Undefeatable – Ch41

Chapter 41 – If There’s A Problem, Go Look For My Patriarch

There are some people in this world that if you don’t beat them up, they don’t know that you’re actually their daddy!

The only son of the Zhou family’s Third Elder is exactly that type of person.

He stepped into the equipment refining hall, shook his fan in a graceful manner and coldly glanced at Luo Tian who was asking the price on some goods. His lips then curved up into a cold disdainful sneer.

“This guest, please look around at your own pleasure. If you see something you like, you can go ahead and test it out.” Said the store employee enthusiastically. He didn’t treat Luo Tian coldly even though he was covered in dirt.

All products were finished items inside the equipment refining hall.

Blades, spears, swords, halberds, pretty much everything was available here. There were even some top grade weapons available which all had a commonality – they were made of fine iron.

A profound weapon was separated into 9 ranks, the higher the rank meant the more power contained within it. Above the 9 ranks include Spirit equipment, Earth equipment, Sky equipment, Immortal equipment, and finally those that only appear in legends – the Divine equipments! Those profound weapons and armor above the 9 ranks were extremely hard to manufacture. Most of the materials are formed naturally and each one of them can move the universe and cause the Gods to weep. When one gains any of those equipment, they can call up the wind and rain and become a supreme expert!

Within the Jade Mountain City, the highest equipment quality was only at rank 4 and there were a total of five of these. The Zhou, Luo, and Zhu family each had one, while the Song family possessed two.

The Song family was an equipment refining family. One of their ancestors managed to become a rank 4 equipment refining master and created two pieces of rank 4 weapons in his lifetime. It was from relying on those two pieces of weapons that allowed the Song family rise to the top.

A good martial skill can decide a clan’s fate; a good profound weapon could do so as well.

Luo Tian was casually looking around since he wasn’t really interested in the finished goods. His purpose in coming here was to find some fine iron. He then asked: “May I know if you have any fine iron for sale?”

“Eh?” The store employee was a bit startled.

Just as he was about to reply, Zhou Yixiao walked up and disdainfully sneered: “Oh oh, isn’t this the young master of the Luo family?”


“You’re so poor that you can’t even afford these ordinary weapons? You want to buy a few pieces of fine iron to make one yourself? Hahaha…”

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at Zhou Yixiao and ignored him before once again asking the store employee: “Do you have any?”


“This daddy is talking to you, can’t you hear it?” Roared Zhou Yixiao as he snapped his fan closed.

This time Luo Tian didn’t even bother glancing at Zhou Yixiao and said: “I don’t talk to dogs.”

Panic flashed on the store employee’s face as he faintly advised: “He is the son of the Zhou family’s Third Elder, Zhou Yixiao. He has the strength of a Profound Pupil 8th rank so you need to be careful.”

“You damn dog thing, who did you say was a dog?!” Coldness flashed in Zhou Yixiao’s eyes. He thought he would have a hard time to find an excuse to act against Luo Tian but never imagined Luo Tian will deliver himself this way. He then said to himself: “Since you’re courting death, don’t blame this daddy for being impolite.”

Immediately after…

Zhou Yixiao casually waved his fan and coldly yelled: “You dare to curse this daddy? Give him 10 big slaps to the face! If he dares to retaliate, beat him to death for me!”

Behind him were two lackeys who immediately walked up to Luo Tian. They started folding back their sleeves with an aggressive look on their faces which could make any little kid cry.

The store employee’s face showed alarm, but then politely smiled and said: “Young master Zhou, this place is the Song family’s equipment refining hall. If young master Zhou can give us a bit of face…”

“Profound Pupil 8th rank?”

“What’s the difference between that and trash?” Said Luo Tian in a casual manner while playing with an exquisite looking dagger in his hands. He did not place Zhou Yixiao in his eyes at all.

The store employee’s eyes tightened and couldn’t understand what was going on. Was this Luo Tian nuts? Didn’t he know that he was trying to get him out of a sticky situation?

Zhou Yixiao’s expression changed as killing intent emitted from his eyes. “It’s not that I don’t want to give your Song family face, it’s just this dog thing is courting death!”

“Make the move!”

As the voice faded, those two lackeys who were ready to pounce swung their palms for a slap.

As their palms cut through the air, a piercing wind sound was heard which showed the cultivation of these two weren’t ordinary.

Luo Tian didn’t bother with them and looked at the store employee and continued asking: “How much fine iron does your store have?”

Anxiety flashed on the store employee’s face. The slap was about to collide yet this Luo Tian was still so calm looking? Did he go nuts from fear? Out of concern, the store employee spoke up: “Watch out brother!”

“Heh heh…”

“You damn trash; their cultivation is at the Profound Pupil 6th rank with tons of fighting experience. They’re my top notch thugs and aren’t something your weak ass Luo family disciples can compare to.” Said Zhou Yixiao with a smug look on his face.

Within an instant…

Luo Tian’s right leg was slightly raised.

“Bang, bang!”

Like the speed of lightning, he kicked out twice and two dull thuds were heard as bodies were slammed against the main entrance. The two lackeys revealed a pale looking face before they fainted from the pain.

“They haven’t died yet?”

Luo Tian’s expression slightly changed before his figure blurred from the spot. He appeared next to the two lackeys and raised both his fists before heavily slamming down onto their chests.

“Bang, bang!”

Their chest cavity ruptured and they started spraying out dark colored blood from their mouths. Their eyes bulged out and their bodies convulsed for a few seconds before they stopped breathing.



Two alert tones by the System were heard as he received experience points, profound energy, and even two Grade 1 pills. Luo Tian’s lips curved into a sneer and glanced at Zhou Yixiao: “Thanks!”

Zhou Yixiao’s face was filled with shock. He looked at Luo Tian and then looked at the two “top notch thugs” and incredulously said: “You, you, you killed them?”

“Luo Tian, you actually killed them?”

“They are disciples of my Zhou family, you actually killed them…?”

Publicly killing disciples of the four major families, was this an act to stir up war between their clans?

If it were in the past, this would definitely be the fuse for a clan war.

Zhou Yixiao was standing there barking while Luo Tian completely ignored it. He then finally said: “So what if this daddy killed them? If you have the guts, go seek out my Patriarch.”

Luo Tian had a face like this had nothing to do with him – if there was a problem, go look for Luo Jianshan.

Motherf*cking hell!

“Hey mister store employee, go get a few pieces of fine iron for me to take a look. Why are you in a daze?” Luo Tian called out.

The store employee was completely stunned by Luo Tian’s actions.

Murder, this was absolutely daylight murder!

He wasn’t able to see how Luo Tian accomplished it and could only stare at Luo Tian in shock.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian seemed to have thought of something and said: “Mister store employee, you could also seek my Patriarch for the broken windows on the doors. If he asks, just say that I said you could.”

The store employee swallowed down his saliva and turned around. He went into another room and brought out a few pieces of fine iron and said: “Please take a look at these.”

Luo Tian started carefully examining those few pieces of fine iron.

The toughness of the fine iron was directly related to the puppet soldier’s attributes so he couldn’t be sloppy about it.

He was wholeheartedly concentrating on this and completely ignoring the enraged Zhou Yixiao.

“You damn dog thing…”

“Killing my Zhou family’s disciple and breaking the agreement between our clans… good, good, good!”

“Go die for me!”

Zhou Yixiao heavily slapped his palm down with a “bang” sound. His Profound Pupil 8th rank aura gushed out causing the weapons on the counter to start clattering.

Outside the equipment refining hall and in a corner not too far away…

“Looks like they’ve started fighting.” A cold sneer appeared on Zhu Mei’s lips. “Luo Tian, you want to mess with me? Watch how this old lady¹ plays you to death!”

Inside the equipment refining hall.

Because of the chaotic clattering, Luo Tian couldn’t concentrate on inspecting the fine iron.

Luo Tian’s ears cringed, his face unhappy as he coldly said: “Are you done playing cling clang cling clang noises? It’s irritating the hell out of this daddy.”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian’s figure suddenly shook as the power of a Profound Pupil 9th rank exploded out. His right hand blurred and he was already grasping onto Zhou Yixiao’s neck while lifting him up into the air. Luo Tian’s eyes turned vicious as he released his unseen pressure.


Something heavily smashed onto the ground and cracked the surface.

Zhou Yixiao’s entire body was in pain and didn’t have time to react before Luo Tian roared out: “Thunder Tiger Charge!”

His pair of fists smashed into the ground like a heavy hammer and the impact jolted Zhou Yixiao into the air. In an instant, Luo Tian raised his right leg and made a volley kick!


Zhou Yixiao directly flew out onto the main street and fainted like he was dead.

Zhu Mei’s expression changed as she coldly glanced at Zhou Yixiao on the ground with disdain, “Useless thing.”

She then quickly disappeared off down the street!

These series of actions by Luo Tian were fluid like water as if a combo was being performed.

This was a complete mess of domineering arrogance and madness!

The store employee was once again dumbfounded. Horror flared in his heart upon looking at Luo Tian while 10,000 voices reminded him to never offend this person.

Luo Tian dusted off his palms and faintly smiled: “Motherf*cker, it’s finally quiet now.”

“Come; let’s continue talking about the fine iron.”


Luo Tian seemed to have thought of something while looking at the messy store. He then said in a serious tone: “You can directly go to my Patriarch for compensation.”

Suddenly, a voice was heard from the rear courtyard.

“Who dares to acts presumptuously in my Song family’s equipment refining hall?”


¹ – Similar to how the guys keep saying “this daddy,” the women say “this old lady” because “this mommy” sounds weird.

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