Undefeatable – Ch38

Chapter 38 – Beating Up Luo Yue

“Oh oh, it’s someone we know!” Luo Tian coldly smiled.

Luo Yue was slightly startled upon seeing Luo Tian but then said in disdain: “You piece of trash still haven’t died yet?”

“Did you hide in a dog’s cave for 3 days and 3 nights within the Ghostly Mountain Range?”

“There’s no need to think, that’s definitely the case.”

“Trash will forever be trash. You want to change your fate by participating in the hunting contest? Luo Tian, your wishful thinking is too much, hahaha…”

Luo Yue’s face was filled with disdain as he hugged Zhu Mei a little tighter.

Upon being squeezed, Zhu Mei’s large twin peaks pushed outwards as if it was about to explode out of her clothes.

Zhu Mei glanced at Luo Tian and coldly sneered, “Big brother Luo Yue, how can that trash be compared to you? He could participate in the hunting contest a hundred times and still won’t become a core disciple. You, on the other hand don’t even need to participate and can become a core disciple. This is the difference in one’s fate.”

“Little beauty, what you’ve said was correct – that’s fate. You used to be his fiancé but now you’re my woman. This was all destined by fate, hahaha…” As he said this, Luo Yue lifted Zhu Mei’s chin and kissed her passionately. Zhu Mei had a very enjoyable look on her face before she glanced at Luo Tian at the corner of her eyes coldly with a look of ridicule.

“Fatty Lei, do you have a feeling of wanting to throw up?” Asked Luo Tian in low mumble.

Feng Lei had a goofy look on his face and replied: “Boss, my lower part wants to throw up.”

Luo Tian’s face changed as he glanced at Feng Lei’s crotch area before exclaiming: “Oh shit! Fatty Lei, you enjoy this type of stuff?”

Luo Tian felt that Feng Lei’s big brother down there was about to…

Feng Lei didn’t know how to react so he could only grin like an idiot.

Feng Lei was like a large bodied oaf with a bald head, giving people who didn’t know him a scary feeling.

Zhu Mei heard their conversation and her face changed. She was just like Luo Tian who imagined that Feng Lei’s big brother was about to throw up that white substance so she angrily said: “Big brother Luo Yue, he… he… he dares to insult me like that.”

A sound washed over them all like a wave as a smell enshrouded them. It was something Luo Yue couldn’t get away from no matter how hard he tried.


Luo Yue suddenly stood up while slapping the table before glaring at Feng Lei: “You damn dog thing, this daddy thinks you’re tired of living!”

At this time, Feng Lei realized what Luo Tian was implying and tried explain: “Hey boss, I was trying to say I want to take a shit. It’s my ass that wants to throw up, now that other part. This type of woman is not even up to my standards.”

Feng Lei treated Luo Yue’s roar as if he didn’t even hear it.


“Fatty Lei, how come I didn’t know you were able to speak that eloquently?” Luo Tian almost sprayed out saliva from his laughter. He had never heard of anyone wanting to take a shit from looking at a woman; Fatty Lei was way too talented.

Li Xue’er couldn’t hold it in anymore and also started laughing with her mouth covered.

Luo Tian then said: “You’re right; this type of woman is considered the public bus type so you wanting to shit from looking at her is very normal.”

Feng Lei scratched his head and asked: “Boss, what is a bus type woman?”

Luo Yue also looked at Luo Tian waiting for an answer.

Zhu Mei looked at Luo Tian in curiosity while Li Xue’er also wanted to know the answer.

Luo Tian lightly smiled and looked at Luo Yue before replying: “Those bus type women are women anyone can ride, and it happens to be very cheap.”


“Then isn’t it just like those women in the Joyful Spring Courtyard?” ¹ Feng Lei asked with a serious expression.


“Can you not insult the sisters of the Joyful Spring Courtyard? How can their costs be compared to Zhu Mei? A single night with the Joyful Spring sisters costs upwards of a hundred silvers while Miss Zhu is much less expensive. Am I right Miss Zhu?” Luo Tian loudly asked. He then smirked at Luo Yue and said: “Has anyone noticed there’s a green glow above his head?”

Feng Lei paused before asking in confusion: “Boss, what is this green glow?”

Luo Tian continued smirking: “It’s the green glow of several hundred green hats² on his head, and my eyes are almost blind from looking at it.”


Luo Yue stood up in a rage and overturned the table causing all the dishes to smash onto the floor. “You damn trash, this daddy is gonna play you to death!”

“Motherf*cker, come!”

“This daddy has been waiting for a long time!” Luo Tian roared out. He already couldn’t stand the sight of him yet Luo Yue still tried to put on a show. Where the hell does his superiority complex come from?

When a fly is buzzing around in front of you, the best method is to kill it with a single slap!

“Big brother Luo Yue, kill him, kill him. As long as you kill him, tonight you can do whatever you want to me.” Zhu Mei’s face appeared a bit pale.

Li Xue’er’s eyes narrowed as she glared at Zhu Mei.

Zhu Mei got the chills when she was glared at by Li Xue’er and couldn’t help shiver a bit.

Upon hearing Zhu Mei’s words, Luo Yue’s eyes livened up. He pulled back his sleeves and loudly said: “Little sister Zhu Mei, just watch how I’m gonna play this trash to death.”

“Someone come, go get him!”

As his voice faded, 3 lackeys immediately rushed forth.

“Boss, this one will take care of them!”

Feng Lei scratched his head as he stepped in front of Luo Tian. Watching the 3 Luo family disciples rush forth, Feng Lei gave a goofy smile and said in a domineering tone: “Too slow, this one is impatient of waiting.”

He took one step forward.


The entire Drunken Immortal restaurant slightly shook. Feng Lei raised his palms and made a horizontal slapping motion.


A handprint was seen on one of the minion’s cheek which sent him flying into the air before smashing into a wall and fainting.

The other two didn’t have time to react before Feng Lei grabbed onto them and tossed them out of the window.

With two “splashes,” they both fell into the river outside.

Luo Yue’s face changed and immediately took out his sword. He then charged towards Luo Tian slashing down and roaring out: “Go and die for me!”

Luo Tian didn’t move from his spot as if he was scared silly.

Seeing that Luo Tian appeared to be scared silly, Zhu Mei’s eyes had a playful look in them an arrogant expression appeared on her face.

The sword was centimeters away from Luo Tian and he would die soon. Luo Yue was a bit excited because once he killed Luo Tian, tonight he’ll be able to tap Zhu Mei’s ass. This was a dream of many years and now that it was going to be fulfilled soon, he almost couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud.


Luo Tian coldly humphed as his fingers moved. He clasped onto the sword and the oppression from someone at the Profound Pupil 9th rank was released.


Luo Yue’s mental conscious was directly pressed down.


Luo Tian slapped Luo Yue and yelled: “Try saying trash one more time!”

Without waiting for Luo Yue’s response, another slap landed. Luo Tian’s voice became louder, “Motherf*cker, this daddy said to try saying trash one more time!”




Over a dozen slaps later, Luo Yue’s face looked like a pig’s head and his eyes were now just slits.

Luo Tian already had a belly full of rage while in the Luo family’s martial training grounds. He originally wanted to eat a good meal and never imagined he would meet the eyesore Luo Yue. If he didn’t use this chance to release his pent up frustration, then his name wouldn’t be Luo Tian.

Another heavy slap landed smacking Luo Yue onto the ground.

Once the formless oppression was gone, Luo Yue grabbed his face in pain and started cursing: “You damn trash, you dare to hit me? I’m not going to let you off! I’m gonna have my dad beat you to death, then I’m going to have my eldest uncle kick you out of the Luo family, then I’m…”

“Your sister! I’m already going easy on you and you’re still so mouthy?”

“You’re asking for a beating!”

Luo Tian kicked and pummeled like a storm to the point where Luo Yue feared for his life and didn’t dare to say another word.


Luo Tian lifted Luo Yue into the air and coldly smiled, “Go back and tell your father and your eldest uncle to clean their asses and wait for this daddy to explode them up!”

As his voice faded, Luo Tian’s hand let go.

Luo Yue’s body started falling down while Luo Tian leapt into the air and made a volley kick.


Luo Yue was like a ball that accurately shot out through the window and landed into the river outside with a “splash.”

“Good shot!”

Luo Tian started praising himself and waited a few seconds but still didn’t hear an alert tone from the System. He then grinned, “So that guy hasn’t died yet, we’ll consider this his lucky day.”

Subsequently, Luo Tian turned around and coldly glared at Zhu Mei who was shivering from fright.


¹ – Places that have xxx Spring Manor or xxx Spring Courtyard is usually a place to get prostitutes.
² – The term where a guy wears a green hat means a man’s wife is sleeping with other men. It came from a story where a merchant’s wife was being unfaithful to him. She made him a green hat to wear so whenever the merchant went out for business, the wife’s lover will see him walk by with a green hat know it’s time for him to meet up with her.

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