Undefeatable – Ch42

Chapter 42 – A Big Favor

A vigorous voice was heard and the pressure of a Profound Master billowed out.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian frowned as his clenched his fists.

The figure in the rear courtyard wasn’t considered close or far away, but instantly appeared in the main quarters of the equipment refining hall.


“So it’s little brother Luo Tian.”

Song Yanqun laughed loudly as he patted Luo Tian’s shoulders. He then happily said: “Little brother Luo, how can you be like this? The Luo family’s hunting contest has been over so long yet you haven’t visited this old big brother of yours.”

“Wait, what’s this smell?”

“Oh my god… little brother Luo, did you just come out of the wild and haven’t bathed in a few days?” Song Yanqun bluntly asked as he covered his nose.

Luo Tian scratched his head while smiling, “I’ve been in secluded closed door training so didn’t have time to visit you with gifts.”

Visit with gifts?

Where would he find time to visit with gifts? Luo Tian basically wished that one day equaled a hundred right now.

“No wonder…”

“Little brother Luo, I heard that Luo Jianshan wants you to fight a 4th rank demonic beast. Is this true?” Song Yanqun asked in a serious manner.

Even though the 007’s of the Song family had already reported this, Song Yanqun still wanted to hear it directly from Luo Tian’s mouth.

Luo Tian nodded: “En, there’s only 8 days left.”

Song Yanqun’s brows frowned as he felt the injustice of this, “That Luo Jianshan is such a villain, this type of person is not qualified to be the Luo family’s Patriarch.”

“A 4th rank demonic beast is way too fierce, how about little brother Luo…”

Song Yanqun wanted to volunteer himself for assistance.

Song Yanqun personally witnessed Luo Tian’s heaven shaking abilities. Since he was able to make a 4th rank demonic beast as his war pet, he had definitely become a special existence. Luo Jianshan didn’t know the diamond in the rough he had in the family and kept making things difficult for Luo Tian. And now Luo Tian was even forced to fight a 4th rank demonic beast so wasn’t that the equivalent to forcing him to his death?

If that was the case, the Song family might as well recruit Luo Tian. As long as Long Tian expended a bit of energy on behalf of the Song family, most likely they would be able to dominate the entire Jade Mountain City.

Luo Tian faintly smiled, “Thank you for your kindness Elder Song, but it’s best for the matters of the Luo family to be solved by its own family members.”

“Elder Song, Elder Song, you’re not even seeing me as a friend. If you do see me as a friend, call me big brother Song.” Song Yanqun pretended to be unhappy.

Luo Tian then apologetically said: “Big brother Song.”

“That’s more like it.” Song Yanqun smiled like he felt much better and said: “Since you’ve decided this, then little brother Luo must be extra careful. If you need any assistance at all, just say the word and the Song family will help you with anything!”

Those words “with anything” were heavily emphasized.

This was the second time that Song Yanqun mentioned helping with anything no matter what. The emphasis was even stronger than when it was said in the Ghostly Mountain Range, which meant he had gained the support of the Song family’s Patriarch – Song Yannan.

When Luo Tian remembered why he came to this equipment refining hall, he smiled as said: “Big brother Song, I actually have something I need your assistance with.”

Song Yanqun’s eyebrows rose, “Tell me!”

Luo Tian didn’t bother being wishy washy and directly asked: “I need to buy a lot of fine iron, the more the better. Since your Song family’s foundation is from equipment refining, you must have a lot of it in your reserves. Is it possible to sell me some?”

Song Yanqun was extremely curious. There weren’t much usage for fine iron except for being used to refine weapons and armors, so what did Luo Tian want them for?

Could it be he that he wants to refine some equipment?

Even though he was curious, Song Yanqun didn’t ask. “Come with me.”

Not long after, the two of them arrived at a room at the rear courtyard. In front of the room were two people wearing the standard Song family clothing.

Song Yanqun then said: “Open the warehouse door.”


The guards opened the warehouse door and the room inside was filled with dark colored fine iron.

Startlement showed in Luo Tian’s eyes. Upon seeing so much fine iron, he actually came up with the thought of a super sized puppet soldier.

His blood couldn’t help but start to boil at the thought of this idea.

Seeing the excited look on Luo Tian’s face, Song Yanqun smiled and said: “You can select and take however much you want.”

The value of fine iron was not low at all, and this warehouse contained enough fine iron for the Song family’s equipment refining hall to use for a whole year. Arbitrarily using this reserve might actually affect the operations of the equipment refining hall.

But Song Yanqun didn’t even bother with these thoughts.

This showed how much the Song family wanted to win Luo Tian over.

Luo Tian also understood this point but was still very grateful. He then seriously asked: “Big brother Song, I need a large amount of fine iron so will it affect the operations of the equipment refining hall?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“The reserves here are only the tip of the iceberg for our Song family. Don’t worry; what our family has is lots of fine iron.” Song Yanqun felt the pain but pretended to be confident.

Luo Tian didn’t bother to be wishy washy and directly entered the warehouse.

Half an hour later, his 3 space plaques were filled to the brim and the fine iron in the warehouse was only left with one third of the original amount.

Song Yanqun became even more curious. Why did Luo Tian need such a large amount of fine iron? Did he want to practice his equipment refining skills?

Since he had given so much fine iron, he might as well gift Luo Tian something else as well.

Immediately after…

Song Yanqun brought out an ancient looking book and handed it over to Luo Tian: “This is the Song family’s handwritten heritage of many years. Recorded inside is our Song family’s many Equipment Master’s experience, so I hope this will be helpful to you.”

Luo Tian hesitated for a while before accepting the equipment refining technique. He then heavily responded: “Thank you.”

The moment he accepted the equipment refining technique, an alert sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Equipment Refining Technique. Will you be cultivating it?”


Another skill appeared in his skills column.

Martial Skill: Equipment Refining Technique

Grade: 1

Proficiency: 0/800

Skill Description: The higher the level, the higher the equipment grade. At the last great perfection stage, Equipment Refining technique has a chance of creating a Spiritual Equipment, Earth Equipment, Sky Equipment…

“Damn, I’ve so easily attained Equipment Refining technique?” Luo Tian was hiddenly overjoyed.

This was all thanks to Song Yanqun so of course Luo Tian had to repay this.

Right afterwards, Luo Tian brought out the xuan stone that exploded forth from Luo Lin’s corpse. “I don’t have any valuable items on me so I’ll use this to purchase the fine iron.”

“A xuan stone?!”

Song Yanqun’s heart tightened, his eyes glazed over and his voice even trembled. A single xuan stone costs over 10,000 gold so who knows how much money is left over from purchasing the fine iron.”

“Little brother Luo, what do you mean by this? I’ve told you that whenever you have a problem, you can come look for our Song family. This little bit of fine iron is not considered much!”

Luo Tian was extremely grateful. Regardless of their purpose, the Song family has really helped him out a lot!

It didn’t matter what reason it was, he will remember this gratitude.

Luo Tian’s personality was like this; who cares about the xuan stone?

“Big brother Song, you should just accept it. If you don’t take it, I will be too embarrassed to walk out of your equipment refining hall.” Luo Tian insisted.

Song Yanqun’s voice sunk and he unhappily said: “What sort of person are you treating I, Song Yanqun? Little brother Luo, there’s only 8 days left before you will fight a 4th rank demonic beast in the arena. This xuan stone is essential to your survival so if I take it during this time, what would others think of I, Song Yanqun? Quickly put it away or else don’t blame me for taking back my fine iron.”

Xuan stone – a supreme treasure to all martial cultivators.

This was something all martial cultivators wanted, and Song Yanqun was the same.

But he knew very well that Luo Tian especially needed this xuan stone.

They will help you during critical times – now that’s what a real friend was!

Luo Tian was extremely grateful and didn’t bother to be wishy washy. “Big brother Song, I will remember the kindness the Song family has shown me. One day I will definitely pay it back!”

Money was very important no matter what world you were in!

Luo Tian didn’t want to owe this favor. If he only had money, then this situation wouldn’t have appeared.

He is going to owe the Song family a big favor!

“Pay pay pay, what pay? Are you even going to treat me like a big brother?” Smiled Song Yanqun. The value of Luo Tian’s favor was definitely going to be higher than the fine iron.

This was what Song Yannan needed!

After leaving the equipment refining hall, Luo Tian quickly returned.

If he could, he would’ve flown home already to start creating with the fine iron.

The previous puppet soldier idea he had made him too excited.

If he happened to succeed… a huge, sturdy structure filled with unbridled power…

“Too f*cking awesome, just thinking about it is making this daddy’s blood boil!”

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