Undefeatable – Ch39

Chapter 39 – Do Not Try To Steal My Man

Zhu Mei was leaning against the corner of the room with a pale face, not daring to glance at Luo Tian at all.

She was way too condescending previously so…

From top to bottom, Luo Tian swept his eyes past Zhu Mei’s figure before resting at her half exposed chest. A “gulp” could be heard as he swallowed down his saliva and saying to himself: “Goddamn those are f*cking huge.”

One cannot deny that Zhu Mei’s pubescent development was especially good.

Her large bountiful twin peaks could be described as mouth watering.

In-between her breast was her cleavage which looked like a bottomless ravine. Just a glance at those breasts and one couldn’t help but tiptoe and wish to see how deep those ravines actually went.

Aside from mentioning other things, Zhu Mei was truly a beautiful, charming and mature girl. She was just like a ripe peach that when one bit into, juice would overflow from their mouth. Within the four major families of the Jade Mountain City, there were countless young disciples who have been enchanted by her, who have fought amongst themselves for her, and numerous other jealousy related incidents.

One of the most important specialties of hers was that she knew what men wanted.

For example: Just a glance from her at Luo Tian and she immediately knew what was going through his mind.

Immediately after…

Zhu Mei gave a charming smile and happened to pull down her clothes by half an inch. This casual tug of her clothing almost revealed her two raisins. If one was just a little bit closer, they would clearly see the raised outline of them. With a whiny voice: “Big brother Luo Tian…”

That voice…

The sex appeal mixed in with the sound of her voice would make anyone want to immediately push her down onto a bed a blow a dozen loads all over her.

Luo Tian was still a virgin!

He was a twenty something year old virgin and to say he wasn’t moved would be a lie. His lower region already had an evil flame ignited.


What type of person was Zhu Mei? She was a dirty public bus and that thought nauseated Luo Tian allowing him to recover himself.

Around the same time…

Li Xue’er gracefully walked up next to Luo Tian and held onto his arm in a natural manner before softly saying: “Big brother Luo Tian, let’s go eat dinner.”

Her movement was natural and intimate without any unfamiliarity; the two looked like they had been lovers for many years already.

That expression, her actions, and those jade like hands around his arm made Luo Tian fall into euphoria. Those evil flames of desire once again started stirring.

After glancing at Li Xue’er, Zhu Mei’s eyes seemed a bit grim.

It was clear that Zhu Mei felt she couldn’t compare to Li Xue’er.

She had lost in too many aspects. Whether it be looks, figure, grace, or even the twin peaks she was proud of had lost to Li Xue’er.

With that single look, Zhu Mei was defeated with a complete loss.

Luo Tian felt that he was floating on cloud nine as Li Xue’er brought him out of the private room. His heart felt like he was fluttering about, rising up to higher heights.

When they were out of the room, Li Xue’er then said: “Big brother Luo Tian, you and fatty go to our private room first and I’ll come right after.”

After saying that, Li Xue’er turned around and went back inside the room where Zhu Mei was.

Her face changed from her usual cute expression to a cold look. She walked up to Zhu Mei and in a threatening manner: “I don’t care what happened between you and big brother Luo Tian in the past. From here on out, if I ever hear you bad mouth big brother Luo Tian again, I will make your entire Zhu family disappear from this world!”

Her tone was chilly that was filled with cold killing intent.

Zhu Mei’s body was trembling so much that she didn’t even dare to raise her head to look up. The several other Zhu family disciples in the room were suppressed by the cold aura that they didn’t even dare to move.

Li Xue’er turned around to leave but then said: “Do not even try to steal my man or else I’ll make your regret having ever been born!”

She didn’t even turn around when she said that as she left the room in an arrogant and domineering fashion.

Zhu Mei’s whole body flopped down and sat upon the ground. The pressure that Li Xue’er had released previously was so powerful that it was extremely uncomfortable for her to endure.

Watching the silhouette of Li Xue’er leaving, a brief flash of hatred appeared in Zhu Mei’s eyes. She then softly said to herself: “I will not let you guys off that easily.”

As Li Xue’er left the room, her face changed back to her cute and playful self.


The three of them were eating all of the Drunken Immortal’s signature dishes deep into the night.

Luo Tian even deliberately got Li Xue’er to drink several cups of wine, hoping she would become drunk and some special stuff to happen, but he happened to be the first to keel over.

Back at their residence…

Li Xue’er dipped a cloth into a fresh pail of water and then wiped Luo Tian’s upper body. She then hesitated for a long time before blushing and not daring to undo Luo Tian’s pants… After doing this, Li Xue’er sat at Luo Tian’s bedside while she drummed her cheeks. She would stare at Luo Tian and occasionally show a sweet, pure, and slightly naive smile. Her smile would expose two shallow dimples on her cheeks making her look extremely cute.

A while later…

Li Xue’er looked all around while her hands were pulling on the corner of her clothes. Finally after deliberating for a while, she leaned over Luo Tian and gave him a quick kiss on the face.

Luo Tian’s eyebrows lightly quivered once.

Immediately after…

Li Xue’er was like a frightened rabbit as she dashed out of the room while her heart was thumping loudly in her chest. The blush on her face while under the moonlight was particularly moving if one was to witness this scene.

Her eyes showed a hint of excitement as if one had just completed some bad deed.

This girl was just too darn cute.

The moment she ran out, Luo Tian’s eyes opened and he smiled, “Silly girl.”

Afterwards, Luo Tian sighed in a bitter manner: “Sigh… why didn’t something happen on such a good night?”

Luo Tian always had a dream.

That a pretty sister would perform a role reversal and actually push him down…

Luo Tian had imagined many different scenarios of being pushed down, and thought tonight would be the night. But at the end… it was his own fault for being unable to endure. Luo Tian’s heart started feeling all warm and fuzzy when thinking of Li Xue’er’s initiative of giving him a kiss. That feeling was simply too enjoyable that he couldn’t think of any words to describe it.


Luo Tian got out of the bed and exhaled. “I’ll have to fight the 4th rank demonic beast in half a month so I should really use this time to level up.”

After putting on his clothes, Luo Tian went towards the Luo family’s back mountain.

There weren’t any demonic beasts to kill in the Luo family’s back mountain. The only reason why Luo Tian was going there was to raise the Puppet Technique’s level!


The Luo family, within Luo Xiaoshan’s yard.

Luo Yue managed to crawl back to the Luo family but only had half his life left.

He was currently lying on a stretcher, his face black and blue and looking as if he was going to die any moment.

With one hand clinging onto his father Luo Xiaoshan’s sleeve, “Father, you must seek revenge for me. You have to cut that piece of shit Luo Tian into a thousand pieces.”

He shook in pain as speaking opened up his wounds.

Luo Xiaoshan clenched his fists. The rage in his heart was roaring upon seeing his son in such a condition. He then comforted him by saying: “Yue Er, don’t worry. Father promises that he will definitely avenge you!”

“Carry him away and used the best medicines.” Luo Jianshan lightly shouted at the side.

Two people quickly carried Luo Yue out of the yard, and his cries of pain could still be heard off into the distance.

“Big brother, I can’t endure this anymore.”

“I’m going to kill him right now.” Luo Xiaoshan couldn’t suppress his rage. His eyes were bloodshot from fury as he hated Luo Tian to the bones.

Luo Jianshan frowned, “Xiaoshan, now’s not the time. The current Luo Tian isn’t the Luo Tian of the past.”

After the beast head calculations, people were sent off you investigate but nothing was found.

Those that came out of the hunting grounds didn’t reveal anything. Some were even tortured yet nothing was forced out. This alone meant those people were completely loyal to Luo Tian’s side.

This made Luo Jianshan super unhappy.

(Luo Tian thought that Luo Jianshan would know about everything by now yet he didn’t imagine the Luo family disciples would stand together so strongly that even in death, they didn’t disclose anything.)

Luo Xiaoshan then asked: “How long do we have to wait for?”

Luo Jianshan’s eyes narrowed as he coldly smiled: “I’m currently negotiating with Luo Changshan and he will be standing on my side very shortly. By that time, getting rid of Luo Tian would be easy as pie!”

In fact…

This was merely an excuse because what Luo Jianshan really wanted was the Furious Thunder Bull’s demon core!

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