Undefeatable – Ch491

Chapter 491 – I Want To Fight A Hundred People

“One, two, three… eighteen, nineteen… thirty-three…”

“Only this little amount of people is unwilling to submit?”

Luo Tian coldly chuckled and said: “I want to fight a hundred people!”

“Let’s have some more come!”

“Starsea Immortal Sect, Imperial God Immortal Sect; you guys consider yourselves very awesome, right? Come. You guys are super annoyed by this daddy, right? Come, come beat me up. Let’s see if a bunch of garbage like you guys can hurt a single hair on this daddy.”


People have seen arrogance before but never arrogance to this extent!

He says he wants to fight a hundred of them!


Luo Tian was acting like a madman. Did rust get into his brains or did he lose his mind and doesn’t wish to live anymore?

There was a constant stream of disciples from all the immortal sects flying up to the competition stage.

For a brief moment…

Luo Tian became public enemy number one. He had offended every disciple from the ten great immortal sects. In less than a minute, the competition stage was filled with enough people to exceed the hundred people count. They all stood there glaring at Luo Tian.

“Cripple him!”

“Let’s see how long he can keep acting arrogant.”

“This daddy is getting pissed off.”

“Looking down on the ten great immortal sects? Kid, even if the King of Heaven descends, he still wouldn’t be able to save you.”

A clamor arose from the crowd.

Also at this time…

Wang Daofeng glanced at Hong Yijian and the latter nodded.

In an instant…

Wang Daofeng’s eight short knives flew towards the competition stage in unison. His figure instantly descended and stood in front of the crowd. His coldly stared at Luo Tian and said: “Mount Hua Immortal Sect is really quite amazing. They actually accepted a madman like you. It looks like…”

Luo Tian didn’t give him a chance to finish speaking and directly scolded: “Stop blabbing nonsense, you damn garbage! If you have the guts, come attack me! Come! Motherf*ckers, you should just come!”

Luo Tian revealed a cheap and despicable expression.

He looked just like a masochist and his expression was really as despicable as it could get.

“Let me do it!”

A loud voice came from below the stage. Tong Youming then flew up while his fists started moving. His figure charged towards Luo Tian like a thunderstrike as he yelled: “This daddy will play you to death!”

Also at this time…

Those disciples from the ten great immortal sects that had been preparing themselves moved out together. They all released their greatest strength and attacked!

Over a hundred people!

These were the elite disciples from every big immortal sect. Even though the majority of them were just talented disciples from the outer sects, one couldn’t look down on their strength just based on that. They weren’t people that outer sect disciples of Mount Hua Immortal Sect could compare with!

Even Profound Saint experts would be apprehensive during this kind of situation!


Luo Tian only smiled in excitement. He breathed in a deep breath and stood firm. He relaxed his body and allowed it to enter a state of breathing on its own. He then shouted: “Come! You bunch of garbage, let me see for myself what kind of powers you guys possess!”

“Be careful, Team Leader!”

“Luo Tian, you…”

“Senior sister, what should we do?”

“Team Leader will die. Even if he has an immortal body, there’s no way he can handle this many attacks. Senior sister, please quickly think of something.” Yun Yi was so anxious that she started stamping her feet. When she saw all those people charging towards Luo Tian like a tsunami, her face turned pale white.

Han Hua’s eyes tightened. When she saw Luo Tian’s excited expression, she replied: “We don’t need to do anything.”

“We don’t have to do anything?!”

“Senior sister, what are you talking about?”

Han Hua couldn’t be sure but she believed in Luo Tian. She replied: “As long as we believe in him, that’s more than enough.”




Various powerful attacks landed on Luo Tian like a rainstorm.

Luo Tian’s legs were like roots as it entrenched itself into the competition stage. No matter what kind of attacks landed on him, he didn’t put up an ounce of defense. At this instant, his fleshly body was crazily absorbing the immortal force from each attack.

Luo Tian also refined the immortal force like crazy.

One, two, three… ten…

At the same time, he was refining…

The clothes on the upper half of his body were smashed into threads while fresh blood seeped out of countless wounds. In just a blink of an eye, Luo Tian had turned into a person that seemed to have climbed out of a pool of blood. His face also became a shade paler. Even if Titan God’s Body is strong, the attacks landing on his body were still extremely painful but wouldn’t rob him of his life just yet.

Even though this was the case, Luo Tian’s mouth still showed an excited smile.


“Is this all the strength you guys have?”

“You haven’t eaten yet? Do I need to call your mothers here so she can breastfeed you some milk before you attack again?”

“Ten great immortal sects?”

“What a bunch of garbage. You still dare to come up here for this kind of strength? Simply weak to the max! This daddy is standing right here for you guys to attack but you still can’t kill me. Tell me what use are you guys good for? All you guys can do is flaunt your prowess each day with a bunch of retards. Who even gave you guys the courage to do that?”

Luo Tian mocked them.

Loud and vicious mockery.

Another round of attacks landed which made him even more excited. He then said internally: “Sure enough, they are really the disciples of the ten great immortal sects. The immortal force they’ve cultivated is at a much greater amount than the disciples of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. No wonder they are so strong. But the stronger they are, the more I like it. Hahaha…”

In less than ten minutes, he had refined over fifty inner cores.

This kind of speed…

Could scare the life out of someone!

The more he mocked, the angrier those disciples became. A fresh round of attacks had started up again.

This round was more fierce than the previous one!

They practically released all the saved up immortal force inside their bodies!

They were each like ferocious beasts. When he saw how they looked, Luo Tian started laughing before saying: “That’s more like it! Use up all that milk energy you’ve got. Quick, quickly come attack me!”


“Boom~… boom~…”

Various powerful martial skills, energy, techniques, and even divine artifacts were used.

This time…

Luo Tian managed to refine 68 inner cores. He was roaring internally with excitement: “Awesome!”

At this moment…

Luo Tian’s figure moved into a different position. Regeneration was used right after that and all the wounds on his body instantly recovered. The blood he had lost was all replenished. Seeing all the immortal sect disciples panting around him, Luo Tian laughed in mockery. “Hahaha… a bunch of garbage like you guys wishes to injure this daddy? This daddy stood here and took your attacks without moving, yet you still couldn’t kill me. I really don’t understand if there’s any meaning for you guys to keep living in this world.”

They couldn’t figure it out!

They were completely baffled!

Were they really that weak?

With this many people here, even Profound Saint experts would thoroughly die. This Luo Tian guy looked like he wasn’t injured at all. It was exactly like nothing had happened to him and he was eerily excited. The more they attacked him, the more excited he got. He’s definitely a perverted individual!

Luo Tian pointed at Tong Youming and said with disdain: “Weren’t you the one that was the most fierce when screaming at me? Come, come hit me again.”

“There’s also you!”

His gaze turned to Wang Daofeng before saying: “Aren’t you two quite awesome, right? Encouraging other immortal sect disciples to mess with my Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciples, right? You should come then. This daddy will stand right here for you to kill. You guys wished to kill me all along, right?”

The two of them had practically used up all their breastfed milk yet it was completely useless!

Even their divine grade xuan weapons had barely scratched Luo Tian’s skin, yet couldn’t kill him.

Seeing how they weren’t speaking, Luo Tian’s mouth formed a sneer as he said: “You guys aren’t attacking anymore? If you guys aren’t attacking, then it’s going to be my turn!”

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