348 – Leveling Up Like Crazy

There was a sudden system alert tone.

Luo Tian’s mind lightly trembled as he waited silently.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up the War Leader System. You are currently at level 4!”


“Leveled up?”

Luo Tian was almost dumbstruck. Suddenly leveling up was just too out of his expectations. Since he was currently at level 4, that meant he only had one more level to go in order to summon the Heavenly Sword and use it once.

At that time…

This was an item that can f*ck someone over big time!

Luo Tian grinned ferociously as his blood started boiling.

“What’s going on boss? Is it another expert hiding in the void mocking you?” Feng Lei couldn’t help asking when he saw Luo Tian’s ferocious smile.

Luo Tian waved his hand and said: “They’re just a bunch of dumb idiots so there’s no need to bother with them. When I have the chance, I will definitely visit them one by one to have tea with. By that time, I will definitely have them pay back today’s insults and ridicules.”

“This is our last night.”

“You guys go back and rest up.” Luo Tian looked at everyone’s exhausted countenance and felt a bit of heartache. Especially so for An Chunchun and her sleepy face. She was trying to forcefully keep her eyes open and looked like she could fall asleep any second.

Qin Yue’er then asked: “What about you?”

Luo Tian looked at the spiritual herbs in the square that was stacked high like a mountain and replied: “I need to make some preparations for tomorrow’s big battle. There’s no need for you guys to stay behind because you won’t be able to help me. Just go back to rest and restore your mental energy. Tomorrow, we will kill to our heart’s content.”

“Ninth brother, Fatty, Xuan Yuanyi, Blindman, you four stay behind for a bit while the others go back to rest.”

Luo Tian had to make some preparations.

The Immortal Execution Array won’t be able to block the devil fiend army since Devil Monarch Skysoul’s strength was too great. Once that guy becomes enraged, there’s definitely no way anyone can block him. Luo Tian can only drag things along and find a chance at turning things around.

Tang Tang and the others didn’t demand to stay behind and just silently left the place.

Even though these girls were unwilling, they didn’t want to give Luo Tian any more trouble than what he already had.

To Luo Tian, the task now was for the men while the women can just stand to the side and watch.

Only five people were left at the main square.

Luo Tian brought out all the attributed demon cores he had left on him. He also brought out over ten thousand xuan weapons that he had forged in the national treasury previously and piled it in front of him. He then said: “Arrange these according to my instructions and don’t make a single mistake.”

“The protective array for the city will definitely be unable to block Devil Monarch Skysoul, so it’s only a matter of time the city is broken through. Therefore, the big battle we’re facing will be brought inside Heavenly Sword City. My plan is to turn Heavenly Sword City into a place where over ten thousand small slaughtering arrays will be stationed at various locations.”

Tang Jiu’s brows quivered as he excitedly asked: “Making Heavenly Sword City house over ten thousand small slaughtering arrays… how on earth did you come up with that? This is crazy! What kind of name are you going to call this battle tactic?”

Luo Tian was in thought for a while before saying with a smile: “Landmine Warfare!”

“Landmine Warfare?”

“What the hell is a landmine?”

“Dragon head, how come all the stuff you come up with are all so weird yet so effective?”

They all asked with curiosity.

Luo Tian didn’t explain and just urged: “We don’t have much time left, quickly go prepare. You’ve all seen the patterns clearly so don’t make any mistakes in arranging it. If you set the thing up wrong, the array won’t be able to release any of its powers.”

“Don’t worry!”

“We’ll be off now.”

Luo Tian looked up into the night sky and started smiling in excitement.

The entire city will be filled with the Hell Lotus Arrays. Once someone enters it, it will trigger nine illusory lotuses. The killing power of the array isn’t very strong, but it can at least delay the devil fiend army. Apart from the Hell Lotus Array, there is also countless miniature Ancient Dragon Execution Arrays.

As long as someone enters the array, it will be similar to stepping on a landmine. Even if the explosion doesn’t kill you, it can still at least make you disabled!

Luo Tian ideas had always been on the crazy side.

How can it be not crazy when he’s even using landmines as a tactic?


When Luo Tian looked at the spiritual herbs piled high like a mountain, his gaze sank while saying to himself: “Medicinal pills are similar to the support of mana and health potions. I can take care of myself but those martial artists can’t do without the pills. There will definitely be a lot of casualties tomorrow so I need a lot of medicinal pills…”

“I should first try to concoct as many Profound Burst Pills as possible!”

After summoning out the Green Dragon Cauldron, the speed of Luo Tian’s hands were moving at exceptional speeds. He tossed several spiritual herbs with the properties he wanted into the cauldron; circulated his profound energy; and activated the alchemy skill of Xiao Yan. The medicinal fragrance started spreading about as rich profound energy gushed out.


“The Profound Burst Pill was successfully concocted!”


“The Profound Burst Pill was successfully concocted!”


Luo Tian didn’t stop for a single moment.

No matter if it were concocting medicinal pills, forging, or engraving arrays, they all used up a lot of mental energy. Most Alchemists and Forging Masters would only create several items each day and wouldn’t over refine things. The reason being that crafting truly used up too much of one’s energy.

But for the current Luo Tian…

He was similar to an assembly line of machines that didn’t stop moving. He had raised his speed to the maximum and had practically gone crazy with his refinement!

He had no time to rest, not even a second. The people in Heavenly Sword City were looking at him. Those experts in the void were looking at him. Luo Tian didn’t want to disappoint the people of Heavenly Sword City. He didn’t want Tang Zhanlong to have died without meaning, and he definitely didn’t want the Great Tang to be annihilated. The last main point – Luo Tian really wanted to fiercely slap the faces of those experts in the void. It would be best if he could slap them to the point that they couldn’t even breathe normally!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling your Alchemy skill. You are currently at level 7!”

“How f*cking fierce is this daddy for my alchemy skill to have reached level 7?!”

Luo Tian faintly chuckled to himself before delving back into concocting more medicinal pills.

He was going all out!

The large mountain of spiritual herbs gradually decreased and became a large pile of medicinal pills behind Luo Tian. All the medicinal pills had reached an exquisite grade and were of the highest quality. At the minimum, the medicinal potency of the herbs had been fully drawn out.

“Fuuu~… fuuu~…”

Several hours later.

Luo Tian had a sleepy-looking face and the beads of sweat on his forehead were the size of soybeans. They slowly rolled off his face, and his clothes were already completely soaked. Looking at the still quite a lot of spiritual herbs left, Luo Tian clenched his teeth and said: “Another one!”

Constantly training!

Leveling up like crazy!

When Luo Tian went crazy, he looked like a madman at the peak of insanity.

The burden he was carrying was too heavy.

For tomorrow’s big battle, he practically had to throw his life on the line.

In the depths of the imperial palace.

The old man Tang Qingtian looked like he was weeping bitterly as he observed Luo Tian. It has been many years that he hasn’t even shed half a drop of tear. Even when his father and his sons died, he didn’t shed any tears. But the currently him couldn’t hold back anymore as a tear swelled in his eyes.

He was moved by Luo Tian.

“Child, it’s been hard on you.”


That sound transmission entered into Luo Tian’s mind.

Luo Tian smiled and replied: “Old Senior Tang, this is something I should be doing.”

He owed the Great Tang.

Even though this country didn’t take a significant place in his heart, he owed the Tang family a lot.


He will even use his life to pay them back!

Tang Qingtian softly said: “Stop for now. I’m going to pass the control of the Great Tang’s dragon vein imperial qi over to you.”

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