Undefeatable – Ch496

Chapter 496 – The Massacre Begins

After experiencing this matter at Heaven’s Boundary, Xu Shan’s heart had been deeply hurt by it.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect was rotten to the core.

If this continued on its course, it would be exactly as Luo Tian said – Mount Hua Immortal Sect would be slowly devoured by the other immortal sects before they could even reach next year’s immortal sect competition!

There had to be change!

Xu Shan’s expression calmed down before asking: “The teleportation array was created by the old ancestors of the immortal sects using paramount spatial powers. Wanting to destroy it won’t be simple, but I do have an extremely quick method.”

Luo Tian immediately asked: “What kind of method?”

Xu Shan grinned coldly and said: “The teleportation array cannot be destroyed in a short amount of time, but if we use a spatial ability to slightly alter the teleport nodes, this will in effect damage it. That way, they cannot teleport back to their immortal sect.”

“But people on the outside can still teleport in here.”


“I don’t care if people come in from the outside since they will die here anyway. The more people coming in here, the better.” Luo Tian secretly became excited. “Ten great immortal sects, huh? This daddy will poke your ten great immortal sects all the way to the heavens!”

Also at this time…

Hong Yijian’s gaze turned gloomy. He looked at Luo Tian seriously before saying: “All Imperial God Immortal Sects disciples; listen to my command! We will cultivate here next time so everyone is to retreat from Heaven’s Boundary now!”

Liu Zonghai’s death made Hong Yijian’s heart secretly go cold.

He was also rejoicing inside!

If it was him, he too wouldn’t be able to block Luo Tian’s Revolving Slash. Liu Zonghai’s death allowed him to see Luo Tian clearly. He couldn’t provoke this guy for now but he will definitely remember the name Luo Tian. He coldly harrumphed before saying: “I will wait for you in next year’s immortal sect competition!”

The Imperial God Immortal Sect disciples quickly assembled.

Everyone then strode towards the teleportation array.

Luo Tian leaped into the air and directly blocked in front of Hong Yijian’s path. He then said with a cold smile: “Did I say that you guys can leave?”

Hong Yijian’s expression changed as he angrily said: “Luo Tian, don’t push the bullying too far. This is Heaven’s Boundary; we can come if we want and go if we want. It’s not your turn to agree or disagree with that decision. My advice is that you scram as far as you can. My Imperial God Immortal Sect isn’t an existence you can provoke!”

The number one immortal sect – who can afford to offend them?

Who can afford to offend the immortal sect that housed the true dragon’s son?

There was some fear inside Hong Yijian’s heart, but he was still full of confidence because he was a disciple of the Imperial God Immortal Sect. Just those four words “Imperial God Immortal Sect” were enough to suppress any other immortal sect disciples. It was capable of suppressing anyone within the Tianxuan Continent!

Just because he was a member of the Imperial God Immortal Sect!

The dozens of Imperial God Immortal Sect disciples behind him all had sneers of disdain while looking at Luo Tian.

It was the same haughty and condescending look!

“Luo Tian, you can’t afford to offend the Imperial God Immortal Sect. If you don’t wish to die, quickly scram as far as you can.”

“Provoking our Imperial God Immortal Sect will only make the death of your Mount Hua Immortal Sect quicker.”

“Scram aside if you know what’s good for you and stop thinking you’re that great. In front of our senior brother Murong, you’re not even comparable to an ant. You think that you’re so powerful after killing Liu Zonghai? You’re a bit too self-centered.”

Luo Tian coldly smiled and said: “I don’t care about the past but the thing I’m clear on is that what I say goes in Heaven’s Boundary now. Without my agreement, none of you are allowed to leave or have the ability to leave.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed as he shouted: “Eternal Kingdom!”

A spatial domain was released.

Luo Tian directly landed on the nodes of the teleportation array. Apart from Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s node being undamaged, every other immortal sect node was!




The glow around the nodes disappeared one at a time.

The disciples in Heaven’s Boundary were clearly panicking now.

Hong Yijian’s expression was filled with rage as he shouted: “Luo Tian, what are you planning on doing?!”

Luo Tian grinned evilly and said: “Nothing much, I just want to calculate some old accounts you guys have with Mount Hua Immortal Sect. If you want me to speak more clearly – everyone here has to die.”

The moment his voice faded…

Luo Tian released Titan God’s Body, Titan God’s Might, and Titan God’s Soul, all at once! He then shouted: “Level 6 Berserk!”

Those disciples below the Profound Saint cultivation realm were immediately suppressed!

Those that could still move were very little.

Luo Tian locked his gaze on Hong Yijian and instantly moved. His palms produced a dense amount of devil flames while his sea of consciousness released the ancient powers he received from the Ancient King’s inheritance. He coldly scoffed and said: “The Imperial God Immortal Sect is so great, huh? The people this daddy is going to kill are exactly the people of the Imperial God Immortal Sect!”

Hong Yijian’s brows sank. All the Profound Saint realm powers he possessed was released, causing a humming noise on his back. Eight flying swords appeared and moved according to his will. He then shouted: “Did you think I would be as careless as Liu Zonghai?!”

“Eight swords as one, slash for me!”

Controlling swords with his mental energy!

That kind of power was immensely strong!

With the addition of an orthodox Profound Saint 2nd rank cultivation, Hong Yijian’s ability was indeed powerful. This kind of power gave Luo Tian quite a bit of pressure.

The cultivation gap between those two was rather large.

There was a nine level difference!

Even inside video games, such a level difference wasn’t easy to take on. Not to mention Luo Tian didn’t have any divine artifacts on him. The Seven Star Sword, Seven Star Armor were useless against Hong Yijian because he didn’t become a devil. Therefore, Luo Tian had no advantages at all when it came to his equipment.

In addition…

Hong Yijian was fighting with his life on the line.

The power he exploded forth with was especially terrifying.

All eight of Hong Yijian’s swords started moving while his body also transformed into a sword as well. Now, there were nine swords capable of annihilating everything in its path! He then gave a shout: “Damn dog thing! Go die for me!”

An extremely powerful attack!

Luo Tian’s mouth formed a cold sneer. He didn’t move and only sneered in disdain: “There’s no way this kind of attack can break past my defense!”

He allowed Hong Yijian to slash down at him!

After the Titan race’s bestowment of Titan’s blood, Luo Tian’s fleshly body had already reached an extreme realm of toughness. His body became relaxed and entered a breathing state. When facing Hong Yijian’s nine swords as one, Luo Tian clenched his teeth and planned on letting his body take it head-on!”

He needed more inner cores!

He needed lots and lots of inner cores!

When facing such a powerful attack full of immortal force, Luo Tian didn’t wish to miss this chance!


He had absolute faith in the Titan God’s Body.


Nine sharp swords fused into one before chopping down right at the center of Luo Tian’s brows.


The defensive powers of a Titan God’s Body exploded forth!

At this time…

Luo Tian’s fleshly body was incomparably tough, exactly like a true Titan race’s body. His whole body was exuding a power that came from the Titan race, surging with a turbulent aura of having slaughtered thousands!


His fleshly body absorbed like crazy!

Luo Tian didn’t stop as he refined 13 inner cores in that brief moment of contact. He then sneered coldly and said: “I told you that you wouldn’t be able to break past my defenses. Now it should be this daddy’s turn.”

Titan God’s Might was activated!

Sixty-four times his base attributes were also released! His fists started smashing out like a pair of cannons!


The blow directly smashed into Hong Yijian’s chest.

Hong Yijian was sent flying!

Before he could land, Luo Tian slid over and appeared behind Hong Yijian. His pair of fists smashed out once more as he shouted: “Explode for me!”

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