Undefeatable – Ch44

Chapter 44 – Rage

At the south gates of Jade Mountain City, the moon was bright but there were barely any stars seen.

Luo Tian and two others were slowly walking towards that area.

“Boss, you should bring me along.” Feng Lei said in a worried tone.

Li Xue’er’s little mouth pouted, “Big brother Luo Tian, you should bring me along too. I will definitely not cause you any trouble.”

Luo Tian wanted to enter the Ghostly Mountain Range alone because he was going to be like an insane demon and kill like crazy in order to level up.

It was solely because of this that he wanted to enter alone.

That way, he will have no restraints and can do whatever he wants.

He only had 8 days. He had to break through into the Profound Master realm in 8 days or else fighting a 4th rank demonic beast would only lead him on a path to death.

He was not going to allow Luo Jianshan to succeed.

He wanted to see Luo Jianshan’s face when he cannot bring out a xuan stone and see how he was going to keep his status in the Luo family.

He also wanted everyone in the Jade Mountain City to shut their mouths!

He wanted to prove to everyone that whoever dares to mess with this motherf*cking daddy, this daddy will make them regret ever being born in this world!

Everything required strength though!

According to Luo Tian, there was only one way to increase his strength – kill monsters to level up.

The Ghostly Mountain Range was extremely dangerous with demonic monsters abound. Even someone at the Profound Spirit realm would not dare to enter the depths. But this place to Luo Tian was exactly hell and paradise at the same time!

A leveling paradise!

Luo Tian lightly smiled and said: “I’m entering the Ghostly Mountain Range to break through to the Profound Master realm, so being alone is a bit better. Don’t worry, no danger will befall me. Don’t forget that I have those 4 iron monsters with me!”

He knew that Li Xue’er and Feng Lei were worried about him.

Li Xue’er bit her lips and was about to say something else when her facial expression changed. She sensed a feeling of danger as she looked off towards a certain direction.

Luo Tian was the same, his mind tensed up as he stared off into the darkness.

“Where are you all planning to run off to?”

Several figures appeared from the dark. Leading the front was Luo Jianshan and behind him were two others – Luo Xiaoshan and Luo Changshan.

With the golden glow before him, Luo Tian’s eyes revealed traces of greed as his heart started itching.

Every time he encountered Luo Jianshan, Luo Tian had the urge to pounce forth and start hacking. And each time he would have to suppress his urges afraid that he couldn’t control himself anymore.

The temptation of a last boss was simply too big.

Luo Xiaoshan grinned coldly and then said with disdain: “You’re not trying to run away from fear right?”

Luo Changshan had a playful look on him before he coldly said: “Running in fear is also good since we can eliminate him on the spot. Saves us from waiting another 8 days.”


“That’s right, he’s gonna die by the 4th rank demonic beast’s claws in 8 days anyways.” Luo Xiaoshan laughed like mad.

“You old fogey, what did you say?” Feng Lei angrily roared out showing no fear at all. His eyes were glaring at Luo Xiaoshan as if he was King Kong himself.

“Showing no respects to your elders, you’re courting death!”

Luo Xiaoshan’s eyes became cold before his body moved and a slap came whistling towards Feng Lei.

With the release of profound energy, the wind in the area was kicked up. The seemingly ordinary slap to the face was actually filled with a thick energy. Even if the person doesn’t die from the slap, most likely they’ll be left hanging by a thread.

Appearing and already wants to kill. As expected, it was an elite with a red name and will auto attack when you get near!

There’s no way Feng Lei can react fast enough towards a Profound Master 3rd rank.

Luo Tian’s eyes sank as he released Berserk without hesitation. His body became illusory as he directly appeared in front of Feng Lei and threw out a palm strike to meet the slap.


The two palms filled with power collided. Luo Tian’s hand became numb and his mind was in shock as he was forced to take several steps back in order to stabilize his body. His heart sank as he said to himself: “The strength of a Profound Master 3rd rank is indeed powerful… my Profound Pupil 9th rank with Berserk added on isn’t its opponent at all.”

Luo Xiaoshan’s body trembled and took 3 steps back before stopping. He had an ugly look on his face as shock filled his heart. “How on earth is this brat cultivating to have his strength rise up so much in just a few short days?”

The faces of Luo Jianshan and Luo Changshan both darkened.

This was the first time they’ve witnessed Luo Tian make a move ever since the hunting contest. Never could they imagine that Luo Xiaoshan’s Profound Master 3rd rank only had a slight edge over Luo Tian. Wouldn’t there be trouble if he was given more time?

In the hearts of these three, the threat Luo Tian represented had reach another higher level.

At the same time, a common thought arose in their minds – this kid cannot be left alive!

“Elder Luo, you aren’t qualified to discipline my people.” Luo Tian calmly said as he walked forward still with momentum.

Luo Xiaoshan’s eyes frosted over and was about to make another move when Luo Jianshan stopped him.

“Luo Tian, where are you planning on going?”

“Don’t forget that in 8 days time, you’ll have to fight a 4th rank demonic beast at the battle arena. Other than sleeping this late in the night, you’re not planning on running away right?” Luo Jianshan faintly said.

“I believe you have no right to know where I’m going right? My acting Patriarch.” Luo Tian’s words showed no retreat.

Those words “acting Patriarch” were like thorns stabbing into Luo Jianshan’s heart. His facial expression darkened as he clenched his fists hidden by his sleeves. If it weren’t for him trying to find out where the Furious Thunder Bull’s demon core was, he would have exploded already.

Luo Jianshan laughed out once before saying: “You agreed to a fight so it is necessary for me to know where you’re going. Or else how am I going to explain this to the entire Luo family?”

“Say it, where are you going? You should just give up that thought if you’re planning on running away. Although our Luo family isn’t the strongest in the Jade Mountain City, preventing a Profound Pupil trash from escaping is more than enough.”

Luo Tian’s eyes changed.

It was indeed correct.

His own strength was only at the Profound Pupil 9th rank, not enough to go against the Profound Masters of the Luo family.

Every move he had made these past few days were probably known by Luo Jianshan. His heart shook because of his own negligence.

Since this was how things had become, Luo Tian no longer bothered to hide anything. He then smiled and said: “I plan on training within the Ghostly Mountain Range. This isn’t something against the rules or anything right?”


“Training in the Ghostly Mountain Range? A piece of trash like you wants to train in the Ghostly Mountain Range? Don’t you think people would laugh their ass off if they heard about it? It looks like you’re planning on running away…” Said Luo Xiaoshan filled with disdain.

Luo Tian’s eyes became cold as Luo Xiaoshan completely pissed him off.

Luo Jianshan’s face seemed calm as he said: “It’s definitely not against the rules or anything, but what guarantees do you have that you’re not planning to escape?”


“My boss said he’s going to the Ghostly Mountain Range to train, so it means he’s going to train.” Feng Lei roared out in rage.

Luo Jianshan glared at Feng Lei and said in contempt: “So he says he is training so he’s definitely training… what if he escapes? Are you going to guarantee he’s not going to run?”

“I do guarantee it!” Feng Lei immediately yelled out.

Luo Jianshan coldly laughed, “How is a servant of the Luo family like you qualified to make any guarantees?”

Luo Tian interrupted: “Just spill it if you have something to say, stop wasting my time.”

Time was precious and Luo Tian didn’t want to waste any of it. Not to mention there was a last boss in front constantly tempting him. He was scared that he couldn’t endure it anymore and accidentally slam his fist into it, then the results would be…

Luo Jianshan glanced at Li Xue’er before saying: “I don’t care if you go out training, but if you try escaping, then I won’t be able to explain it to the Luo family. That’s why she, and him, have to stay.”

As he was speaking, he pointed at Li Xue’er and then at Feng Lei. “I want those two to stay behind has hostages. If you don’t come back, hehe… If such a pretty girl was sold to the Joyful Spring Garden, we will gain a large sum of money. Especially when she’s a martial warrior, the clients will be even more enthusiastic in conquering her. As for this damn fatty, selling him to the mines as a slave wouldn’t be a bad choice.”

As his voice faded…

A bunch of elite Luo family disciples whom were at the Profound Pupil 9th rank rushed out from the surrounding area.

In less than half a breath, they had already encircled Li Xue’er and Feng Lei!

Luo Tian’s rage immediately burst forth…

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