Undefeatable – Ch43

Chapter 43 – XXXX Puppet Soldiers (Spoiler title hidden)

“Young master Luo Tian, you are finally back.”

Upon seeing Luo Tian return from outside, Ma Tong had already ran up to meet him with a face full of smiles.

Right now he didn’t dare to be disrespectful to Luo Tian or Feng Lei because he was extremely afraid of being beaten up by Luo Tian previously. Of course he was holding the grudge but he just didn’t have the strength to avenge himself.

Luo Tian waved his hand implying for Ma Tong to come over. He then said: “Steward Ma, I’m going to closed door secluded meditation so I don’t wish for anyone to bother me.”

Ma Tong bowed with a fawning smile: “This little one understand and will immediately close down the horse stable!”

“Then I’ll properly thank Steward Ma.” Luo Tian smiled faintly before heading to the small courtyard at the rear of the stables.

Seeing that Luo Tian was far away now, Ma Tong’s eyes narrowed as he quickly ran off in the direction of Luo Jianshan’s courtyard.

Upon returning to his small courtyard…

Luo Tian took out all the fine iron from his space plaques as he revealed an excitement in his eyes that he couldn’t hold back.

“If I were to succeed…”

“What would it look like?”

“Haha… this daddy is simply too brilliant!”

After moving the fine iron into a large pile, it had filled half of his small courtyard creating a rather impressive scene.

Luo Tian popped 10 pills into his mouth and his profound energy rose up. He then roared out as his profound energy started circulating.

Not long after, a thick profound energy rose out of his palm.

The faint light was particularly dazzling to behold in contrast to the evening skies. If it was according to the Puppet Technique, he should have released a certain amount of profound energy and be done. But Luo Tian didn’t do this and was continuing to release a stream of energy.

He had used 3 times the normal amount of profound energy!

Profound energy was continuously fluctuating within his palm before it grew denser and seemed like it was about to boil over.

Right when the eye could see a flash…


Luo Tian roared out as he slammed down his right palm, activating the Puppet Technique. The already prepared profound energy shot forth in a predetermined path like running water towards a pile of materials.

“Bzzt… bzzt…”

The friction from the fine iron gave off a harsh piercing noise and an eye catching fiery glow.

“It’s still not enough?”

There was too much fine iron so trying to merge them all was extremely difficult. Luo Tian was basically like a mad scientist right now, trying to create his idea of the perfect puppet soldier.


“I’ll give everything I have!”

Luo Tian clenched his teeth and roared internally: “Berserk!”


His body started giving off a chaotic buzzing sound while his profound energy surged out from the stimulation. The raging energy ran towards his palm before finally reaching the pile of fine iron.

“Creak… crack…”

The fine iron merging together was giving off harsh screeching noises from metals rubbing each other. But for Luo Tian, this was like the sound of a beautiful melody playing.

“Almost there, it’s about to be accomplished.”


Watching the fine iron merging together, Luo Tian revealed a ferociously excited look on his face. His blood was boiling because his dream was about to become reality.

“Come on out, Optimus Prime!”


As the fine iron finished merging together, a powerful aura exploded forth.

Right after that, a small model of the puppet appeared in Luo Tian’s mind. Luo Tian started laughing like a show off before yelling out: “Stand up for me!”

“Boom, boom…”

As the completed puppet soldier stood up, its body gave off a variety of mechanical whirring sounds. Once it was fully upright, Luo Tian stared at it completely stunned.

“Motherf*cker, who else would do this?”

“This daddy is just too brilliant.”

“This is too f*cking awesome.”

Luo Tian had created the image of Optimus Prime from the movie Transformers. Apart from it being entirely the same color, the outer appearance was pretty much exactly the same.

This was too f*cking shocking to behold.

Luo Tian even managed to shock himself into a complete mess. He had an idea of making an Optimus Prime puppet soldier but didn’t expect to actually succeed.

Tough – this thing looked like an unparalleled tough existence!

“From here on out, your name will be Optimus Prime, hahaha…” Luo Tian started laughing out loud like mad. All these days of hard work had paid off!

Since there’s Optimus Prime, we can’t be missing Megatron right?


Truly madness!

Luo Tian started moving another huge pile of fine iron together. After busying himself for half an hour, Megatron started standing up.

The two of them stood at least 4 meters tall; their bodies were all black similar to reapers of the night.

Once they were placed in the outer periphery of the Ghostly Mountain Range, who can resist them?


He was too motherf*cking excited!

Luo Tian didn’t stop and continued making more puppet soldiers. The third one to appear was Omega Supreme and the fourth was Bumblebee. With these four puppet soldiers molded from the image of Transformers, it looked like the autobots had invaded this world. This shocking scene was beyond what words could describe.

“Oh my god…”

“Boss, what are these?” Feng Lei came into the courtyard and his eyes bulged out of his sockets.

Li Xue’er also had a look of shock on her face as she looked up at the four machines not knowing what they were.

Luo Tian then excitedly smiled and replied: “These are my super steel war pets!”

“You made them?” Asked Li Xue’er.

Luo Tian then nodded, “Right!”

Feng Lei smiled with happiness coming from deep inside him, “Boss, I’m starting to worship you even more now. You’re simply too awesome! These things look extremely powerful!”

Feng Lei had a look of worship on his face. He then ran up for a closer look before touching the machines and revealing a very happy expression.

Luo Tian chortled: “They aren’t that strong, they’re about the same as a 3rd rank demonic beast.”

If it weren’t for the level restrictions, his puppet soldiers would be even more powerful. Once he reached the last great perfection realm, his puppets would be comparable to 10th rank demonic beasts. And he could have 5 of them!

“A 3rd… 3rd… 3rd rank demonic beast?”

Feng Lei and Li Xue’er almost exclaimed out in shock together.

A 3rd rank demonic beast! They were comparable to people at the Profound Master realm… and there was 4 of them right here! This…

Shit, do you want people to die from shock? This was simply impossible for normal people to accept!

The rarely seen genius of the century in the Luo family was Luo Lin; the Song family had their genius disciple Song Jue; Zhou family had their Zhou Changfeng; and Zhu family had their Zhu Xiong. All these so called super geniuses were simply weak shit when compared to Luo Tian!

“F*cking hell boss, can you stop being that amazing?” Feng Lei was once again stunned since he felt like he couldn’t understand Luo Tian anymore.

It was the same with Li Xue’er.

How did he create these iron monsters?

Could it be that all these days in closed door seclusion, Luo Tian was cultivating this skill?

How did he do this?

Li Xue’er gradually couldn’t see through Luo Tian anymore as if he was clouded in mystery. The more she couldn’t see through him, the more she wanted to figure it out. She had unknowingly become mesmerized by Luo Tian now.


Li Xue’er was happy for Luo Tian deep down inside her heart. There was a little angel inside her that was constantly jumping in joy chanting like a cheerleader: “My big brother Luo Tian is the best, my big brother Luo Tian is the best, yoh yoh yoh…”


Inside Luo Jianshan’s courtyard.

Ma Tong stood to the side in a bow, not daring to breathe too hard from his previous running.

Luo Jianshan’s eyebrows slightly twitched as he closed his eyes. He appeared to be deep in thought before asking: “You said Luo Tian is going into closed door seclusion?”

“En, that’s what he said.”

“But according to this little one’s view, Luo Tian has been acting very secretively these past few days as if he’s planning something. Patriarch, could he be scared of fighting the 4th rank demonic beast in 8 days so he’s planning on running away?” Ma Tong asked in a submissive manner.

Luo Jianshan’s eyes suddenly opened showing killing intent. His lips then formed a cold sneer, “Want to run? I’d like to see where he’s capable of running to…”


Chapter 43 – Transformer Puppet Soldiers

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