Undefeatable – Ch48

Chapter 48 – Huge Crisis


Domineering without peer, Megatron descended from the sky. Its large iron hands directly reached out and grabbed onto Luo Xiaoshan’s body and lifted it into the air. Its eyes shifted towards Luo Tian waiting for its next command.

“Luo Tian, you can’t kill me. You can’t kill me!”

“I am the Luo family’s Elder; you won’t live much longer after killing me. Your brother, your woman will all be buried with me. Letting me go is your only path!”

“You damn dog thing, did you hear what this daddy said?”

Luo Xiaoshan was extremely scared as he struggled like mad and roared out insanely.


No matter how hard he struggled, Luo Xiaoshan couldn’t break free from Megatron’s grasp. Being created from fine iron, it was naturally tougher than other materials. Add the fact that Megatron was similar in power to a 3rd rank demonic beast, there was no way an injured Luo Xiaoshan could get away.

One step at a time, Luo Tian walked towards Luo Xiaoshan with a smile like a grim reaper. “This daddy hates being threatened by others. You damn old fogey who’s about to die still has such arrogant words? There’s only one path for arrogant people towards this daddy, and that’s death!”

“You will die, and that evil despicable dog Luo Jianshan will also have to die.”

“Your son needs to die, and his son needs to die…”

“Oh yea, I forgot. His son has already died by my fists and there’s also that guy called Luo Ming who was played to death by me. That’s right, there’s still one other…”

Luo Tian looked like he was in thought before slapping his thighs and exclaiming: “Shit, I finally remember now. There’s also a piece of trash called Zhou Hengran who was saying he was some elder at the Zhou family. Haha… he too died under my fists.”

He no longer cared!

Luo Xiaoshan’s heart was beyond shocked from hearing this. And at the same time, his heart ashen.

He never imagined that Luo Lin and Luo Ming would die by Luo Tian’s hands. The most shocking part was somehow, the Zhou family’s elder Zhou Hengran died as well. What exactly happened here?

What miraculous encounter did Luo Tian have to be able to kill them?

Luo Xiaoshan didn’t have time to ponder these questions since he felt that death was near. His face changed from his imminent death before he started begging: “Nephew Luo Tian, I am still your biological uncle. Spare me this time and I won’t dare to give you any more trouble in the future. I… I… I will stand by your side from now on. I know a lot of my big brother’s secrets, including that year where he schemed and framed you. Your dantian was crippled and your cultivation was destroyed, and I’m clear on how all that happened. Please spare my dog life; I will definitely assist you in gaining the Luo family’s Patriarch position…”

“Hey hey, my biological grand uncle. You should’ve known earlier and only now do you feel fear? Have you been eating shit all this time?” Luo Tian ridiculed.

Luo Xiaoshan was truly scared now.

His voice was trembling and even tears streamed out from fear.


His name was still blood red which meant he was only saying these things to protect his own life. Once he was set free, Luo Xiaoshan will most likely retaliate when given a chance.

Luo Tian wasn’t a dummy, how could he let a piece of meat already in his mouth get away?

Do you think this was still fun and games?

“As expected…”

“Everything was schemed by Luo Jianshan.” Luo Tian sneered. He had made this guess early on but it was still considered speculation. Now that this was confirmed, the hatred in his heart deepened a little more. Luo Tian then faintly smiled as he said to himself: “I should really be thanking Luo Jianshan or else I wouldn’t be able to come to this interesting world.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian made a thought before speaking out loud in a faint but aggressive tone: “Rip him apart!”

“No, no, no, don’t!”

“I still have a lot of secrets about Luo Jianshan. Don’t kill me, don’t…”


A mournful scream was heard. Luo Xiaoshan’s body had been ripped apart in two by Megatron as his blood showered the entire ground.

It was also at this time…


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Luo Xiaoshan. You have gained 1000 experience points, 100 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Meteorite Sword Skill.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a Devouring Spirit pill.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining…”

A series of system alerts sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind. As he listened carefully, he was a bit disappointed with the loot explosion. Luo Tian then fiercely kicked half of Luo Xiaoshan’s corpse and said in contempt: “Shit, you damn poor bastard! You still consider yourself an elite monster with these types of shitty goods?”

It was too f*cking disappointing!


Even though he was disappointed, it was still good that he god rid of this annoying fly Luo Xiaoshan. At least he will no longer have to hear him going bla bla bla all the time.

Recalling Luo Xiaoshan’s words, Luo Tian’s eyes changed as he cursed out: “Luo Jianshan you bastard of a f*cking dog, you don’t even deserve to be a f*cking dog. You can only be the bastard of one! Just you wait you damn old fogey, watch how this daddy will take care of you when I return!”

After resting for a while…

Luo Tian stood on top of Optimus Prime’s shoulder and waved his arm in a domineering manner: “Autobots, kill for me!”

Three huge iron monsters started rushing into the depths of the dark Ghostly Mountain Range.

Another round of massacring feast had begun!

His experience bar was soaring, his profound energy was soaring, and Luo Tian’s willpower was increasing at an unprecedented rate!

Luo Tian was exhausted from two days and two nights of nonstop killing. But he was also excited when he thought back to Luo Jianshan’s whole body glittering in an eye piercing golden light. He could barely contain himself as this was simply too enticing.


It was about half an hour later after Luo Tian left the area of Luo Xiaoshan’s corpse when a shadow descended.

Standing next to Luo Xiaoshan’s corpse, this person gasped as he looked on in shock. “Such power, such strong iron war pets. This Luo Tian is a dangerous individual. It was fortunate I had been concealing my aura all this time or else I might have ended up like this guy.”

“I have to quickly report this to the Patriarch so we can make the preparations as soon as possible!”


The shadow sped off and disappeared within the dark forest.

Luo Tian never expected that Luo Jianshan had sent two people to follow him.

This was an unexpected move.

Luo Jianshan was an old timer when it came to schemes. He was clear that Luo Xiaoshan may make a move against Luo Tian so he sent another person to track them both while surveilling Luo Xiaoshan. Luo Jianshan was worried that once Luo Tian died, Luo Xiaoshan might discover the Furious Thunder Bull’s demon core and decide to covet it himself.

What he never imagined was that Luo Xiaoshan would die by Luo Tian’s hand!

What Luo Jianshan would later realize and not expect was his son had truly died by Luo Tian’s hands. Luo Ming and the Zhou family’s Zhou Hengran had also died by Luo Tian’s hands as well.

All of this would make a trace of fear rise out of Luo Jianshan’s heart.

It was also this moment that Luo Jianshan gained a new understanding of Luo Tian’s strength. He would then start re-calculating his plans…

Luo family, Luo Jianshan’s room.

A candle light was flicking from the breeze blowing through the window. The flickering candle light revealed Luo Jianshan’s cold looking facial expression.

Apart from his cold expression, there were also two lines of dried up tears.

He was clenching his fists while his sleeves fluttered without any wind about. His whole body emitted a strong killing intent that contained a hint of brutal rage.

This aura filled every corner of the room, causing the disciple who was that previous shadow to pale in the face. Sweat dripped down him like rain as he struggled to stay upright. Under the pressure of someone at the Profound Master 9th rank, he couldn’t speak at all. There was many times where he tried opening his mouth to say something but not a sound came out.

The strength of a Profound Master 9th rank was at the peak – it was peerless in this area!

A while later…

Luo Jianshan reverted back to his calm looking face and the killing intent disappeared without a trace. It looked like he had calmed down but in fact; the rage in his heart was burning even stronger.

“Patriarch, do we need to make a move against Feng Lei and that girl?”

“No need, just pretending none of this has happened. They are still my very important ‘guests’ so take care of them accordingly!” Luo Jianshan then narrowed his eyes and continued: “Go to the Zhou family and notify them that I have news regarding Zhou Hengran.”

“This disciple obeys.”

The disciple in black clothing cupped his hands before quickly leaving the room.

Luo Jianshan stared out the window into the dark night. His face had an extremely hideous look as he grimly said: “Lin Er, I will definitely avenge you. I will bury his girl along with you. I will make his brother a slave for you in the afterlife. I will destroy Luo Tian’s soul so that he can’t enter hell even if he wanted to!”

“Father will swear this blood oath that I will definitely accomplish it!”

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