Undefeatable – Ch492

Chapter 492 – A Dangerous Character Appears

As Luo Tian’s voice faded…

Everyone’s gaze looked up and many of them revealed a cold disdainful smile.

“Your fleshly body is indeed quite strong, but you forgot your own cultivation realm. It’s only at the Profound Venerate 2nd rank. Who here doesn’t have a higher cultivation than yours? With your attack power, is it even enough to scratch an itch for us?”

“Luo Tian, don’t think that by killing junior brother Long Wang and you’ve become all that. He has only entered the Imperial God Immortal Sect for less than half a year so he’s control over immortal force isn’t comparable to ours. Being able to kill him doesn’t mean you can injure us.”

“That’s right.”

“Your dantian is crippled and you aren’t able to absorb immortal force. So what if you can train your fleshly body to an even stronger level? This world is a place where one’s power makes the rules. It’s practically useless no matter how strong your defense gets.”

Everyone started mocking him.

A clamor rose up as people heard the analysis of some disciples who thought they knew a lot. Those disciples that were slightly nervous about the situation had now stood up straight. They revealed their expression of contempt and also started clamoring in support.

Tong Youming laughed into the air before saying: “Kid, it’s useless no matter how strong your fleshly body gets. Can you even harm a single hair on us?”



“Even if you bring your entire family out, there’s no way you can harm a single hair on this daddy.”

Wang Daofeng went along and said: “Brother Tong, not to mention a single hair, I doubt he can even reach out bodies. Anyone of our oppressive pressure can easily force a trashy Profound Venerate ranker away, and he wishes to even injure us? Damn dog thing, I think you’ve been over thinking things.”

Immediately after…

As Wang Daofeng’s words faded, his brows furrowed as he shouted: “Desolate Blade Bloodline, endless pressure, suppress for me!”


The sound of a blade ringing exploded out! Wang Daofeng then released a powerful oppressive pressure that charged towards Luo Tian like a tsunami.

Those two didn’t know that it was Luo Tian who had previously released his pressure to suppress them.

No matter how strong a Profound Venerate 2nd ranker was, there’s no way his pressure could suppress them!


They thought that Luo Tian wouldn’t be able to resist their suppression attack.

Luo Tian revealed a fearful look on his face. Before the pressure arrived, his expression drastically changed as he held his head and screamed: “Don’t, don’t, don’t suppress me! Agghh! It’s so painful! Don’t suppress me!”

His expression looked realistic and his acting was on point.

If he could say so himself, his acting was first-rate and even an Oscar winner couldn’t compare with him.

Wang Daofeng felt his mind relax after seeing Luo Tian’s reaction. He did feel like something wasn’t quite right, but he didn’t think too much about it when he saw Luo Tian’s painful looks. He then loudly mocked: “Now you’re scared, you damn trash?!”

“My fellow senior and junior brothers; his fleshly body is very powerful but his sea of consciousness is very weak. You can just use your oppressive pressure so that he can neither live nor die.”

Those disciples looked like they found their opponent’s weakness themselves.

Everyone instantly acted together.

Waves of powerful oppressive pressure surged over and directly entered into Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness.

Luo Tian’s slightly exaggerated acting made each of them become arrogant.

“Kneel down for me!”

“Show me your arrogance again!”

“Trash of Mount Hua Immortal Sect!”

Wang Daofeng and Tong Youming were laughing so happily that they looked like village idiots.

When everyone thought Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness was about to explode and cause his death; when everyone was laughing in ridicule; Luo Tian’s body suddenly started shaking from laughing too hard. “You bunch of dumb idiots; this daddy was only messing with you all!”


Luo Tian was using the signature laughter of Stephen Chow.¹

Everyone’s expression froze.

Every one of them looked like they had swallowed a fly. Their expressions distorted and looked unsightly to the extreme.

They were being played with!

Back then, they were all smiling like idiots and now they couldn’t say a single word.

Luo Tian coldly smiled and said: “You guys enjoy using your pressure to suppress this daddy right? Fine, then this daddy will show you guys what true suppression means.”


Even though Luo Tian hated being suppressed…

He actually loved to suppress others!

His gaze changed as he shouted: “Level 6 Berserk!”


Sixty-four times his base attributes were activated.

Right after that, Luo Tian shouted once more: “Titan God’s Soul, suppress them for me!”


Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness started moving and the suppression from his grim reaper’s path of slaughter surged out without restraint. It managed to suppress every single person on the competition stage! Their bodies couldn’t move and they could barely gasp for air! A grim reaper holding a scythe had appeared in the minds of everyone!

At this moment…

Luo Tian leaped into the air before aiming down below and activating Xiao Yan’s Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar!


Cracks started appearing in the surrounding space!

The black aura from the void of space seeped through those cracks.

Also at this moment…

The disciples on the competition stage started bleeding from all seven orifices as no one was capable of resisting Luo Tian’s double suppression.





The system alert tone went off like firecrackers non-stop. This kind of feeling was simply too great!

The most important part was the undefeated points!

It increased one point at a time! Even though it wasn’t rising fast, it was still a step further in reaching his fourth Black Tortoise bloodline.

“Stay your hand!”

“Luo Tian, stay your hand for me!”

“You dare to become the enemy of all ten great immortal sects?!”

“It looks like you’re tired of living!”

There were countless disciples screaming below the stage, and they happen to be the ones that were stronger than the ones on the stage. They didn’t go up because they disdained to make a move. Now that they saw how Luo Tian was killing their fellow sect brothers, their flames of rage were about to spew out in physical form!

Luo Tian revealed an evil smile. He looked at the people below the stage and said: “If you tell me to stop and I stop, wouldn’t that mean I’m losing face?”

As his voice faded…

For those immortal sect disciples who hadn’t completely died yet, Luo Tian gave a shout: “Myriad Thunder Roar, blow up this bunch of garbage for me!”

Storm clouds started to gather!

Lightning then shot down from the storm clouds and started killing those half-dead immortal sect disciples. Their bodies were smashed into powder and not even their bones were left behind.



Another continuous chain of system alerts sounded off.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. Your current cultivation is at the Profound Venerate 3rd rank!”

“Hahaha… who would’ve imagined I would level up this way! Killing people feels much better than killing monsters. Uhhh… that’s not right. I should say killing these garbage feels much better than killing monsters. Hahaha…” Luo Tian was laughing without restraint.

Apart from leveling, he gained quite a lot of immortal force. The immortal force could be refined into quite a number of inner cores!

What a huge windfall!


A complete and utter madman!

At this moment, every member of the ten great immortal sects was staring at Luo Tian with killing intent surging into the sky!

Luo Tian didn’t care about it one bit. If eyes could kill, who knows how many times he would be dead by now. He coldly grinned and said: “I can tell by looking at your faces that you’re not very happy. If you aren’t happy, you should scram up here for this daddy then.”


“A bunch of fools without brains, do you guys really need to get on the stage to kill?”

“If you can’t kill him, just kill his fellow disciples. What brainless idiots.”

As that voice faded…

A person descended and landed right behind Yun Ling and Yun Yi, revealing a cold and evil expression.


¹ – Here’s Stephen Chow’s signature laughter. http://youtu.be/M08avcZ2jNQ?t=18

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