Undefeatable – Ch497

Chapter 497 – Refining A Bunch Of Inner Cores

In the world of martial skills, only speed couldn’t be broken!

Luo Tian was successful with his first punch. Without the slightest gap in delay, his next move had already smashed forth.


Combo’s at the speed of light without any gap in timing!

The chest received a punch, and the back received a punch. Luo Tian had used all his strength in those two strikes. He would never hold back any strength when dealing with an enemy. He would exert as much strength as he could because he believed in beating them to death instead of crippling them.

He will never give his enemy a chance to rise up again!

Two more punches landed on Hong Yijian’s back. He spurted out a mouthful of black colored blood as his body was sent flying.

One must mention…

The defensive properties of Hong Yijian’s fleshly body were rather strong, at least a step higher than Liu Zonghai’s.

This was related to his innate bloodline!

After spraying out blood, Hong Yijian screamed out in pain. He also managed to scream out right after: “All ten great immortal sects join forces! If we don’t join forces, he’s going to kill us all, one at a time! You guys are next if I end up dying! All you Profound Saint disciples, stop hesitating! His oppressive pressure cannot suppress you guys, so join forces with…”

Not giving him a chance to finish speaking…

Luo Tian’s figure landed in front of Hong Yijian with a fierce smile. “The third combo!”


“The fourth combo!”


“The fifth combo!”


“The eighth combo!”


His health bar was nearing the bottom! Luo Tian clasped his hands together like a battle axe and chopped down. Hong Yijian, who was in the air, was directly smashed downwards to the ground. The ground cracked apart and the entire Heaven’s Boundary shook from the impact!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Hong Yijian. You have gained 100,000 experience points, 9800 immortal force…”

“Congratulations to player…”


“Undefeated value +1.”

Nothing good exploded from the corpse.

Luo Tian was mentally prepared for this so he wasn’t too surprised. His eager thoughts were all placed on the other Profound Saint experts right now. He then yelled: “Who else wants to leave here?!”

His voice suppressed pretty much everyone.

Heaven’s Boundary became quiet once more.

Luo Tian coldly sneered and said: “I will give you all a chance to live. As long as you can kill me, you can all leave this place. I am going to stand here and not move, so whether you can kill me or not is up to your own abilities.”

Inner cores!

It was still about inner cores.

Even the Prime Elder needed inner cores, so Luo Tian understood the importance of it.

That’s why…

Before these people died, he had to squeeze out the maximum value from their bodies. If he wanted change, then he had to be fully prepared. And inner cores were only one of the many things he needed!

Those disciples all looked at each other.

They were all undecided.

Since the power of Hong Yijian’s nine swords couldn’t kill Luo Tian, their own attack was probably useless as well.

Luo Tian saw their indecisiveness and coldly harrumphed. “Since you guys aren’t making a move and don’t want this chance of living, then I’m going to make a move. Once I act, you guys will definitely be dying. I’m going to give you guys 3 more seconds to decide!”



“Let’s do this together! Let’s kill him!”

“I doubt he can handle the attack from the two hundred plus people we have here. I refuse to believe that!”

“Well said!”

“Let’s kill this kid! No matter how strong he is, there’s no way he’s the opponent of two hundred plus people!”

“The array has been damaged so there’s no way for us to go back. Instead of waiting for him to come kill us, why not join forces to kill him first? By that time, we can just wait here for the inner sect Elders to come to help us. Once we’re able to get out, we will announce everything that has happened at Heaven’s Boundary. That will be the time when Mount Hua Immortal Sect becomes annihilated!”

Everyone was afraid of death.

These immortal sect disciples were especially afraid of death.

Instead of waiting for Luo Tian to come to kill them, they might as well make the first move.

Xu Shan sent a voice transmission: “Kid, can you really do it? There are many more people this time. Can your body handle eating all these attacks?”

Luo Tian replied excitedly: “No problem!”

“Old Xu, you only need to protect the others. There’s nothing to worry about with me here!”

Right after that…

Xu Shan moved closer to Han Hua and slowly led the group to back away.

Yun Ling had an anxious look as she said: “Elder Xu, can Team Leader really do it? Why is he doing this? After killing the disciples from the ten great immortal sects, can we… can we still go back? Not to mention the ten great immortal sects, even the Elders of Mount Hua Immortal Sect wouldn’t let us off.”

Han Hua softly said: “Team Leader definitely has his plans if he decided to do something like this.”

Zhao Chen looked at Xu Shan and said: “Elder Xu, you must know or else the boss wouldn’t know how to damage the teleportation array. You definitely know something. Can you please tell us or we’ll soon die from anxiety.”

The four of them all looked at Xu Shan.

Xu Shan smiled excitedly before saying the word: “Change!”

“Luo Tian wants to use this incident as a starting point to stir up the ten great immortal sects. The most important part is that he wants Mount Hua Immortal Sect to be destroyed!”


The four became shocked. The sense of belonging they had towards Mount Hua Immortal Sect had disappeared after this half a month. They wouldn’t miss an immortal sect that didn’t care whether they lived or died, but Mount Hua Immortal Sect was still a place they had lived at for several years.

When they heard the word destroy, their minds couldn’t help feel nervous.

Xu Shan looked up into the air with a smile. “Only after destruction will there be rebirth!”

“A magnificent rebirth!”

“With Luo Tian’s current strength, there’s no way he’s able to shake Mount Hua Immortal Sect. That’s why he planned on borrowing the hands of the ten great immortal sects. Have them destroy Mount Hua Immortal Sect first, and then he will establish a brand new Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”

“Rebirth amongst the ashes – this is the only path for Mount Hua Immortal Sect to become strong again!”

After hearing Xu Shan’s words, the four of them were extremely shocked in the beginning. But then their gaze tightened as a sense of agitation arose from inside their hearts.

This was high stakes gambling!

If they were to win, Mount Hua Immortal Sect would rise up under Luo Tian’s leadership.

Even if they failed…

Only when one lives their life the way they want is considered truly living in this world. (YOLO)

In the worst case, they could try again next life!

Han Hua sat down cross-legged and purged her mind of all chaotic thoughts. When she sensed the immortal force inside Heaven’s Boundary, her expression became extremely calm. She was very clear that if she wanted to participate in this reform, she had to become stronger if she wanted to continue walking this road with Luo Tian!

She had to become stronger!

Only then would she be able to help Luo Tian. Only then will she be qualified to walk down this road further along his side!

Immediately after…

Yun Ling, Yun Yi, and Zhao Chen sat down cross-legged as well while absorbing the immortal force from Heaven’s Boundary.

Xu Shan faintly smiled. He then watched as over two hundred people surrounded and attacked Luo Tian. He noticed Luo Tian was covered in blood with countless wounds yet was still smiling with excitement. He muttered to himself: “How many years has it been since I’ve felt such excitement?”

“Luo Tian, thank you!”

Right after that…

He sat down cross-legged and started cultivating.

As for Luo Tian…

In the middle of the large crowd, Luo Tian was similar to a super boss that wasn’t moving. Apart from his eyes, his entire body was covered in blood. But he still had an excited look on his face as he yelled out arrogantly: “Is this all the strength you guys have?!”

“You’re disciples of the ten great immortal sects and this is all the strength you have?!”

“This daddy stood here for you to kill, yet you weren’t able to. Can you bunch of garbage use a little more strength?”

“If you can’t kill this daddy, then this daddy will kill you all.”

Inside Luo Tian’s spatial ring was a large pile of inner cores!

So awesome!

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