Undefeatable – Ch499

Chapter 499 – Return To Mount Hua Immortal Sect

Half a month later.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s teleportation array.

A red glow shone brilliantly. From within the array, six people came out and Luo Tian was the last in line.

He wiped off the small beads of sweat from his forehead while saying to himself: “Damn! It’s fortunate I ran quickly, or else I’ll be destroyed along with Heaven’s Boundary. The Ancient Dragon Execution Array is way too crazy with immortal force as its core.”

The moment they stepped onto the teleportation array…

Luo Tian activated the array and destroyed Heaven’s Boundary.

The current Mount Hua Immortal Sect can forget about having more people enter Heaven’s Boundary to cultivate. So instead of having their enemies get stronger, it was best to destroy it.

“They’re back?!”

“Luo Tian and the others are back?”

“They’ve all come back!”

The news spread extremely quickly. In less than ten minutes, the outer and inner sect members all caught wind of it.

A large crowd of people came over.

They were all staring at Luo Tian without blinking.

“They’ve made breakthroughs! The twin sisters Yun Ling and Yun Yi have reached the early stages of the Profound Venerate realm!”

“Look at Zhao Chen. He’s only a disciple of the Array Hall yet his strength has reached the Profound Venerate realm as well. This kind of speed is way too terrifying.”

“Senior sister Yue Hua is even crazier; she’s already at the Profound Venerate 3rd rank.”

“The speed of their cultivation increase is way too fast at Heaven’s Boundary. In less than two months, they’ve already reached such a high level of attainment. Those disciples that came back early didn’t even absorb any immortal force, let alone make breakthroughs. The comparison between the two groups is simply way too large.”

The outer sect disciples were discussing in hushed voices.

Those disciples who escaped from Heaven’s Boundary early had ugly looks on their faces. They couldn’t understand how Han Hua and the others managed to survive in Heaven’s Boundary. They also couldn’t understand how their cultivation could have risen so much so quickly.

When cultivating at the outer edges of Heaven’s Boundary, the immortal force there was extremely weak so their cultivation speed would still be extremely slow no matter how high their talent was.

Of course…

These people didn’t know that Luo Tian and the others were at the center of Heaven’s Boundary, cultivating at a place where immortal force was the most abundant. Apart from that, Luo Tian was providing them with a nearly inexhaustible supply of inner cores. Under such conditions, even someone with poor talent would make breakthroughs at shocking speeds.

“He, he, he made some breakthroughs as well?”

“Profound Venerate 4th rank!”

“In less than half a month, he broke through two small realms? This is way too perverse! Is he even still human?”

Everyone’s gaze landed on Luo Tian.

They found out the aura coming from Luo Tian was greatly different from half a month ago.

Not long after…

Venerable Hun Yuan descended from an immortal cloud. His gaze showed faint shock as he didn’t believe Luo Tian could come back alive. He was very clear on Liu Zonghai and Hong Yijian’s cultivation realm. They were elite disciples of Starsea Immortal Sect and Imperial God Immortal Sect. Luo Tian’s cultivation was only at the Profound Venerate 2nd rank, so there’s no way he would be their opponent.

There was no news coming from Heaven’s Boundary this past half a month.

He thought Luo Tian had died there and didn’t expect he would come back here safe and sound. And somehow, Luo Tian’s cultivation increased again so this made him feel quite a bit of shock.

Behind Venerable Hun Yuan was the Second Elder, Venerable Tian Yuan who was suppressed by Luo Tian. When he looked at Luo Tian, his gaze revealed a cold killing intent but Luo Tian didn’t even give him a glance.

Luo Tian walked to the front and didn’t look at anyone. He strode past them and didn’t even give the Grand Elder a look either.

Venerable Hun Yuan was displeased with this attitude so he shouted: “Luo Tian, the Sect Leader is looking for you! Follow me to Mount Hua’s main hall!”

Luo Tian smirked and turned to Xu Shan: “Old Xu, I’ll go over there for a bit and be back real soon. You guys all go cultivate.”

“Let’s go,” said Xu Shan.

Han Hua, Yun Ling, and the others all looked at Luo Tian.

They were feeling a bit excited and a bit worried at the same time.

A short while later, the ten great immortal sects will know what happened at Heaven’s Boundary. That Myriad Sword Immortal Sect disciple that escaped from Heaven’s Boundary should be back at his sect in the next few days. At that time, everything will be exposed.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect will soon face the siege of the ten great immortal sects!

At that time…

They didn’t dare to imagine further!

Luo Tian followed Venerable Hun Yuan to Mount Hua’s main hall.

Sect Leader Yun Ji revealed a surprised look before saying with a smile: “Luo Tian, you managed to rescue Mount Hua’s disciples. You’ve achieved a great merit this time. I really want to know how you were able to rescue them.”

“Did anything happen inside Heaven’s Boundary?”

He really wanted to know!

Each of them made multiple breakthroughs so this kind of speed was inconceivable.

It was very obvious that…

They were cultivating at an area with the densest amount of immortal force, or else there’s no way their speed would be that quick.

Luo Tian replied: “Sect Leader, you should have personally gone there if you wanted to know what happened. You don’t understand how much they wanted you to go rescue them. Even though they are only four outer sect disciples and an outer sect Elder, they are still people of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. They were bullied and suffered a lot of humiliation in Heaven’s Boundary. You should see how much they longed for you to go rescue them.”


“Luo Tian, how can you say such words?”

“What do you mean by your words? Are you criticizing the Sect Leader?!” Venerable Tian Yuan shouted this with hatred in his voice.

Luo Tian gave a superficial laugh before saying: “Second Elder, what are you so anxious about? I haven’t finished my words yet. Even though they were disappointed, I told them it was the Sect Leader who sent me there. Just I alone, am more than enough to deal with the ten great immortal sect garbage disciples. Look, haven’t I returned to Mount Hua safe and sound? You guys don’t know how much gratitude they have for the Sect Leader. If it weren’t for the Sect Leader allowing me to go back then, they would’ve died in Heaven’s Boundary already. Everything is due to the thanks of Sect Leader’s heroic decision. Not like some people cravingly clinging to life instead of braving death, who kept stopping me from entering Heaven’s Boundary.”

The tone of his voice was very calm.


One could clearly hear the scorn and sarcasm.

The words were also directed at Venerable Yun Ji.

These people weren’t dumb so how could they not detect this?

Yun Ji’s eyes faintly narrowed. He then said with a smile: “Luo Tian, what happened at Heaven’s Boundary?”

He really wanted to know!

When he found out Luo Tian came back to Mount Hua Immortal Sect, his heart tightened. He was worried Luo Tian would provoke some trouble again. If he were to provoke the ten great immortal sects, then Mount Hua Immortal Sect… and his position as the Sect Leader…

Luo Tian pretended to be dumb and replied: “Nothing happened. Those disciples of the ten great immortal sects were rather kind. When I reasoned with them that immortal sects were one big family, that we should cultivate together, and get strong together, they all agreed with great enthusiasm. In the end, they allowed us to cultivate where the densest immortal force in Heaven’s Boundary was.”




“What a pack of lies!”

All the Elders harrumphed in disbelief.

Who would believe him?

Even deaf people wouldn’t believe his words!

Luo Tian revealed an innocent face and said: “What I’ve said is true. They also said our Mount Hua Immortal Sect can enter Heaven’s Boundary any time we want to cultivate. Why would I lie to you all?”

Around this time…

A disciple rushed into the main hall and reported: “Sect Leader! Not good!”

Venerable Tian Ji’s gaze tightened and asked: “What happened?”

Luo Tian was a bit surprised and said to himself: “The ten great immortal sects couldn’t have come this quickly, right? This daddy still hasn’t made my preparations yet!”


(T/N: The author is switching Yue Hua and Han Hua either by mistake, or he’s trying to show the readers that not all the disciples know Han Hua changed her name.)

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