Undefeatable – Ch500

Chapter 500 – Not Even Comparable To A Dog

They can’t be that quick, right?

Mount Hua Immortal Sect is about 30 million kilometers from the Myriad Sword Immortal Sect. Even if that guy is at the Profound Venerate realm, there’s no way he can get there in half a month. Could it be that he had some type of flying treasure?

Luo Tian couldn’t help but feel a sense of tightness in his heart.

When those thoughts were running through his mind, that disciple was looking at him.

This made Luo Tian even more anxious, but he didn’t show this and only revealed an innocent look.

When it came to acting, he really felt like he had reached the invincible realm!

“Quickly say it; what happened?” Venerable Hun Yuan shouted.

That disciple immediately said: “Reporting to the Sect Leader: there’s a malfunction with the teleportation array and we can’t connect with Heaven’s Boundary.”


“Didn’t he just say our Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciples could enter Heaven’s Boundary anytime we want to cultivate?”

“Could there be some sort of mistake?”

Many Elders started interrogating all at once.

That disciple lowered his head and said: “I personally inspected it. The connection cannot be established so we cannot enter Heaven’s Boundary. I don’t know if it’s a malfunction or if someone deliberately damaged it.”

“Heh heh…”

Luo Tian relaxed. As long as it wasn’t the ten great immortal sects killing their way over, nothing else mattered.

He wasn’t fully prepared yet.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian didn’t wait for all the Elders to continue speaking and immediately revealed a ferocious look. He then shouted: “Motherf*ckers! Those ten great immortal sects are all bastards! They say one thing in front of you and then do another thing behind your back. They already said our Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciples could cultivate anytime we wanted at Heaven’s Boundary. Who would’ve imagined that the moment my foot left the place, they would destroy the teleportation node for our Mount Hua Immortal Sect? Too evil and despicable! If I meet them next time, I will definitely teach them a good lesson!”

“Wait, we can’t let this go!”

“Lord Sect Leader, I suggest that we start a punitive expedition against the ten great immortal sects. Heaven’s Boundary was discovered by Mount Hua’s old ancestor, we can’t let them take it over just like that. If no one is willing to go, I’ll go by myself!”


The words spoken were clanging with strength and contained a trace of anger.

Righting injustice for Mount Hua Immortal Sect!

Even some of the Elders were stunned by Luo Tian’s attitude and praised his words.

“They’re too despicable!”

“That’s right! It’s fine if they just bullied our disciples but now they even damaged our teleportation node. They are basically bandits and robbers, yet they aren’t ashamed of calling themselves people of the righteous path.”

“Sect Leader, we cannot just let this matter go.”

“Heaven’s Boundary is a place our old ancestors left for us. Now, our Mount Hua has been kicked out of it. This is something I definitely cannot swallow.”

Some of the younger hot-blooded Elders started clamoring.

Venerable Yun Ji’s expression sank. He first glanced at Luo Tian to see if he could glean some information from his expression but couldn’t find anything. He then said solemnly: “I will first send someone to investigate this matter. I will not let this go just like that.”

Venerable Hun Yuan stared at Luo Tian intently. He had a feeling this incident was definitely related to Luo Tian’s doing. He then said: “Luo Tian, what exactly happened in Heaven’s Boundary? Why would they damage our Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s teleportation node at a time like this?”

Luo Tian had an innocent look and was just missing the tears and snot. He replied: “Deprived of their conscience! I reasoned with them; didn’t retaliate when beaten; didn’t respond when scolded, and everyone was influenced by my noble actions. We were just missing the act of kneeling down and becoming sworn brothers by the witness of heaven and earth!”


“Absolutely for real.”

“Do you dare to swear by it?”

“I swear to the heavens – if there’s even a single false word I’ve spoken, then let heavenly lightning strike me dead.” Luo Tian extended three fingers while making that oath, but was coldly laughing internally. “Swearing? These ancient things will never come true. I have no problem swearing a hundred oaths if you want.”

Venerable Hun Yuan observed Luo Tian’s sincere look and became quiet in his own thoughts.

Luo Tian was laughing so hard internally that he couldn’t close his mouth.

These people here would never imagine that Tianxuan Continent no longer had a place called Heaven’s Boundary anymore.

It was already destroyed by Luo Tian!

As for those disciples of the ten great immortal sects… heh heh… they’ve all become experience points and immortal force.

Venerable Yun Ji furrowed his brows and said: “Luo Tian, you may withdraw first. We need to deliberate some serious matters.

“Order received!”

Luo Tian cupped his hands and was about to turn around before he said: “Lord Sect Leader, if we’re going to attack the ten great immortals sects, I’m willing to be the first to sign up for it. They’ve pushed us too far this time and even a dog wouldn’t be able to endure.”

Before he left, he managed to throw a taunt that those that endured were not even comparable to dogs!

After saying that…

Luo Tian strode out of the main hall.

When his figure disappeared…

Venerable Hun Yuan immediately said: “Sect Leader, who knows if this kid…”

Before waiting for him to finish, those younger Elders with blood boiling immediately yelled: “Sect Leader, we cannot endure this! They are pissing and shitting right on top of our heads! If we keep enduring this, what face does Mount Hua Immortal Sect have left to keep our standing amongst the other immortal sects?”

“That’s right!”

“We definitely cannot put up with this.”

“I have never liked Luo Tian but today, my views of him have completely changed. Even though that kid likes provoking trouble, I completely agree with the words he said today. The ten great immortal sects have pushed their bullying too far.”

For a brief moment…

Apart from the older Elders, everyone was pretty much vowing to start a punitive expedition against the ten great immortal sects.

Venerable Yun Ji deepened his brows.


Imperial God Immortal Sect.


“We can’t connect with the teleportation array in Heaven’s Boundary? What’s going on?”

“Hong Yijian is still cultivating in Heaven’s Boundary, and there are also over a hundred elite disciples of ours there. Where could they be now?

“Is there a way for us to make a new connection?”

“What’s going on? Who the hell did this?”

“Don’t let me find out or else I will make them die without a burial!”


Starsea Immortal Sect.

“It can’t connect?”

“What’s going on? Is Liu Zonghai back yet? And what about all the other disciples cultivating at Heaven’s Boundary?”

“None of them are back yet?”

“There have never been any problems with the teleportation array after ten thousand years. What the hell is going on? Who’s the one behind this? What’s the situation over at Imperial God Immortal Sect?”


The ten great immortal sects…

Were all experiencing a similar situation.

For this to take place…

No matter if they were the high ranking people of the immortal sects or the lowly disciples, everyone was discussing this incident.


No one knew what happened, and they definitely didn’t know Heaven’s Boundary was already destroyed.

You want to set up a teleportation array?

Apologies, because these people didn’t have the void shattering abilities like their ancestors. They lacked the ability to link space together with their supreme spatial skills, so that’s why there’s no way for them to repair the teleportation array.

This matter was a mystery to them.


This mystery grew larger until it set off a huge chain reaction!

The ten great immortal sects were the ones who suffered the greatest loss when Heaven’s Boundary was destroyed. They weren’t able to find another place with such an abundance of immortal force like Heaven’s Boundary, so those immortal sect disciples were fuming in anger.

A few days later, nighttime.

Myriad Sword Immortal Sect.

The disciple that Luo Tian deliberately let off had finally returned to Myriad Sword Immortal Sect.


Solitary Peak.

A powerful energy enshrouded the area.

Luo Tian stood in the courtyard and stared at the sky filled with starry lights. His gaze turned gloomy while he was internally excited.

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